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Platinum Rating awarded to ITC Green Centre
 ð  sq feet
 ITC Green Centre is the world¶s largest  water discharge
 ITC Green Centre has a 3 smaller carbon footprint






 atrongest aspects of ITC Green Centre is its design.

 a stems are integrated in a wa so that the can function as naturall as


 L-shaped architecture of the building

 Long façade inclined to NE and a

 Central atrium allows a column of glare-free natural light

 It also ensures that one part of the façade is alwa s in the shade preventing too
much heat from entering the structure

 The cooling effect is supported moreover b the

discreet bodies of water placed in front of the building.





The high ceilings desgin


ITC Green Centre is water efficient in the most holistic wa possible

Harvest ð of the rain that falls on the building

Rec cle ð of all the water used in the building

There are interlocking tiles placed across the landscape

atorm water pits recharged ground water b 549ð.83 kilolitres and our sewage
treatment plant rec cled 6852 kilolitres of water in total
Landscaping is provided with indigenous plants which require ver
little water to thrive.

 Irrigate all our plants and lawns with rec cled water

 Use of waterless urinals in the building.

 The urinals use biological blocks containing particular bacteria that reduce
odour problems and blockages in the urinals.

 All waterless urinals annuall saved approximatel 3 litres of

drinkable water collectivel .

ITC Green Centre we - best to optimise energ management

Temperature control and lighting control ( Dimming Control )

ITC Green Centre usuall consumes about 62 kilowatts per hour per
annum whereas we use as little as ð3 kilowatts per hour per annum

High albedo roof coating



 25mm thickness of the building¶s walls

 Double glazed windows and high performance


 aun is efficientl used for all hot water needs.


Air conditioning operating within ITC Green Centre is Chloro Fluro Carbon
(CFC) free

Efficient air conditioning ðð4 828 kilowatts per hour against an estimated
2335ð332 kilowatts per hour saving 5ð

8ð on lighting

4 on Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

 4 on hot water s stems .

 Low levels of volatile organic compounds in the materials used in the

 Adhesives sealants used for carpets composite woods and paints ensures that
there aren¶t giving out an known harmful substances in the air

 Comfortable distance between floor and ceiling allows us to ventilate naturall

 Designated smoking zones with exhaust fans

 Cop -printer room in the building has its own separate exhaust as well.

9 of all regularl occupied areas have access to open-able windows should
an one feel the need to open one.

Temperature outside is low an external

air-economizer draws in ð of the
air from outside.

 Co2 monitoring s stem maintains carbon

dioxide levels
= !  
 ITC Green Centre building guideline was based on ³reduce reuse and rec cle´

 4 of the materials used in the construction was available within 8
kilometers of the building site

Reuse resources - ð of materials

 High proportion of rec cled material like fl ash in the cement and concrete
used in the building.

 Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks for example contain 55 fl ash and
given the high content of quicklime in the bricks

ð of construction material such as glass ceramic tiles steel and aluminium
used in the building are rec cled
The wood in the building is either FaC certified or Medium Densit Fiberboard

 FaC certified ateam Beach wood comprises 64.49 of wood usage in ITC
Green Centre

 Carpets are made from ð post industrial rec cled arn

 atorage bins on ever floor of ITC Green Centre for rec clable materials
auggestion for Improvement

 Renewable energ source for onsite power generation

 Can purchase Green Power
 Installing Thermal control monitoring s stem