Bank of America is the 5th largest company in the United States by total revenue. North Carolina (1874) CEO : Brian. ‡ Bank of America generates 90% of its revenues in its domestic market ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .T Moynihan Financial services company Largest bank holding company in US Serves clients in more than 150 countries 3rd best company in the world(Forbes) As of 2010.Introduction Founded Charlotte.

2009 Sales: $150.0M Income growth: 56.45bn Paid up capital : $231.23 bn .Financial summary year ending December.444 mn Bank of America is the second largest in market Capitalization $128.450.6% Revenue: $150.

commercial and private banking ‡ Investment banking ‡ Private equity . and credit cards .Industry and product offering ‡ Banking ‡ Financial services ‡ Investment services Products ‡ Finance and insurance ‡ Retail . mortgages .

Global operations ‡ Bank of America has many branches in Asia. Latin America and Caribbean. Middle east. Europe. .

‡ Huge customer base ‡ Diversified range of banking and non banking financial services ‡ Innovation in products and services ‡ Convenience ‡ Brand recognition ‡ Strong internet banking ‡ Weak wholesale banking operations ‡ Not as nimble as small regional operators ‡ The company has lost the ability to compete head to head in an environment where it lacks a size advantage .

‡ Expansion in international markets ‡ Further consolidation in the banking industry ‡ Merill lynch acquisition ‡ Countrywide home loans acquisition ‡ Financial economic turmoil . ‡ Due to globalization more and more banks are entering the US markets ‡ Increase in restrictions in capital market and government regulations .

‡ To increase its operations to loan process. . ‡ To set up the software development projects. account managing etc. ‡ To tap the huge potential in terms of human intellect In India.Objectives of venturing in to India ‡ To setup the back office operations.

‡ Involves huge costs in setting up the infrastructure. ‡ Consumes lot of time in framing the policies in accordance with rules and regulations. ‡ Very huge process as it involves casing all the said routes to enter.Comment on mode of entry Risks: ‡ It is a burdensome process. .

. Awareness about the FDI policies helps in future for further growth.Benefits: It paves an avenue for setting the business in the environment.

PEST factors ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Political factors Environmental factors Social factors Technological factors .

223.611mn  Controls nearly $2.. .  Operates in 44 countries worldwide. the nation's largest financial institution as measured by  Deposits $991.800 banking centers  More than 17.299 mn in assets  Operates nearly 5. Charlotte-based Bank of America Corp.000 ATMs in 30 states and the District of Columbia.1.

which performs some low-value added. The Continuum Solutions Pvt. Bank of America has invested heavily into corporate and investment banking. relatively expensive back office operations.  The acquisition of Security Pacific Corporation. Bank of America also invested over $600 million into its corporate and investment banking operations. located in Charlotte and New York City. 5. Ltd. 3. such as transaction and high-end complex processing. 2. Bank of America also has wholly owned subsidiary in Hyderabad. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).Two of its most notable accomplishments were :  The 1975 invention of the first bank credit card.. which turned the bank into the largest in the nation. . Internationally. 4. and Accenture). Bank of America has strengthened its partnership ties with three IT companies located in India (Infosys. India.

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