CASE ANALYSIS Internet Pro Corporation is a start up venture with an initial seed funding of USD 5 million based out of Mumbai. The management of the company have created a clear roadmap for the development and deployment of a range of web products and services. The company seeks to be an innovative Internet and Web based products company building large scale software products. The company wishes to hire highly competent individuals across various teams to get the company off the ground. . India.

Developers (10) Business Development Team Director Business Development & Marketing (1). Office Boys (2) .LIST OF POSITION TO BE FILLED Software Development Team Tech Lead (2). Business Development Executive (1). Business Development Executive (2) Finance & Accounts Manager Finance (1). Accounts Executive (2) Facilities & Administration Admin Manager (1). Sr. Front Office Executive (1). Senior Developers (5).

Tech/ MCA & equivalent Experience. Tech/ M. Tech/ MCA & equivalent Experience.BE/ B.BE/ B.5 to 8 years Selection Rounds ‡ Technical Interview ‡ HR Interview SENIOR DEVELOPERS Qualification.3 to 5 years Selection Rounds ‡ Technical Interview ‡ HR Interview .TECH LEAD Qualification. Tech/ M.

Tech/ BCA & equivalent Experience.BE/ B.DEVELOPERS Qualification.0 to 3 years .

B.5 to 8 years Selection Rounds ‡ HR Interview ACCOUNTS EXECUTIVE Qualification.MBA (Finance)/ CA/ ICWA Experience.Com Experience.1 to 3 years Selection Rounds ‡ Written Test ‡ HR Interview .MANAGER FINANCE Qualification.

Any Graduate Experience.3 to 5 years Selection Rounds ‡ HR Interview FRONT OFFICE EXECUTIVE Qualification.Any Graduate with MBA Experience.0 to 2 years Selection Rounds ‡ Written Test ‡ Interview .ADMIN MANAGER Qualification.

Not Required .OFFICE BOYS Qualification.Class 10th /10+2 Experience.


com www.timesjob.shine. Job fairs E-mail SMS    .monsterindia.SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT www.  Conventional sourcing methods All leading newspaper Radio Posters Unconventional sourcing methods E-recruitment like Job Sites www.

communication skill. leadership qualities. Reasoning ability ) ‡ Technical Interview (On the specific position/background. salary negotiation) . ability to adapt situations) ‡ HR Interview (personal view. English.RELEVANT ROUNDS CANDIDATES SHOULD GO THROUGH ‡ Written Test (Aptitude.

commitment to expansion. Performance. These are the principles that have secured our success in the marketplace and enhanced our ability to anticipate and address the industry s needs. .KNOW WHER YOU ARE Our Opportunities can t be Beat Working at Internet Pro Corporation Leadership. Our unique position as a technology leader ensures that you ll always be challenged in your work and supported in reaching your most ambitious goals.

Career path Flexibility. These are the distinguishing features of a career at Internet Pro Corporation . Global mobility. Meritocracy. We invite you to explore our functional areas below. and discover just how bright your future can be. We offer our people the unique freedom to experience different areas of the business anywhere in the world and that means unlimited opportunity for the ambitious. .

every member of our team will find that we make every effort to cover all the possibilities of what goes into a great career.Benefits working at Internet Pro Corporation At Internet Pro Corporation. While our benefits packages may differ depending on level of position. and an opportunity to learn. a challenging work environment and talented team members. and we continually review our pay and benefits programs to ensure that we are competitive. grow and continually develop. It's also about working for a winning company. . our rewards package is only one part of the Total Value of your career. aligned with our business model and providing real value to team members around the world. Our pay programs are also key to reinforcing our pay-for-performance philosophy.

Learning & Development And that's why we're so dedicated to your growth and development. develop and grow. To get a clear understanding of our commitment to developing your career. you have to look no further than the Soul of Dell: "We believe our continued success lies in teamwork and the opportunity each team member has to learn." .


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