Telecommunication Sector of Pakistan

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What is Telecommunication? Telecommunication? 

Sending or Receiving Electrical signals over a large distance

Transmission of message over a significant distance e.g. Graphics, voice, video

History of Telecommunication 

Began from smoke signals and drums in Africa, the Americas and parts of Asia Telephone and Telegraph Radio and Television Computer Networks and the Internet 


Telecommunication System  

Most of the telecommunication systems of the world are connected with each other through satellite to form a big network In modern age Telecommunication includes: 

Telegraphs Telephones Radio Internet

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority 

Formed 1994
government agency responsible for the establishment, operation and maintenance of telecommunications in Pakistan. 

PTA also has regional offices located in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Muzaffarabad and Rawalpindi.

Top mobile phone operators and their mobile share 

Mobilink share 32.5% Ufone Share 19.5% Telenor Share 23.8% Warid Share 16.9 % Zong Share 7.2 % 


Type Founded Key people (Chairman) Products

Public 1947 Walid Irshaid (President & CEO) Naguibullah Malik   

Wireless Telephone Internet Smart TV Revenue Revenue PKR 59.24 billion ~ 697 million USD ( June 30, 2009) Net income PKR 9.1 billion ~ 108 million USD (June 30, 2009) 



Type Private Genre Subsidiary Founded January 29, 2001 Founder's) PTCL Headquarters Islamabad, Pakistan 13-B, F-7 Markaz 13- FRevenue Rs.5.1 billion PKR (first quarter 2006-07) 2006Key people Abdul Aziz, CEO Area served 2336 cities of Pakistan, GT Road,

Type Industry Founded Founders Headquarters Website

Public Limited Telecommunication 2007 Abu Dhabi Group Lahore, Pakistan 


Type Industry Founded Head quarters

Private telecommunication 2004 301301-Dhabi Tower, Hamdan Street, Post Box 44222, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Chairman Mr. Bashir A. Tahir,

Key People

CEO Abu Dhabi Group and Warid International


Telephony, WiMAX, EDGE,GPRS, GSM 


Type Public Limited Company Industry Telecommunication Founded 1994 Founder's) Motorola USA HeadquartersIslamabad, Pakistan Mobilink House, 1- A, Kohistan Road, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad 1FArea served 10000 cities, towns, and villages across Pakistan Key people Rashid Khan, President and CEO Products postpaid Indigo , prepaidJAZZ, Mobilink PCO, Owner's) Employees Parent Website Naguib Sawiris  


5000 Orascom Telecom Egypt 


Type Industry Founded Headquarters Area served Key Person Products

Subsidiary telecommunication 2004 Islamabad, Pakistan Pakistan Jon Eddy Abdullah Mobile telephony, Mobile banking

Subscriber¶s Market share-june 2010 share-

Growth in Telecom Sector
Fixed Local loop : It is oldest mean of communication 84 license were issued to 37operators for 14 telecom operators in Pakistan.  Wireless Pakistan open market with WLL in 2003 by awarding 93 licenses to 16 operators for 14 telecom regions across the country.  Broadband: It is a ´ Next Big Thingµ for Pakistan it is not only fast and reliable but also a cheap source of information and communication. Two Major Operators of Broad band : PTCL & WATEEN

Growth contin««. 

Pakistan is Ranked among top five most dynamic economies in terms of increased internet penetration in South Asian Region PTA become the front runner among the successful telecom regulators of the World Technological Revolution 

Sim Verification ´789µ Sim information system ´668µ Formulation of various regulations

Telecom Sector also shares some unpleasant things    

Cellular market ruined Local Loop (Land Line) and Wireless Local Loop market illegal and un-identified Sims uncirculating in market Increment in SPAM text messaging and phone calls Over charging

Teleophone Imports (US Million dollar)
Telephones imports (us million dollar)
20042004-05 2005-06 20052006-07 20062007-08 2007-


Mobile Phones and Battery Other Telecom Apparatus Total Telecom Imports

371 406 777

569 628 1179

670 679 1349

446 885 1331

130 1470 1600

Mobile phone subscription in Pakistan 

subscriptions reached 97.303 million in April 

The number of mobile phone subscriptions in Pakistan is set to hit 100 million

Telecom Economy
Foreign Direct Investment:
There is global financial Crises but in Pakistan FDI in 2008-09 was $ 815 million 2008Telecom investment reduced by 47% but it was $ 1.6 billion in 2008-09 2008Telecom Sector Tax: This sector Contribute Rs. 112 billion in 2008-09 2008it was Rs. 111 billion in (2007-08) (2007-

Pakistan telecom sector remained stagnant for many years and no major progress was seen in this segment due to the monopoly of PTCL but time changed and Pakistan telecom sector became the fastest growing sector as compared to other countries of that area.

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