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m Over 90 operating companies in seven business sectors

m Diversified in more than 80 countries

m 28 public listed enterprises with market cap of 98.11

bn USD

m Majors ʹ Tata Steel, Tata Motors, TCS, Tata Power, Tata

Chemicals, Tata Global Beverages, Indian Hotels and
Tata Communications
m Committed to quality of life
m Striving for global competitiveness
m Pay back to society especially customers,
employees, shareholders and the community
Core Values
m Integrity ʹ Fair & transparent business
m Understanding ʹ Caring, compassionate and
m Excellence ʹ Strive to achieve highest possible
m Unity ʹ Work cohesively with colleagues and
m Responsibility ʹ Sensitive to countries,
communities and environment

m Economic development of the countries. No
detrimental projects
m Benefits of countries and their citizens
m Respect of culture and tradition to comply
with them
2 Financial Reporting & Records
m Fairness and accuracy in accounts
m Accordance with generally accepted
guidelines, principles, standards, laws and
regulations of the country
m Internal audit and procedures
m Criminal action against violator
£ Competition
m Develop and operate competitively in open
m Promote liberalisation of trade
m No unfair trade practices
m No misleading statements about competitor͛s
products or services
m Only legal permitted source and means
Ñ Equal Opportunity Employer
m No biasness in regard to race, caste religion,
colour, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual
orientation, age, nationality, ethnicity or
m Promote diversity and equality in all forms
m No physical, verbal or psychological abuse
è Gifts & Donations
m Neither receive nor offer directly or indirectly,
any illegal payments, remuneration, gifts,
donations or comparable benefits
m However, accept and offer nominal gifts
customarily with full disclosure
m Policy to clarify rules on gifts
ÿ Government Agencies
m No offer of company funds or property to any
govt. agency or its representatives directly or
through intermediaries, in order to obtain
favourable performance or official duties
m To comply with all governmental rules &
 Political Non-Alignment
m Support the constitution and governance
system of the country
m No support to any specific party or candidate

8 Health, Safety & Environment

m Provide safer, healthier, cleaner and
ergonomic working conditions
9 Quality of Products & Services
m World class quality standards, after sales
services and total satisfaction of buyer

10 Corporate Citizenship
m By actively assessing in improvement of
quality of life of people in the community
m Systematic processes and management
11 Cooperation of TATA Companies
m Among all ventures by sharing knowledge,
management resources and settling all

12 Public representation of the Company

m Honours information requirements of the
stakeholders and general public
1£ Third Party representation
m Consultants, agents, sales representatives,
distributors, channel partners, contractors and
suppliers not authorised to represent a Tata
company without the written permission of
the Tata company
m Sign a non disclosure agreement with the
1Ñ Use of TATA Brand
m Governed by manuals, codes and agreements
issued by TATA sons

1è Group Policies
m Recommended by TATA sons

1ÿ Shareholders
m Enhancing shareholders͛ values and disseminate
complete information to them regularly
1 Ethical Conduct
m Professionalism, honesty and integrity while
conforming to high moral & ethical standards
m Preserve human rights of others

18 Regulatory Compliance
m Compare standards of code and applicable
laws and regulations
19 Concurrent Employment
m No acceptance of other company or provision
of freelancing services to anyone w/ or w/o

20 Conflict of Interest
m Always act in interest of the company
m No personal biasness
21 Security Transactions and Confidential
m No benefit or access to information about the
company to clients or suppliers

22 Protecting Company͛s Assets

m Assets not to be misused, misutilised in any
2£ Citizenship
m Express approval from top management and
should have no adverse impact on business

2Ñ Integrity of Data furnished

m Entire responsibility to ensure confidentiality

2è Reporting concerns
m Immediate reports to seniors or helpline
m Applications and Assessment
m TBEM Matrix
m Visits and interaction in companies ʹ strengths
and improvement opportunities
m Trains and certifies assessors to evaluate TATA
m To deliver strategic direction and drive
business improvement
m Used for ogranisational self-assessment of
TATA companies
m Helps improve business excellence pracitces
m Facilitates communication and sharing best
m For understanding and managing performance
m Set of questions for TATA companies
m Enhance value to customer and maximise
m Built on visionary leadership, customer driven
excellence, organisational & personal learning,
valuing of employees & partners, future focus,
managing for innovation, management by
fact, social responsibility and value creation
rRD QV Award
m Given to companies for creating awareness on
the importance of value of quality and need
for total customer satisfaction in all areas
m Achieve and sustain continuous excellence
and leadership in marketplace
Communication and Recognition
m TGIF ʹ community of innovation enthusiasts to
experiment with ideas
m Innovation workshops ʹ TQMS invites to share
best practices
m Tata Innovation Day ʹ to encourage creative
thinking through annual contest
m Tata Innovation Mission ʹ Senior executives visit
to study their innovation techniques
m India͛s largest automobile company: USD 20
m Leader in each segment
m Winning products ʹ Compact, midsize and UVs
m World͛s Ñth largest truck manufacturer
m World͛s 2nd largest bus manufacturer
m Established in 19Ñè
m Int͛l in 19ÿ1 ʹ Europe, Africa, Middle East, SE
Asia, S Asia and S America
m £è00 touch points in India
m NYSE (Sept 200Ñ
m Understanding customer stimuli and needs

m Over £000 engineers and scientists in research

centers across the globe

m Pioneered technology and products

m 1st to develop light commercial vehicle in India
m India͛s 1st SUV
m 1st fully indigenous passenger car
m 1st to create a new segment in commercial
vehicles through TATA Ace
m Family͛s 1st car ʹ NANO
Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd. was

Steam road roller introduced in collaboration
with Marshall Sons (UK .
Collaboration with Daimler Benz AG, West
Germany, for manufacture of medium
commercial vehicles.
Research and Development Centre set up at
Exports begin with the first truck being shipped
to Ceylon, now Sri Lanka.

Setting up of the Engineering Research Centre at
191 - Introduction of DI engines.

19 - First commercial vehicle manufactured in


198£ - Manufacture of Heavy Commercial

Vehicle commences.
m 198è - First hydraulic excavator produced with
Hitachi collaboration.

198ÿ - Production of first light commercial

vehicle, Tata Ñ0, indigenously designed,
followed by Tata ÿ08.

1989 - Introduction of the Tatamobile 20ÿ - £rd

LCV model.
m Launch of the 1st indigenous passenger car Tata Sierra.
m TAC 20 crane produced.
m One millionth vehicle rolled out.

1992 - Launch of the Tata Estate.

199£ - roint venture agreement signed with Cummins

Engine Co. Inc. for the manufacture of high horsepower
and emission friendly diesel engines.
m Launch of Tata Sumo - the multi utility vehicle.
m Launch of LPT 09 - a full forward control, light
commercial vehicle.
m roint venture agreement signed with M/s Daimler
- Benz / Mercedes - Benz for manufacture of
Mercedes Benz passenger cars in India.
m roint venture agreement signed with Tata Holset
Ltd., UK for manufacturing turbochargers to be
used on Cummins engines.
199è - Mercedes Benz car E220 launched.

199ÿ - Tata Sumo deluxe launched.

m Tata Sierra Turbo launched.
m 100,000th Tata Sumo rolled out.
m Tata Safari - India's first sports utility vehicle launched.
m 2 millionth vehicle rolled out.
m Indica, India's first fully indigenous passenger car

m 11è,000 bookings for Indica registered against full
payment within a week.
m Commercial production of Indica commences in full
m First consignment of 1ÿ0 Indicas shipped to
m Indica with Bharat Stage 2 (Euro II compliant
diesel engine launched.
m Utility vehicles with Bharat 2 (Euro II compliant
engine launched.
m Indica 2000 (Euro II with multi point fuel
injection petrol engine launched.
m Launch of CNG buses.
m Indica V2 launched - 2nd generation Indica.
m 100,000th Indica wheeled out.
m Launch of CNG Indica.
m Launch of the Tata Safari EX
m Indica V2 becomes India's no. 1 car in its
m Exits joint venture with Daimler Chrysler.
m Unveiling of the Tata Sedan at Auto Expo 2002.
m Petrol version of Indica V2 launched.
m Launch of the EX series in Commercial vehicles.
m Launch of the Tata 20 DI.
m 2,00,000th Indica rolled out.
m è,00,000th passenger vehicle rolled out.
m Launch of the Tata Sumo'+' Series
m Launch of the Tata Indigo.
m Tata Engineering signed a product agreement with MG
Rover of the UK.
m Launch of the Tata Safari Limited Edition.
m The Tata Indigo Station Wagon unveiled at the
Geneva Motor Show.
m On 29th ruly, r. R. D. Tata's birth anniversary, Tata
Engineering becomes Tata Motors Limited.
m £ millionth vehicle produced.
m First City Rover rolled out
m 1£è PS Tata Safari EXi Petrol launched
m Tata SFC Ñ0 EX Turbo launched
m Tata Motors unveils new product range at Auto
Expo '0Ñ.
m New Tata Indica V2 launched
m Tata Motors and Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co.
Ltd. sign investment agreement
m Indigo Advent unveiled at Geneva Motor Show
m Tata Motors completes acquisition of Daewoo
Commercial Vehicle Company
m Tata LPT 909 EX launched
m Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co. Ltd.
(TDCV launches the heavy duty truck 'NOVUS'
, in Korea
m Sumo Victa launched
m Indigo Marina launched
m Tata Motors lists on the NYSE
m Tata Motors rolls out the è00,000th Passenger Car from its
Car Plant Facility in Pune
m The Tata Xover unveiled at the èth Geneva Motor Show
m Branded buses and coaches - Starbus and Globus -
m Tata Motors acquires 21% stake in Hispano Carrocera SA,
Spanish bus manufacturing Company
m Tata Ace, India's first mini truck launched
m Tata Motors wins rRD QV award for business excellence.
m The power packed Safari Dicor is launched
m Introduction of Indigo SX series - luxury variant of Tata
m Tata Motors launches Indica V2 Turbo Diesel.
m One millionth passenger car produced and sold
m Inauguration of new factory at ramshedpur for Novus
m Tata TL ÑXÑi India's first Sports Utility Truck (SUT is
m Launch of Tata Novus
m Launch of Novus range of medium trucks in Korea, by
Tata Daewoo Commercial
Vehicle Co. (TDCV
m Tata Motors vehicle sales in India cross four
million mark
m Tata Motors unveils new long wheel base
premium Indigo & X-over concept at Auto
Expo 200ÿ
m Indica V2 Xeta launched
m Passenger Vehicle sales in India cross one-
million mark
m Tata Motors and Marcopolo, Brazil, announce joint
venture to manufacture fully built buses & coaches for
India & markets abroad
m Tata Motors first plant for small car to come up in West
m Tata Motors extends CNG options on its hatchback and
estate range
m TDCV develops South Korea's first LNG-Powered
Tractor- Trailer
m Tata Motors and Fiat Group announce three additional
cooperation agreements
m Tata Motors introduces a new Indigo range
m 200
m Construction of Small Car plant at Singur, West Bengal,
begins on ranuary 21
m New 200 Indica V2 range is launched
m Tata Motors launches the longwheel base Indigo XL, India's
first stretch limousine
m Common rail diesel (DICOR engine extended to Indigo
sedan and estate range
m Tata Motors and Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant Co.
(Thonburi , joint venture company in Thailand to
manufacture, assemble and market pickup trucks.
m Roll out of 100,000th Ace
m Tata-Fiat plant at Ranjangaon inaugurated
m Launch of a new Upgraded range of its entry
level utility vehicle offering, the Tata Spacio.
m CRM-DMS initiative crosses the 1000th
location milestone
m Launch of Magic, a comfortable, safe, four-
wheeler public transportation mode,
developed on the Ace platform
m Launch of Winger, India͛s only maxi-van
m Fiat Group and Tata Motors announce establishment of
roint Venture in India
m Launch of the Sumo Victa Turbo DI, the new upgraded
range of its entry-level utility vehicle, the Sumo Spacio
m Tata Motors launches Indica V2 Turbo with dual airbags
and ABS
m Launch of new Safari DICOR 2.2 VTT range, powered by
a new 2.2 L Direct Injection Common Rail (DICOR
m Rollout of the one millionth passenger car off the
Indica platform.
m Ace plant at Pantnagar (Uttarakhand begins production.
m Indica Vista ʹ the new generation Indica, is launched.
m Tata Motors' new plant for Nano to come up in Gujarat.
m Latest common rail diesel offering- the Indica V2 DICOR,
m Indigo CS (Compact Sedan , world͛s first sub four-metre
sedan, launched.
m Launch of the new Sumo -- Sumo Grande, which combines
the looks of an SUV with the comforts of a family car.
m Tata Motors unveils its People's Car, Nano, at the ninth Auto
m Xenon, 1-tonne pick-up truck, launched in Thailand.
m Tata Motors signs definitive agreement with Ford Motor
Company to purchase raguar and Land Rover.
m Tata Motors completes acquisition of raguar Land Rover.
m Tata Motors introduces new Super Milo range of buses.
m Tata Motors is Official Vehicle Provider to Youth Baton Relay
for The III Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008.
m Indica Vista ʹ the second generation Indica, is launched.
m Tata Motors launches passenger cars and the new pick-up
in D.R. Congo.
m Tata Marcopolo Motors, Dharwad plant beings
m Tata Motors launches Nano - The People's Car
m Introduction of New world standard truck range
m Launch of premium luxury vehicles - raguar XF,
XFR and XKR and Land Rover Discovery £, Range
Rover Sport and Range Rover from raguar and
Land Rover in India
m Tata Nano wins the Indian Car of the Year (ICOTY
m Tata Motors launches the Sumo Grande MK II
m Tata Motors begins distribution of Prima World
m Tata Motors acquires remaining 9% in Hispano
m Tata Motors launches the next generation all-new
Indigo MANZA.
m FREELANDER 2 launched in India.
m Tata Motors introduces the all new Tata Ñ0
Pickup, Tata Super Ace and Tata Ace EX.
m First raguar Land Rover showroom opens in
m Ravi Kant to become Non-executive Vice-
Chairman of Tata Motors on retirement,
P.M. Telang to become Managing Director ʹ
India Operations.
m Tata Nano draws over 2.0£ lakh bookings
m Tata Ace becomes India's first 1-lakh brand in goods
commercial vehicles.
m Appointment of Mr. Carl-Peter Forster as Managing
Director of Tata Motors.
m raguar Land Rover announces opening of its Dealership
in New Delhi
m Tata Motors to construct heavy truck plant in Myanmar
under Government of India͛s Line of Credit.
m Tata Motors declared as the Commercial Vehicle Maker
of the Year.
m Tata Motors Passenger Car Division launches ͚Tata
Motors Service Edge͛ for leading edge customer
m Tata Motors displays Tata Nano EV at the 80th
Geneva Motor Show.
m Chief Minister of Punjab inaugurates Tata Motors
supported State Institute of Automotive and
Driving Skills.
m raguar Land Rover announces Dr Ralf Speth as
Chief Executive Officer.
m Tata Motors appoints Mr. Carl-Peter Forster as
Group CEO.
m Tata Motors Group displays the widest range
of products and environment-friendly
technologies at Auto Expo 2010.
m Tata Motors launches Magic Iris
m On 2ÿth April 2010, Tata Motors sold its Ñ
millionth Commercial Vehicle.
m UN Global Compact
m Labour and Environment Standards
m Serving rural communities adjacent to its
manufacturing locations
m Reducing hazardous materials in vehicle
components, developing extended life lubricants
m Implementation of several environmentally
sensitive technology
m Anti-pollution efforts by introducing cleaner
m Euro norms well ahead of the mandated
m Upgraded the performance of its entire range
of four and six cylinder engines to meet
international emission standards
m CNG version of buses and cars
m Effluent treatment facilities in its plants
m Tree plantation programmes ʹ 2.Ñ million
trees in ramshedpur region
m Involves villagers and employees
m Tata Motors has already met the ͞producer
responsibility͟ aspects of the ELV Directive

m Self-initiated cottage industries
m Social forestry, road construction, rural health,
education, water supply and family planning
m Preventive & curative health services ʹ mobile

m Self-sufficiency programmes
m Educational institutes
m PASSENGER CARS ʹ Indica Vista, Indica V2
Xeta, Indigo Manza Indigo CS, Indica V2, Nano,
Fiat Cars
Grande MK II, Xenon XT
m TRUCKS ʹ Medium & heavy commercial
vehicles, Intermediate commercial vehicles,
LCVs, SCVs, Prima, TL ÑÑ, Construx
Winger, Magic