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÷mnibus Survey
R Background
R What is the ÷mnibus
R Why and what is it used for
R Survey design
R How can it be used?


R An 

 is a method of
quantitative marketing research where data
on a wide variety of subjects is collected
during the same interview.
R Dsually, multiple research clients will provide
proprietary content for the survey (paying to
'get on the omnibus'), while sharing the
common demographic data collected from
each respondent.

R üt͛s a population representative survey
conducted at regular intervals.
R The survey costs are shared by clients who
buy into it on a per question basis, making it
more cost-effective than setting up your own
bespoke survey.
R ÷ 







R Access by telephone
R Access face to face
R Access by internet
R or a straight forward questions for example, ͛
when did you last buy͙͙͙.? , ͚do you own͙͙.?
÷r have you ever ͙͙͙?͛
R Where top of the head answers are perfectly
R The omnibus user has the advantage of
original question design, privacy of information
and representativeness of sample, without
having to bear all the fieldwork cost alone.
R The user pays only for the number of
questions included and this is very cheap form
of original survey research.
R The advantages to the research client include cost
savings (because the sampling and screening costs
are shared across multiple clients) and timeliness
(because omnibus samples are large and
interviewing is ongoing).
R An omnibus survey generally uses a stratified sample
and can be conducted either by mail, telephone, or


Õust about anything that anyone would want to know
about consumers.
or instance,
R survey for tracking the effectiveness of advertising;
monitoring public opinion;
R obtaining consumers͛ views of products, brands or
services for marketing development;
R monitoring behavior amongst users or buyers; or to
screen new ideas or concepts

R ÷mnibus runs each weekend or monthly and

fully tabulated results are dispatched from the
Monday immediately after that weekend͛s
R A list of organization
providing omnibus research
services is published each
month as an advertising feature
in the MRS newsletter
͞4  4ÿ
R A ͞D  
 ÿ guide
to omnibus surveys is published
annually in ADMAP magazine.
The providers of omnibus research can
be separated into two categories

R irst, there are general omnibus surveys which

represent the entire adult population.

R Second, there is a wide range of specialist

survey providers covering most major
business sectors.


R A consumer omnibus, running twice weekly,
providing data from sample size of 1000-2000,
R Methodology: computer assisted telephonic


the longest established market research agency in
Britain, dating from 1933.
R The survey is conducted every week. Sample size of
2000 adults(16+), who are representative of British
population in terms of age,
gender and class
R Access by telephone
R Access face to face
R Access by internet
3. ã  ã 

R Telephonic omnibus covering the whole of the
uk, using next number digital dialing to ensure a
complete representative sample of all telephone
R ünformation is collected by computerized
telephonic interviewing package. Questions on
Thursday, results on the following Monday
R Sample size 500 or 1000 adults.

4  !2
 (ünterdisciplinary Development
Consultants, ünc.), is Latin America's premier
market research and public opinion company.
R ünternational omnibus with access to cost
effective worldwide consumer behavior and
R The following key consumer market can be
researched within 6 days: rance, Germany, ütaly,
Spain, great Britain, and DS sample size 1000 adults
per company.
R Questions by Wednesday and results ready by
next Wednesday.

R Provides omnibus surveys as one of its research services. Experience
includes agricultural inputs and crop protection products, machinery,
veterinary, animal health and nutrition and
R pet products, biotechnology, seed and e-commerce.
R Website:

 #    $%& #

R ÷mnibus surveys consisting of farmer panels for the continual monitoring
of on-farm user ship of key animal health products.
R Website:

R Sports Marketing Surveys, Surrey (Tel: 01932 350 600, ax:

01932 350 375). A full-service market research agency that
R in sports research.
R Website:

Conducts omnibus surveys on the healthcare and
pharmaceutical markets.
Conducts omnibus surveys on the healthcare and
pharmaceutical markets.
"   ã ë   ( &
A weekly service that provides
R online access to a range of doctors' opinions and behaviors
within the healthcare market. Sample size is a minimum of
200 general practitioners (GPs) in the DSA and each of the
major European markets
2" ë"  2 
R A nationally representative random sample of 200 GPs based
in practices in Great Britain. Research is carried out nine times
per year, using face-to-face interviews.
R Website:

R An omnibus that runs every six weeks to a representative field
of 200 retail pharmacists, which measures pharmacy
information at the point of sale.
R Website:
Lets catch the bus