‡ SUMMARY: ‡ Alice in Wonderland showed how the new Managing

Director of LVV transformed a trucking company from a "fossilized" and "arthritic" minor subsidiary of a Dutch shipping group into a revitalized organization. The case looks at how her own leadership characteristics, as well as Dutch leadership styles, contributed to the development of an authentizotic culture of trust, affiliation, and meaning for employees, and how the financial situation of the company was turned around as a result.

Even be4 y y y y the intro of public rail tt) Opened first offices the Netherlands: but all of its activities were not moved there until the ww 1 yrs.Historical Developments: y LVV formed in 1796 by BL and ML van Vaest y C ore biz: tt of gds. parcels and of people (NB. Which comp has been acquired here? . Note the change in core biz: collection and distribution to customers of gds and parcels shipped by rail to central depots. LVV taken over by Dutch National Railways in 1928 Note the acquisition by Neerlandia.

Formed in 1970s thru large scale merger in the Ducth shipping industry Operated under the name royal Neerlandia from 1977 developing into an all purpose tt comp Note the visionary eye for future borderless Europe (in 1993).Neerlandia: y At the time active shipping comp in marine container y y y y shipping industry. y Note also the vision at the time: to become a tt comp with a . the opportunities and the need to have a stronghold in land tt in Europe combined other European countries. The opportunity: provision of door to door services to clients. one-stop shop service to its customers.

NB LVVs strength in the land-based y Note also that Neerlandia acquired other land tt comp in addition to LVV/DNR y y But what happened???????? y Neerlandia struggled to manage its diverse interest and made profit out of them y Reasons: y Had limited expertise in land based-distr.y With this ambition it do not be surprised why Neerlandia was interested in LVV. y Hence its primary focus of sea shipping was affected . Note LVV was bought together with DNR.

These manifested in: y Losses from 1986-1996 in its land operations. y The increasing problems led to JV with NORSUN Container Shipping in 1997 y Note the ff .y . and reached BEP in 1996 y Neerlandia lines was in difficulty was also in difficulty due to overcapacity of sea container shipping.

y Record first profit yet to be realized .y JV saved Neerlandia $200m due to econ of scale y JV led to ww reduction of offices and employees y New mgt team formed for land biz. (NB change in strategy. let us discuss this and how it will impact on structure).5 billion guilders. y Recorded T/O of 3.

y Important to note when Emma was appointed and the contrasting roles played by her 2 predecessors. .

Role the immediate predecessor: y MD was never seen at shop floor y Individualistic. self-centered and had no regard for y y y y mgt team Had no people skills Set wrong path/strategic decisions Focus on volume and growth that never were General lack of job satisfaction. staff were under pressure .

y Lacked trust for employees. MD and mgt team y Faded revenue increase y Power struggle y LVV had operational problems y Marketing challenges y Pricing and customer service challenges y And such was the situation as met by Emma .

assertive people minded. y Important to note her upbringing and how she was trained to be independent. y Was in Seattle for an exchange prog at 18 y Worked at shipyard (had dif outlook for life) .Spot light on Emma y Born in 1959 to a small Dutch family where she grew up. no regard for argument etc ± the very attributes that shaped her lifer later.

y Did maritime tech std at tech Univ. of Delft ( one of female stds. y Tested the 2 extremes of live: developed sense of curiosity and flexibility y Approached Neerlandia after graduation for mgt traineeship (note her insistence on what she wanted) . for a yr working for the govt of Indo. And had an engineering comp??) y Was in Indonesia half way thru her stds.

(Containers) in Rotterdam btn 1992 -1995 Finally MD LVV . Mgr Logistics Plg. Singapore in 1990 Gen.y Started as Mgt Tr in 1986 (same year Neerlandia y y y y acquired LVV) Moved up the corp ladder to become Trades Mgr. Neerlandia lines. Hong kong in 1989 Commercial Mgr Neerlandia Lines.

y Land tt new to Emma. male dominated industry y Employees mostly drivers who had been together for many years . had no idea how the biz was The snake Pit/Myths broken by Emma run and did not have any history with LVV y Highly political organization. no cooperation y Too young and woman.

y Issue of change not flexible y Huge comm. Gap btn H/O and R/Qs y Employees and mgrs run things their own way with little direction y Unprofitable org .

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