Coal is in short supply and nuclear energy is both expensive and potentially harmful to the environment.

The solution could be in the use of renewable energy.

‡ Running costs are low. California . ‡ No carbon dioxide emissions to add to the Greenhouse Effect ‡ No sulphur dioxide emissions to cause acid rain. Solar powered station.

‡ Can be used to charge batteries to provide electricity when needed.Solar cells used to charge batteries ‡ Solar panels can be quickly set up in remote areas ‡ Local communities can benefit from small scale use of solar power. .

‡ Many solar panels are needed to produce that of a power station Solar reflector used for cooking . ‡ The output is dependent on weather conditions and the time of day.‡ The initial cost of solar cells can be very high.

‡ Large areas of land are required for large scale generation of electricity ‡ A warm reliable biome would be needed. ‡ Solar cells have relatively low efficiencies .

The solar panels convert the solar energy into electrical energy.Solar energy in use in a mobile home in Arizona. The use of solar cells are also supplemented by the use of wind turbines .

uk . North Chadderton School. and are available on the ASE Image Gallery at Overy.This slideshow was produced and compiled by John Hendstock. Images provided by Dr.ase.

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