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(UNIT 12)
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The Dolce & Gabbana brand was
created in 1985 and has grown to
become one of the top luxury
goods groups in the world.
Domenico Dolce and Stefano
Gabbana first met in Milan in 1980
when working as assistances in an
atelier. Dolce, who studied fashion
design and worked for his family·s
small clothing factory, grew up in a
small sicilian village while
Gabbana, a trained graphic
designer, grew up in Milan. They
went into business two years later.
The first collection was launched in
1986 and the spirit of their work is
Jean Paul Gaultier.

The key of their success is the italian character and their sensual and unique style î ALîAN S LE add to tailoring talent. .Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have made a trade mark of their surnames which is known throughout the world.




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Dolce & Gabbana company·s brand is a  „  that means an expensive. status symbol brand.A „  is a symbol that distinguishes a product made by one firm from the others. .

MULTIPLE BRAND Dolce & Gabbana company adopt a multiple brands policy to reach every business niche with a particular marketing strategy. It owns two brands: M Dolce&Gabbana M D&G .

 brand Dolce&Gabbana is t dram. ît is a timlss styl tat combins innovation wit mditrranan flavour . îts incomparabl appal is du to suprior sartorial contnt and stylistic originality.

ît mans frdom . îs a fasion labl inspird by t strt contmporary music for a no- convntional prsonal styl.D&G brand is irony.



A luxury brand like Dolce &Gabbana is QUALî  a synonym of high quality. feel that luxury comes from 2 and must be made there to be the best. Many consumers prefer to buy more expensive goods because they think they are superior. Quality is strictly connected with the origin of product actually many companies like Gucci. Prada and Dolce&Gabbana too. .

QUALITY FOR D&G Dolce&Gabbana company know how important the origin of the product for their consumers is.   . To ensure an authentic Italian style their two production facilities are located in Italy: one in   and another in   .

. Manufacturers feel threatened by chinese competition. The principle threat of chinese competition for D&G is the imitation. whereas brand owners feel that the chinese market is an opportunity.CHINESE COMPETITION Italian textile industry is suffering from low cost chinese goods based on low cost of labour and increasing production skills.

D&G TARGET MARKET D&G target market includes people from 15 to 25. trendsetters and everyone who enjoys freedom and irony in fashion. . who are innovators.

Target market structure {  {  .

motr or lovr but s is always a tru woman . S can b a managr.DOLCE&GABBANA ARGE MARKE J  S is strong. wif. s liks rslf and knows s is likd.

fr.J   is a littl donistic. succssful and  pays attntion to dtails.  lays down t ruls imposing is prsonality .

To appeal children. Till now children were a careless target market except for companies like PRENATAL or CHICCO. like D&G.D&G JUNîOR ARGE MARKE In the last years we have seen a develop of kid labels. Madonna·s daughter. . many luxury companies. Blumarine and Gucci. have decided to create kid lines. fashion companies propose collection similar to dolls dresses like Bratz and use ´little vipµ like Lourdes Maria. Now for the low profits.

O OO   OO . D&G Junior is inspired to D&G brand that wears the family in every day life with style and comfort.

postr campaign. postr and gossip Cildrn wit tir Vip Cildrn wit tir   parnts fasionabl parnts   Evry day ral lif Groups of kids wit Glamorous and . advrtising Advrtising Potos of baby vip {  campaign. Spot.

 t sigt dirct to t sopping momnts lns { Comfort. alt. irony. b a part awarnss of a group . Styl. brand   play awarnss. brand Luxury.


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Πproduction italian facilities.Dolce&Gabbana group consists of ΠΠemployees. International market operations are conducted by the New York and Tokyo subsidiaries .  stores and  factory outlets.



Advertising is an attempt to get the right message to the right people at the right cinema·s spot.dolcegabbana. ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES: . To consolidate their leadership is important an intensive advertising campaign through television. mobile.originality .big impact . internet (www. magazines.revolution .

ENDORSEMENT D&G communication is based on endorsement strategy They wear football players (Italy team) .

Elthon Jhon. Jennifer Lopez) .They dress rockstars (Madonna.

Angelina Jolie) .They dress actresses (Monica Bellucci. Nicole Kidman.

They dress television stars (Simona Ventura. presenter of Sanremo) .

LICENSING and BRAND STRETCHING The stretching of a brand consists of produce different kind of goods with the same logo. There are a lot of examples of product realized in this way: . This strategy is realized with the licensing that means give a formal authorization to an outside supplier for using their name and image.

mwatches .

mMobile phones .

mknitwear and sunglasses .

mPerfumes . .

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