Tanaaz Kothari

y Summit, not training y Participants are cross section of performers who are like minded y Objective is to share and get inspired y Guest speakers to provide their perspective and share a few new concepts

y Tk joined end 2006 y Grew partners to 1600 year 1 end
y She thought it was good but could have done much

more y Today Geneology 40,000 y Max 300 UV s / week [Rs. 3.5L / week]

y Why are we in this business?
y Time and Money Freedom

y All of us need to set retirement date

TK¶s date is 2 years from now y Other goals y Own home purchase from QNET earning y Having a truly Global team y In 4-5 years, investment should take care of our lifestyle y No QNET money to be used ± only interest from investments

Broad rules / guidelines y Allow people to work at their pace. else they will quit y Different LCM ± Rule 3 applies here y Different HCF ± Need to push at right pace y Do not discuss cheques with each other since this may be de-motivating for some y Follow upline¶s decisions with complete faith.execution will demonstrate correctness of this decision y A successful upline is one who builds leaders .

likeability quotient y [Personal likeability X Personal Credibility X Company Credibility] X Exposure [plans shown] = SUCCESS .Primary / secondary /Potential markets y Easier to lean on people in TK¶s team rather than those from other core leaders y Create your own branding y Upline will promote you but you must do it too y Remember Berzis¶ formula of success.

TK y Bangalore : Ram / Binod y Delhi : Eldho / Manish y UAE : Sanjiv / Ben / Prem .Primary Markets y Mumbai : Pari / Asha y Pune : Arnaz.

Sujeet . Oman : Rahul Rastogi : Dr.Secondary Markets y Hyderabad y Muscat.

Potential Markets y Kolkata y y y y y y y : Subhojyoti Doha. Qatar : Akash Poland : Prem Ahmedabad : Narendra Goa : Brian [Manish] Surat : Chandrakant [Urmila] Jaipur : Manoj Sharma Ajmer : Dheeraj .

y Udaipur y Bhopal y Finland y Lagos y Chennai y Patna y Dahanu y UK y Lucknow : Gaurav : Prashant Mishra : Nikhil [Ram Singh] : Tope / Jay [Ben] : Prasad. Contd. Rynel [Binod / Pari] : Praveen : Govel :Anu : Ram Singh ..Potential Markets «.

yet must help each other .Opening markets : Guidelines y Do not open unless you can / are willing support y One Berzis / Sanjiv enough to start market y Helping crosslines is good for the market y Must nott mis-use a person¶s presence in a market.

Edification ± points to remember y Passion y Drama y From the heart y Confidence y Interesting / Refreshing y Love .

persistence Waited over a year for cheques y Attended system persistently y Finally bore fruits of labour y Sought out upline proactively y Pushes team to events including VCON y Devised USD 120 incentive for 3 sign ups ± for bonanza y .Eidho Thomas y Overcame phenomenon of no upline system y Stuck to the system y Determination.

Manish Bhansali y Set objectives / goals first. then figure out execution y Be shameless [like the beggar] in work y Specifically as regards showing plans y Follow the beggars example and not get dejected but rejections y Counsel with your upline always y While talking to your prospect y Understand what is in his/her mind always y While using credit card will think of when money will come back .

because we don¶t want to fool anyone y Then ask ± What happens if you don¶t get it back? I ask because I value the Rs. ask ± How much? y Then ask: How much time will you be able to give me to help you? .1L more than you! y If s/he says ³I want it´.y When a person signs up y Ask why s/he is doing so.

y Do you want me to be hard or soft on you? Obtain right to trespass y You will be dealing with people of all ages / cultures so it is good to establish his early on y When you push for participation / work on events. it will be simpler y .y When a person signs up«.contd.

discuss only how to achieve them y Remember beggar story always y Attain goal at ANY cost y First lead by example. then ensure that downlines follow y 4-5 plans a week .y Remember investments vs returns ± returns more important y Targets should not be debated / discussed.

y You should solve all downlines issues / problems promptly y You should have tremendous love for your leaders y Your leaders are your biggest asset ± they should be your main focus always y Monitor right upto the last IR «..in your network y Ensure no communication gap y Practice duplication and leverage downlinesto communicate right through to the newest IR .

this is how you keep tabs on the IRs y Doodh biscuit story ± Rule 3 every day! .y Follow 90:10 rule for prioritisation y Stop commutation with 10% but don¶t spoil relation y Introspect ± where did we go wrong with these 10% y Carve out roles for each person doing the business y Get info on all people attending the system/training.

Every night« y What do I need to improve? y What do my leaders need to do to improve? y How do we get more UVs? y Who are the people ready for training y How do I align leaders y Revisit downlines¶ dreams .

y Get full confidence of your team and leaders y Treat them as close family y Hit them hard right in the beginning y Show the mirror y Don¶t limit yourself y Think outside the box y No ½ UV s business y No bio disc type business .

identify QVI experts y Encourage variety of people in your team y See genealogy often.spots gaps y Relationship with leaders most important y Be in constant touch with IR s / downline y Be ready to work like a coolie and live life like a Prince .y Be stiff with IR s and ask them if they really want to earn y Market QVI y Encourage QVI trainings.

some of us lose µenjoying¶ the business y If you enjoy yourself in what you do. gain in the long run y Prospecting sleeping IR s of other teams is wrong y Fine line between business and personal things y What you do at home and in business should be same y What we give.Malkolm Desai y Doing the right thing is a difficult decision y Pain in the short run. we get y Over time. you will never work a day in your life! .

y Our business requires patience. time and persistence y Make new IR s read P&P post sign up y Also make them sign y Ethical Marketing form y Self commitment form y Ethics is about commonsense y Sphere of Silence is a really important tool .

Art of Living team stopped! .Arti Dighe y UV generation ± Year 1 y Focused on 18 people y Got circle of influence to sign up y Found interested people to work/join y y Those interested to learn Team members of same demographic may head for a clash y E.g.

Training and Upline can do this y Work with peoples¶ highs ± cash in on these phases y Arti refreshed the 18 leaders via y Working on mindset [Personal] y Working on Vision [Growth] y Networking is one of the only businesses where ordinary people achieve extraordinary results .y Difficult to move someone who is in a low phase to a high phase y Events.

y IR s who perform but do not come for training y Create energy / counsel to get them to the system y A lot of systme training is actually unforgettable and not replicable y Cannot recapture magic in individual training y Give IR s lead in training / events y They will feel more involved and will get their downlines involved too y Created 11 stallions in one year! y Should not hurry to give leadership tag y .

y How much should you run after / nurture people?
y When the person¶s success seems more important to

him than than to you, then you can µleave¶ him y Towards the end, Arti was able to do this with her people y Frog story ± slowly turn on fire vs dropped in fire. Networkers sometimes are in the second situation, and the µjolt¶ is good for them

y A natural phenomenon for leaders with ambition and pride is to break away and µleave¶ with their own teams ± go their own way y Whatever happens is for their good and the good of the business y When people are independent and mature, their progress is rapid y You can then start a NEW set of people y You must learn to handle all kinds of people

y If you are the best in the networking world, you can give them the best! y You have to create more µYOU¶s
y Be in the top 30 list y Have a responsible position in upline / parent team y Be an ambassador of the Industry y Upgrade your lifestyle so people can see what is

waiting for them y Create benchmarks

y You have to create more µYOU¶s
y Be seen to have more time for yourself y Live in the world of abundance y Benchmark lifestyle upgradations y Never stop dreaming big y Finally, strategically retire

Financial Planning y Get someone to plan your money y Earn money off your money y Expenses breakup: y 30-40% will be business expenses y Some lifestyle changes y Rest yours .

y Planning 80%: 20% [or 90:10] y .y Value add to core team y Target setting y Plugging in to the plan [and deciding this] For a geography.g. for e.

y Initial signing up y Never pre judge 82 year old Grand Mother story ± Arti agreed to show plan to her. and one of them was TK! y Never deprive yourself of an upline y The longer you take to do the business the more you lose posture with your team / prospects y . who called her two daughters.

those who said µno¶ looked at him in different light. Living this dream. He used to keep the Porsche key on the table for maximum impact y What he has now. it materialises soon y . he has dreamt about earlier y Does Mauna everyday for 1 -11/2 hours y Visualises his genealogy. visualises performers as part of his team.Benstan Stephen y Bought expensive car and bore EMIs through QNET business y Post getting this car.

then you will be able to CREATE it y Have to upgrade lifestyle to be brand ambassador y By seeing this live upgrade example. sign up rate increased to 70% y Never think about HOW the dream is going to be achieved .y Link between visualising and actually achieving these dreams proven time again with him y No wonder he has 200 dreams! And big ones« y You need to spend time visualising the dream.

y Guidelines for practicing SOS y Buy CD y Ideal time : 0445-0545 hours y Path of duty y y y y y Non QNET Office / business work QNET Family Money Journal .

y Path of duty«.contd. y y y Self affirmation y Your branding / personality Thank you letter to your God Ask what you want y Seek answers to your challenges y Do not interfere with the HOW process y Ask and wait to receive y Don¶t doubt .

then enjoy executing your dream y If the will is strong. it will work out y Did not face too many rejections y Many of those who did not join.Binod Panda y Dream. joined after 1-11/2 years y Rebuilt name list periodically y Used alumni meets y Get yourself to be brand ambassador ±go take a QVI holiday! .

do things differently y Use Power of Association concept well y Leaders.y Focus on QVI y Make business interesting. helplines y Truly global business y Used WEBEX well y Possible to sign up without meeting y Understand what people want and offer that in the presentation . teams.

y Crisp presentation y Humorous presentation y Periodically through WEBEX presentation ask questions to confirm comprehension y Do objection and handling upto registration same call «long call! y .y Truly global business«.

1 L investment y Mass sign ups y Showed 11 plans a day y Signed up circle of influence y Used Power of Association concept well y Helped build Mumbai. with unbelievable passion! y Direct approach : Rs. Delhi. Bangalore.Ram Singh y Heightened activity. 3-4 cr with Rs. Hyderabad y Did farming despite pace of work .

Dev Wadhwani: RELATIONSHIPS y Invest in relationships y He does take anything for granted in current INFINITI structure y Runs all decisions with other core leaders y Genuine relationship building in ISB y A genuine relationship is like an insurance policy y Helps overcome issues in team y Earn big money y Helps retain partners .

y Relationships ± two way y Current INFINITI model a good example of relationships y Keeps team together y Dev changed over the 5 years in the business y Relationships should be strong y Within your tree y With cross lines y Will always get indirect benefits from relationships even with cross lines .

did not give up y Need to talk differently with y Sleeping IR s y Switched on IR s y New IR s are like children y Need constant follow up y Patience while dealing with them .y Even for Dev ± first 5 months had no serious activity y Then tried business his own way y Despite no luck.

playing for title] y Journeyman Pro [professional. competes knowing he cannot win y Fight for the inches not the yards y Non.CHAMPIONS AND JOURNEYMEN PROS y Two types of IR s y Champion ± [Federer.millionaire approach y Many of us happy with a cheque a week [Journeyman Pro] y Some of us also happy with product sales/biodisc approach .

y A champion lights up the room as s/he enters y The champion also gives a kick in the pants to lift the team! y Fight for the crumbs y All slumps are temporary y Prospect needs to see the $mn in your eyes y 100% of the time y For 4 years .

because they may change! y People are at different stages y Those of us who are not ready for big title play y y Tell upline Don¶t worry. you will still be nurtured! .y Those who are in the business for 8-10 years y Their teams will collapse if they quit y Journeymen Pros treat QNET as a job y But don¶t quit on them.

then you are L2 y If you are not L2 you are Work in progress y6 6 180 UV 180 UV y2 .NEW STRUCTURE y The Marine Corps 10 30 ACT48 UV/week [L1] UV/week [L2] y If you want to be effective don¶t look beyond L1 y If 3 people are L1.

y Four stages of the business y Getting partners y Retaining partners y Building Team y Building teams below teams y Cannot build foundation which is not strong y Leaders need to change not only externally and in terms of activity. but also internally .

LEADERSHIP CAMP y LDC y 6 months in business y 8 direct references y Should have reached L1 at least 3 weeks y Should have 10 IR s at system .

y CTC [earlier TTT] y 6 months in the business y 10 Direct references y L1 at least 4 times y System attendance of 20 IR s .

y CTC «. y Need to be a coach 100% y Must have qualities to be a coach y Pathman¶s Caddy Show vieo and intermittently pause and share experience / explain y Mentorship program y How to get people switched on y Viewing videos together y Doing dream list with them y Just like supervising children y .contd..

y ISB y 12 months in the business y 12 Direct references y L2 at least 2 weeks y System attendance of 30 IR s y Should have attended 1 VCON .

maxout in 4 years y Best practices for your teams to take them to the next level y This does not undermine importance of teams which do not achieve these metrics .y Above metrics are good benchmarks for your teams to pull up their socks y Get out if laziness y Reset their goals ± upline should push them to achieve y Once above metrics are achived.

y Build solid organisation with following values y Good behaviour y Right attitude y Desired practices y Run 52 100 metre sprints y Watchouts y XMAS and coming January y People tend to slack off .

just like in normal corporates y Go out of your comfort zone and open markets y Need to invest first in the market else you will not make the money y All of us should open at least 1 market.Sanjiv Mehrotra DEVELOPING OVERSEAS OUTSTATION MARKETS y Why overseas markets? y De Risk y Negative publicity that could happen anytime y Expansion. ideally 3 .

y Tips for choosing markets y Have friends in the market y Your team has friends in the market y Where there is a system Leverage INFINITI Systems y Or build a system y Or look at market the V is looking at y Your belief will bend everything once you want to do something! y .

WELCOME. SYSTEM y TRIP 2 y Help IR s sign more people y 7 days at least y Pick up/ Identify people with potential y Get ownership y Begin Vcells .y Frequent visits from your upline y At least 6 visits by you in the first year y TRIP 1 y Plans. Sign up 2 people.

y TRIP 3 y Full day BTC y Align with cities SYSTEM y Begin tracking # of people attending system .

sometimes your downlines y Takes a lot of belief for a person to quit a well paying job y Two critical things y Investting in relationships y Belief .BERZIS IRANI y Sign up happens because of belief in friends y Positive strokes to partners critical y Genuine feelings required! y You will constantly battle doubt and belief.

y Sometimes your downline will give you the belief y VCON ideal to increase belief y While opening markets y Takes layers and layers of leadership to sustain a market y 7-10 days on each visit to be spent in country y He and Sanjiv work in tandem ± works very well .

cross line activity has worked brilliantly . Owe lot to system.CROSS LINE [NOT CROSS LINING!] WITHIN TK¶S TEAM y Brief from TK: y Is this a good business decision? What should be do¶s and don¶ts? What are the pitfalls to be avoided? y Eldho: Best of the biz. especially when I was without an upline y Ram: Useful for ecards y Sanjiv: Historically. at the V level.

There needs to be protocol spelt out y Binod: Sometimes cross line activity can lead to issues. especially if a team is not growing .y Prem: QNET biz is a cross line biz because there are indirect benefits of people joining up y Leena: Concept of cross line support enhance belief in his partner Akash [UAE] y Arnaz: Familarity breeds contempt sometimes. not the pain] . You only see nice side of the person.Of course this reflects on the leader. when someone is a cross line [you get mainly the gain.

so that this happens quickly y TK: Edification is best for cross line activity y Berzis: Cross line support outside TK¶s team cannot be taken for granted. Needs maturity and our leaders need to imbibe incremental traits to command respect form their own team members y Ben: Pari¶s team needs to bond wtih Pari.y Ben: should encourage cross lines y Pari: Needs maturity to use cross lines. y Sunil: Still a good thing for the business. Can this be fixed? . so that she is perceived similar to Ben / Binod. In fact she should be elevated/ edified.

but need to build relationships.y Sanaaya/Urmila: Sometimes cross line discuss details like cheques etc which leads to problems y TK: What have ou done to deserve the support in other location? Names are entry points. enable downlines to capitalise on the relationship y Ayesha: Should pro-actively develop relationship y Ben: Need to ensure cross line¶s behaviour does not affect my image y Manish: Dependency or Interdependency? .

y Gover: Need to have protocol for crossline interaction. no keeping count«. At our level it is ok. then the Universe will give you! Cross line is the medium. Reciprocal relationship. but we should not take them for granted y TK: In case of conflict. give more. take a call in favour of where there is a relationship y Ben: Who ever calls first should get attention first . give.y Sanjiv: Give. but this is essentials for our downlines y Supriya: Cross line is a superb thing. give.

y Sanjiv: Use WEBEX to show plans. cheques. but QNET exactly the opposite. y Sanjiv: Encourage e sell! Also do counselling to ensure no diffidence / negative thoughts on leadership . use cross line to close y TK: Never de-edify anyone in front of cross line / downline. etc. Avoid downline attending cross line Vsell if you are going to discuss targets. AMWAY has zero tolerance to cross line interaction.

etc! . GRAB the seats y Content of an event is not important! Getting people together to feel the energy is key. Motivational talks. You can MAXOUT from LCM trainings on 8BB. then get them [distribut across downlines].TK PLANNING / MARKETING AN EVENT y Lifeblood of our business y Makes IR s see the big picture y Need to become great event planners to be BIG y When you hear there is an event what do you do? First say how many tickets you want.

The person walking into the room with energy will do the trick! Also. . remember it works both ways ± the audience energises the speaker! y VCON is excellently marketing.y Of course you need L1 s«. y Content needs to be filled in later. They sold it during the Rule 3 event. Build up excitement and make it exclusive! Don¶t tell them agenda. once the theme is finalised y So what¶s important? Focus on creating energy for event.

y Put the buzz out for your event ± that a big leader is coming. y Events are great for switching on IR s y Cost of an event has nothing to do with Pricing y Affordability [QSP] y Perception [packaging to justify pricing] y Repeat only the LCM part of the leadership summit with your downlines y Each of you to take onus of ONE event with at least 20 attendees .

MAXOUT/ FLUSHOUT Week 47 48 49 50 51 52 UV s Left 50 80 120 182 180 60 UV s Right 2000 100 90 70 72 60 70-90 50 80 120 180 60 90 Flushed out Encashment Comment 1:6 Desirable .

y Explain maxout / flushout later. not in the beginning y Show own plans y Credit of no use to you y Talk about people y Never ignore strong or weak leg .

Monitor 6 L2 s .Encashment leg Week 49 21 Week 21 Week Retire RYTHM 200 30 Power leg 170 200 200 Counsel 6 ppl Have this vision for 6 ppl 20 L1.

y The longer you take to retire the more you lose posture with your prospects / IR s y 2-4 years from the time you take the business seriously y Set yourself a timeline y When you flush out you can open inner leg y You can do a comeback with new team on inner leg .

duplication and activities . growth and increased leverage. empowering and inspiring them and help support my core team mates to build their solid organisations with earnings.Sanjiv Mehrotra: His plan Mission statement y To add value to my team by coachin.

CORE TEAM y Ram y Binod y Sunil y Pari y Eldho y Ben y Prem y My job is to see that they MAXOUT. I am an enabler. as long as they want it! .

y Category A markets [50 CUV/week] y Bangalore / Dubai y Category B markets [30 CUV/week] y Mumbai / Delhi y Category C markets [12 CUV/week] y Hyderabad y Category D markets [6 CUV/week] y Kolkata / Muscat y Category E markets [3 CUV/week] y Finland / Lucknow / Ahmedabad .

y Business Development y Morocco y Egypt y Nigeria y Poland y Jaipur .

5.Quarter 1 2 3 4 CUV Target 140/week 180 /week 200 / week 240 /week Rs.3 cr 8.2 cr .7 cr 7.2 cr 9.

Event QSP Presenter s camp CTC [earlier TTT] Achiever s nite Family Fun nite Leadership Camp Grooming school Core team meet System and V cell Frequency Monthly Monthly / Fortnightly Quarterly Quarterly Monthly Bi-annually Daily Weekly Weekly .

y All participants of Leadership Summit to send in CITY SPECIFIC calendars for training programs y Remember. peer to peer recognition most efficacious .

2011 y CTC y March 22-23. 2011 y Delhi: Feb 20. 2011 y Mumbai: Dec 18-19. 2011 y ISB y March . 2011 and April 30-May 1. 20111 in Turkey . 2011 y Delhi: May 1 y LDL y March 4-8. 2010 and April 8-9.SACHIN GUPTA¶s SCHEDULE y QSP y Ahmedabad: Feb 6.

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