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r India is a country of contrasts! The country has
as many as 53 billionaires, but the same country
has over 3 million children living on the streets.
r Among the world·s 10 richest people, four are
Indians. On the other side, 17 million Indian
children work as laborer's.
r Children are the future of the nation, they need
to be nurtured in right direction.
r The child labor market in India consumes
approximately four crore (40 million) children.


It believes that the desired changes

in the lives of such children in terms
of education will come, only when
more and more privileged people
start participating proactively in
finding a solution.
r The onset of the organization was an informal
help in education of an S.Y. BSc student of !.G.
Science, who gave tuitions to the kids of the
college peons.
r Later, she realized that many such children
require help and hence Chiranjeev was born in
February 2007.
r With increasing strength of teachers, Purvi
Gandhi gathered the courage to go beyond the
college. Chiranjeev leaped forward to the slums
of Commerce six roads.
r By 2009, teachers were also invited from other
colleges and Lokmanya Tilak college joined the
initiative and started Chiranjeev activities in the
slums near Ramdevnagar, though this effort
couldn·t stay in action after 6 months.
r Though not a very proliferated organization,
Chiranjeev is very sincere effort to enlighten the
lives of about 30 under privileged children and it
aims to grow more and spread the light.
r This year, through 10 A!So! students for their
ISRI project, more than 25 children received
training in academics, hygiene and values.
r We motivated several children to shorten their
work hours and enroll in municipal schools.
r Despite these issues, however, children practice
personal hygiene, demonstrate discipline and
understand basic math.
r They are also giving up habits, such as chewing
tobacco and cursing. !ore importantly, these
children enjoy learning.
r ISRI project was a unique experience which gave
me an exposure of the other side of the table i.e
as a teacher.
r It also taught me how much effort it takes to
teach and educate others.

-Akhil Nair
r In this few week I have learned how to handle the
tiny tots of slum areas who wants to study but their
other commitments don·t let them study everyday.
r I have learned to remain patient while teaching the
kids of slum areas the subjects like !ath's, English
r I have come across children who have multiple
problems at their place but still they have passion for
learning, and this thing is what I appreciate.
r Initially I had difficulty in teaching them because
they studied in Gujarati medium, but gradually I was
able to teach them as I also learnt some guajarati
names and terminology.
r Hats off to their spirit of learning and eagerness to
know more and more about the subject and also their
readiness to do home work everyday.

-!anan Joshi
r I learnt that we are way too privileged. Everyone
don·t get things on the platter. I learnt to value
what I have.
r It took me 3 days to teach A,B,C,D to the class
and they taught me patience.
r Though am pursuing !BA, I learned Time
!anagement from these unprivileged students,
as they were managing their work as well as
their studies together.

-Purvi Ruparel
r I learnt that education can mold ones life for the
betterment and is one of the most important
factors to build a character of a person.
r To value what we have and respect it.

r Children over there also taught me another great

thing. Try and try until to reach the destiny.

-Reshma Pillai.
r I learned from my experience, that language can
never become a barrier if u want to communicate
or impart knowledge.
r Looking at the face of every child and those little-
little eyes full of hope and energy made me feel
that how privilege and blessed we are.
r I was motivated after seeing zeal and energy in
children to study and make the best out of
whatever limited means they had.
r The learning has definitely been two way. After
the whole experience I came out as a more
enriched and confident person.
-Tina !ittal
rThank You