we have always been active in extending financial support and adapting to your changing needs. With over 101 years of experience in the banking industry and a wide network of over 3098 branches all over the country.BANK OF BARODA Bank of Baroda believes in the strength and integrity of relationships built with its customers like you. 2 .

anytime. of Branches Our countrywide branches offer you convenience & ease in operating your account wherever you are anywhere. 3 .No.

Geographical Area 4 .

e. 25 branches of its 7 Subsidiaries and 3 Representative Offices in Malaysia. New York. and Singapore. 5 . London. Hong Kong. ‡ The Bank has presence in world's major financial centers i. The Bank also has a Joint Venture in Zambia with 11 branches. Brussels. Thailand & Australia.‡ Bank of Baroda has significant international presence with a network of 76 offices in 25 countries including 48 branches/offices of the Bank. Dubai.

Services that target these groups include: NRI Services Foreign Currency Loans in India (FCNR 'B' Loans) Export Finance / Services Import Finance / services Correspondence Banking Services in India All General Banking Services Treasury Services 6 ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . 115 Authorized Branches as well as more than 2600 other branches are provided for the benefit of Indian customers. Overseas Corporate Bodies.PRODUCTS &SERVICES  By Branches in India The banking services at the International Business Branches (IBB). Non Resident Indian Branches. corporations. Foreign Companies/ Individuals as well as Foreign Banks etc. NRI's.

trade finance and treasury services are provided at the money center branches as well as the subsidiary in Hong Kong. multinational corporations. local customers. subsidiaries and joint ventures of Indian corporations operating out of India. 7 . ‡ Services that target these groups include: ‡ All general Banking Services including Corporate/ Retail lending ‡ NRI Services ‡ Foreign currency credits to the Indian corporations ‡ Arranging/ participating in the Syndicated loans of Indian corporations as well as rated multinational corporations.  By Branches outside India ‡ The international banking services of Bank of Baroda at its overseas branches are provided for the benefit of its Indian customers. banks as well as customers around the globe. foreign entities. General banking services are provided at all the branches/ subsidiaries/ joint ventures.PRODUCTS & SERVICES««. ‡ Correspondent Banking services to the Indian Banks/ corporations ‡ Trade Finance (Bills Discounting) ‡ International Treasury Services ‡ The cross border foreign currency lending to Indian corporate. NRI's.

8 . Deposit Products & Services Baroda Fixed Deposit Account Why just let your money idle. when you can idle it with interest? Depending on the period. our various fixed deposit products help you get the best out of your savings by offering you good interest rates.PRODUCTS & SERVICES««.

1988 Term Deposits Baroda Tax Savings Term Deposit  As Recurring Deposits: ‡ General Scheme ‡ Baroda Flexible Recurring Deposit Account 9 . For Deposits upto 12 months: ‡ Short Deposits  For Deposits over 12 months: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Fast Access Deposit Scheme BoB Flexible Fixed Deposit Scheme Regular Income Plan Monthly Income Plan Regular Income Cum Recurring Deposit Capital Gain Account Scheme.

 You may choose from: ‡ Baroda Advantage Current Account ‡ Baroda Premium Current Account (BPCA) ‡ Baroda Premium Current Account-Privilege (BPCAP) 10 . HUF. allowing transaction without limiting the numbers.CURRENT DEPOSITS  Current Deposits product is ideal for firm. individuals etc. This is one of the most basic and flexible deposit options.. companies. who need banking facility more frequently. institutions.

‡ Baroda Centenary Savings Account ‡ Savings Bank Account ‡ Super Savings Account ‡ Nagrik Bachat Khata ‡ Baroda Salary Advantage Saving Account ‡ Baroda Bachat Mitra 11 .Baroda Savings Account Depending on the nature of the account and the governing terms and conditions. Bank of Baroda offers you under Savings Accounts. Click each product for more information.

Whether the need is for a new house. child's education.RETAIL LOANS A wide range of solutions for your financial needs. purchase of a new car or home appliances. Bank of Baroda offers a wide range of retail loans to meet your diverse needs. our unique and need specific loans will enable you to convert your dreams to realities 12 .

‡ Key products Home Loan Home Loans to NRIs / PIOs Home Improvement Loan Loan Against Future Rent Receivables Advance Against Property Advance Against Securities Education Loan Baroda Career Development Loan Auto Loan Two Wheeler Loan Loan to Doctors Traders Loan Personal Loan Baroda Ashray (Reverse Mortgage Loan) 13 .

Deposits. Tax Collections and Savings Bonds) 14 . Key services Demat Baroda Health Remittances (Baroda Money Express) Collection Services ECS (Electronic Clearing Services) Government Business (PPF.SERVICES Apart from the Loans. Bank of Baroda offers other services to make financial dealings easy and convenient. DSRGE. Credit and Debit Cards.

E-Channel Products of our Bank 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) ATM and Debit card Baroda Connect Phone Banking RTGS/NEFT Depository Services E Shoppe 15 .

Thank you 16 .

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