Report to Governor-Elect GovernorRick Scott

Florida Emergency Management Capabilities Prepared by: Gubernatorial Law & Order Transition Team Emergency Management Work Group December 21, 2010

Joe Myers y David Paulison y General Douglas Burnett y Ellis Stanley y Bryan Koon y Karen Knapp

EM Work Group Members


Identify Innovative Ideas to Improve Service Identify Cost Saving Opportunities Identify & Replicate Success StoriesIncluding Private Sector

y y

Assessment Goals


Four Phase Approach
Assessment of FDEM Discussions with other Agencies/Organizations Look at Private Sector Ideas Identification of Major Policy Issues/Ideas


Total of 71 Individuals Interviewed
Excellent input & participation


Present today 27 Suggested Major Action Items to improve a very good system.
Provided 50+ Page Report with details. Executive Summary²8 pages Role of Governor in Disaster (including Chapter 252, Fla. Stat.)

Action Steps Taken


Relocate FDEM from the Department of Community Affairs to a new Office of Emergency Management in the Governor¶s Office.
x Save up to $4million in current admin. costs.


Develop & Aggressively Pursue a Comprehensive and Meaningful Florida Domestic Security Strategy.
x Designate a Florida Domestic Security Coordinator in EOG.


Revitalize current state and local comprehensive planning process
x Link to new Strategy!

Recommendations: Mission/Organizational


Better Coordination of Domestic Security & Emergency Management Funding
x All disciplines, regions


Consolidate Resources (Cross discipline)
x FDEM State Watch Office/FDLE Fusion Centers x Planning, Training, Grant Management

6. 7.

Build Regional Capabilities
x Strengthen services to local agencies

Downsize, then close the Florida Recovery Office

Recommendations: Mission/Organizational


Enhance training & Leadership Development
x Link to strategy x Use Florida National Guard, Camp Blanding x Tallahassee Community College. Leverage capability to build Emergency Management Institute.


Improve excellent State Logistics Response Center
x Increased outsourcing.

10. Develop

& Fund new Wind Mitigation

Recommendations: Mission/Organizational


Preserve EMPA Grant Fund and County Base Grants Overcome FDEM Staff Turnover Issues Relax current travel restrictions for critical operations
x Negative impact on services x Outsource to avoid OPS staffing costs x Critical to local and base capacity

12. 13.

Examine options for best use of NonGovernment Organizations (NGO) 15. Explore ³Florida Disaster Support Team,´ with private sector and ³Volunteer Florida.´

Recommendations: Mission/Organizational

16. Implement

new FDEM Organization as Foundation for Success
x Under EOG x Combine two Bureaus x Reduce recovery staff x More Regional Focus

17. Revise FDEM Legislative Budget Request x Based upon final decisions by Governor 18. Improve Mission Statement and

x More outcome focused---less process in measures

Recommendations: Mission/Organizational

19. Address

Serious Ongoing Issues with Deep-water Horizon Oil Spill. 20. Remedy Local Re-payment needs 21. Intervene on Federal Sheltering Mandates 22. Examine and avoid potential impact of Regional Evacuation Studies 23. Be prepared for future major events in Florida

Short & Long Term Issues

24. Consider

Refining Price Gouging Regulations 25. Explore ³Regional Business Emergency Operations Centers´ 26. Establish statewide credentialing system 27. Consider dedication of full time coordinator for private sector issues.

Other Policy Ideas-Private Sector Ideas-

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