Marketing for Control Freaks

Introduction to Online Marketing Measurement & Consumer Stalking


Measurement f Traditi nal Mar eting Eff rts
‡ Competitive Intelligence ‡ Advertising & PR
± ± ± ± ± ± ± Circulations & Ratings Focus Groups Agency s Word Sales Revenues / Growth - Marketshare Internal Feedback Audited Stats Special Numbers/ Links/Promotions

‡ Product Launch Success ‡ Annual Reviews ‡ Other Marketing Efforts s/a:
± ± ± Branding Effectiveness of Marketing Tools ROI of Exhibitions & Trade shows

The 80/20 Rule (Pareto Rule)
80% of your response rate comes from 20% of your marketing efforts!

The challenge, however, comes from identifying that critical 20%

Traditional Marketing


We can only Analyze Post Factum, way after the point of No Return.

We CANNOT Audit as we go! We CANNOT Tweak, Change, Delete on a real-time basis. real-

And Most of the time we DONOT HAV Accurate Data. Data. We can not know what is wrong.

Online Marketing
The perfect sphere for the curious questioning minds

We can measure anything we want as long as:
‡ We KNOW what we want to measure ‡ PLAN for it ‡ & use the RIGHT TOOLS

Some of Whats, Hows and Whats, WHYs of Online Marketing Measurement

How do you prepare?

Step 0. Preparations
‡ Make sure you have a good designer and a GREAT developer *on board. ‡ Make sure you have a good relationship with your Designer & Developer because without them you can not go far.
± Become Tech Friendly (Marketing Technologists ) ± Learn Basics of Design, Whitespace Balance, Psychological Elements involved in Interaction Design
*savvy in analytics

A. Know how to set your traps
± Objectives ± Engagement Strategy ± Resources

What do I want them (consumers) to learn/do? What Else Can They Do? / Would they Like to know ?

B. Think of what you want to monitor & WHY & FOCUS ON THAT

C. Build Your Properties to be ENGAGING & USABLE
± Content is King ± Invest in your landing pages design ± Employ Neuro-Marketing tactics ± Strategically plant Calls to Action ± Provide Guidance and Help ± TEST, TEST, TEST ± Eliminate Friction

Engagement = Actions = Feedback

The more engaging you make your Online Marketing efforts the more feedback you will get from your audience either direct/indirect

D. Have your eyes and ears open and be prepared to tweak, change, escalate on an ongoing basis. E. Have a system for recording your results , documenting your case studies & comparing them over time

Let¶s See Some of What You Can Measure/Check«

1. On Website/Landing Page/Blog
‡ Web Analytics
± What can you measure with it? ± Some stuff needs extra development to be measured ± On Web Analytics Accuracy

1. On Website/Landing Page/Blog
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ A/B Testing (example to learn from on ) Checking for broken pages/links Website Rating (tools) Search Engine Rank , Page Rank & SEO
± # of inbound links ± Free Tools Examples ( Keyword, PR, Manual Searches, Alerts )

‡ Feedback / Engagement
± ± ± ± ± ± Ask for feedback Downloads Social ( Digs, likes, Shares, Tweets .) Comments Leads ( Demo Requests, Contact Forms Filled, Calls ) Link Backs

‡ Cross Browser Testing including mobile

2. In Your Email Marketing
A. Email Marketing Tips Checklist 

Based on lead nurturing strategy Should be permission based & targeted ;) Should provide valuable content Easy to Opt Out Easy to contact you back View Online Option Balance of Text & images Prepare in advance Test, Test, Test Embed Tracking

2. In Your Email Marketing
B. Measurement
Open Rate (+) Bounce rate Conversion Rate Response Rates (Online & Offline) Case Studies of feedback Do not forget to monitor how they change over time

3. Advertising
A. Online advertising terms
Advertising Types: - CPC VS CPM VS CPA VS Flat Rate - Concept of targeting - CLICKTHROUGH RATE - AD NETWORKS OVERVIEW ( Google Ads, Adsense, )

3. Advertising
B. What can you measure?
Before: ± You can know ahead approximately how much you should pay per targeted lead to click (Google Keyword Tool) ± Search Trends /Estimated Daily Clicks ( Search Insights)

3. Advertising
B. What can you measure?
± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ±

How many people viewed your ads CPC Rate & Click Through Rate What Ad Version is performing better Which Ad Networks/Types direct most traffic & Which generate more conversions How Engaging is your landing page Which Keywords performed better How did they act after clicking on your ad on landing page Where did they leave How much they stayed Realtime change overtime Realtime Alerts on conversions

4. Social Media Activity
‡ ROI vs ROE ‡ Engagement & Reach
± Concept of Hashtags

‡ Impact on SEO ‡ Sentiment !!!!! ‡ What is being said about your brand in real time?

5. Cost Per Lead & Cost Per Acquisition

‡ What does it apply to ?

Not for those who are indifferent
Resources & learning tools for future digital marketers

Resources to get you started



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