NANOTECHNOLOGY DEFINITION : The present day scientists and researchers are willing to improve the technology to develop integrated circuits comprising more than ten mega transistors per single chip. . and this integration is called as GIANT SCALE INTEGRATION (GSI) and this technology is known to be NANOTECHNOLOGY.

Feynman: Feynman: Nanotechnology was conceived in southern California in 1959.REVIEW OF LITERATURE: Physicist Richard P.Eric Drexler assumption: He assumed machines of size smaller than dust particles Gordon Moore·s visionary law  Goal of Nanotechnology . when he gave a famous lecture at the California institute of technology in Pasadena J.

Control systems.APPLICATIONS The present day work on this Nanotechnology will yield better results in the coming generation.Medicine.  1.  3.  Nanotechnology is helpful in the fields like.Environment  .  2.

 IMPACT ON MEDICINE: Nano robots programmed to attack and reconstruct the molecular structure of cancer cells and viruses and make them harmless. they could also remove obstructions in circulatory system. .

Dependence on nonrenewable resources would diminish with nanotechnology. IMPACT ON ENVIRONMENT: nanotechnology has the potential to benefit the environment through pollution prevention. .

we will begin to gain a degree of complexity and control over systems that previously only evolution and nature have had. More information will be packed into smaller and smaller spaces.NEED FOR DEVELOPMENT   PRECISION: Schematics will be detailed. ATOMIC SCALE: . and there will be no unnecessary parts anywhere in the design. and we will be able to do much more with much less .

We should be able to begin the long process of cleaning up our environment . FILTRATION SYSTEM: These systems that will scrub the toxins from the air or remove harmful organisms from the water we drink.

products. . while simultaneously reducing the cost associated with manufacturing products. There are also many dramatic changes in field of medicine.IMPORTANCE IN LIFE   We will be able to expand our control of systems from the macro to the micro and beyond.

. development of biological and chemical warfare .Risks of development  dangers might arise if the resulting research were applied to destructive goals such as.

Having more people involved in the field will mean that we are better able to defend ourselves in an emergency. Much can be done to prevent accidents through the promotion a consistent ethical system and a system of accountability for those who develop and employ new technology . .Precautions to Ensure Safe Development   Increase the number of people working on nanotechnology.

CONCLUSION   Computers chips will get smaller. more powerful. They·ll bring digital intelligence in to all kinds of objects and spaces. . given that funding for these types of research is increasingly available. Development in nanotechnology is expected to continue at an accelerating pace. there is no question that nanotechnology will arrive in the not too distant future. While estimates range from 15 to 50 years. connected.

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