-Inter Corporate Table Cricket Championship

- A Gigbox ® presentation

Playing table cricket is a whole new game! Cheer up ! This game is even for those that don·t bowl like Steyn or bat like Sachin. So what if you can·t bowl like Steyn or bat like Sachin? Here·s the easy way to be the hero of the day. Cricket for everyone ! .Live your passion. It's the World Cup Finals. Have you got what it take to step on to the Pitch and win for your country? Hit Sixes and bowl out the opposition.

A ONE OF A KIND TABLE CRICKET CHAMPIONSIHIP ‡First Rounds conducted at over 20 corporate houses in each city ( more if needed ) ‡ Individual champions declared for each company. ‡ Followed by INTER CORPORATE TABLE CRICKET COMPETITION matches to declare the CORPORATE CHAMPIONS! Exciting crowd-pulling Event Support Opportunities during the Finals ‡Beat the Pro ‡Trick Shot and Pro-Skills Displays ‡Grudge Match : Father and Son .

‡a table tennis top fully branded 9 feet * 5 feet ‡side panels with sliding fielders ‡a ball launcher ‡a plastic ball ‡a wooden bat. 4 or 6 (maximum) runs. Batsmen can get out in six different ways. Each team shall consist of six players and two reserves (substitutes). Each individual innings lasts for a maximum of two overs. . or being "caught out" by hitting the ball near the symbolic fielders. with the objective being to score more runs. including being bowled out. Two umpires : the main one stands next to the bowler and controls the game. the other stands to one side of the batter co-umpiring and scoring. Wide balls are penalized with 4 runs to the batting team.A ONE OF A KIND TABLE CRICKET CHAMPIONSIHIP The Game: Two teams. The Two six-member teams compete against each other. Runs are scored by hitting the ball into designated side panel areas for 2.

Pune.Feb Plastic cricket ball . Eliminations Mumbai.Side panels : (10 cm high) Bat and launcher Schedule Xtreme Sports Bars Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 18 Feb Jan14Feb 14 Nine sliding fielders with a central catcher zone marked ( 30cm long) 15-Feb 16-Feb 17. corporate Round 1 2 Kolkata Semi Finals houses Finals .(35mm diameter) Bangalore. at over 20 Round Delhi. Hyderabad.

The event is used to promote your products or services with appropriate prizes for achieving the highest score against the experts or on very rare occasions.FINALS : FUN CROWD ENGAGEMENT Highly flexible ² bespoke to client Challenge best in ²class Players Best batsman wins prize Refereed by experts The Finalists go against each other to declare the TEAM TABLE CRICKET CHAMPIONS Gigbox uses its network of ´expertµ players to hold ´beat the Proµ sessions . actually beating them! WINNING TEAMS GETS VIP TICKETS TO A WORLD CUP MATCH AT THEIR CITY! .

Roger Binny.000 Tickets to see a World Cup Match Agency Fee @ 15% .000 15.000 ( 2 in each city ) ( 2 in each city ) 4.Table Cricket One time Elements Cost /unit Remarks Branded Setup (12 X 12 carpeted) Game Unit (Branded Acrylic Dice) Per Site Promoter MC 40.000 Tent Cards/ Contest Forms/ Table Tops Celebrity Appearance 50000 ( Kirmani.000 5.000 20.000 10.SPONSORSHIP FINANCIALS -. Azahar star cricketers ) Prizes for winning 5 Misc 5*10000 20.000 Collaterals Misc Finals Promoters MC Collaterals 5.000 6.000 4.

.in 91 98450 15183 For circulation only. For more details please speak to Dipali Sikand 98450 15196 Sujit Nair : sujit@gigbox. Rights for events remain with Gigbox.Thank you for your time and support! This is a Gigbox ® only presentation.

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