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Introduction.  Social Media History.  How much social media share is worth?  How to Implement a Social Media Business Strategy.  Who is doing it right?  Social Media Business in Morocco.




Social Media in Business is, for key stake holders, policy makers who understand a fundamental shift is taking place in how corporates communicate. In this presentation, we will examine how social media culture and social networking platforms are having a major impact nowadays on business communication, practices and processes. How can these tools be utilised, how can someone employ strategies within his company to increase profitability, sustain reputation and empower his employees to be brand ambassadors.

Social Media History:
Before the social media, people used to gather to share their passions


Social Media History:


Social Media History:


Social Media History:
Early internet included chat rooms Ppl start sharing what they love via internet and with a large number of ppl they don t even know


Social Media History:
Now, social media is .


Social Media History:


Social Media History:


Social Media History:


Social Media History:


Social Media History:


Business can embrace the customers


How much is a social media share worth?
A concrete example«..

Eventbrite manages, promotes, and sells out events.


How much is a social media share worth?
a) Facebook :
Facebook resulted in the highest average ticket sales per share with every µLike¶ on the social network resulting in $2.52 in ticket sales. This is a very important driver of traffic and sales for Eventbrite ± it is the sites biggest referrer of traffic and every µLike¶ drives 11 visits back to the site.


How much is a social media share worth?
b) LinkedIn :
LinkedIn shares are the second most valuable with an average of $0.90 in ticket sales generated every time an event is shared on the social network. This is much less than for shares on Facebook but is still significant driver of sales.


How much is a social media share worth?
c) Twitter :
Shares on Twitter are the least valuable of all three means, with each share worth $0.43 ± almost a sixth the value of a Like on Facebook. This is, perhaps, a sign that connections on Twitter are less focused than on Facebook, or perhaps that on Twitter shares and messages are less engaged with ± indeed recent research showed that over 70% of all Tweets get no response. So Twitter messages may be less engaging than those on Facebook, leading to fewer clicks and so fewer ticket sales.

An example of a small business in USA «.




HOW TO: Implement a Social Media Business Strategy: 

The goal can be better customer service, get more input into product development, get more media exposure, increase sales, etc. These objectives are directly linked to different audiences using social media.  The ground work by finding the target group is the key to success.


2. Consider Your Employees 

Organizations need to understand their employees¶ level of knowledge and interest. Offer training.  Training should focus on the strategic and professional applications of the social media sites.  How to use µkey word rich¶ content, approved messages and in some cases, scheduled time for posting.´

3. Listen 
Listening to the customer will help companies understand what they can achieve with their investments in social media.  Putting up a business intelligence system which monitors the social media online, can help to get an idea of what customers say about the company and its competitors.  This will help them to get some tips and inspiration for how they can offer better products and service.




Participation,  Transparency, (let ur customers in to show

your humanity)  Connect, ( be the conduct between ur audience and ur resources )  And never spam!


4. Check Your Tech 

Most social media doesn¶t need a huge technology investment, companies should still take a look at their technology capabilities and make sure the system can support the strategy.

Anotherare two sides to is Trendpedia which  There good tool to use measuring the is a blog search engine that allows you to both success of a social media campaign. [on track and graph topics as well as compare termsthe start of your campaign you would need to help benchmark your company against your to do some benchmarking ]. same search competitors by running the exactThat is: Analytics ± How after your and parameters before andhas the Social Media campaign increased traffic to your site as engagement begins. well as how has it affected the quality of traffic? Relationships ± what have you learnt about your customers? Have you established better relationships with them?

5. Measure


Social Media Channels:


Social Media Channels:
a) Facebook :


Coca Cola Fan page ± 21 000 000 + Fan!


Social Media Channels:
b) Twitter :

156,000,000+ registred users


Social Media Channels:
c) Youtube :


Who is doing it Right?

Is doing it


By the end of 2009, Dell has generated $6.5 million in sales from Twitter alone.

Is doing it



Is doing it



Social Media Business in Morocco
a) Internet statistics in Morocco : 
Morocco is the second country in number of

Internet users in the MENA region just behind Egypt, but is only fifth in terms of Internet penetration (Internet users / total population) with 32.9% of the population connected.  The 3 most popular activities on the Internet in the MENA and Morocco are: 1-E-Mail, 2-Search, 3Social Networks.  2.3 million Moroccans are on Facebook, which amounts to a penetration rate of around 7% of Facebook in Morocco.

All this confirms one thing is that Social

Media has a bright future ahead of them in the land of sunshine. (Morocco, of course ...)


Example from Morocco:
My Shop Online for Shoes, Clothing & Accessories.

46 Fan page ± 14 500 000 Fan!

47 on Twitter

48 on LinkedIn


During 2011, more companies are expected to explore and engage in social media activities. While some might categorize using a social networking application as easy, that doesnÑt mean developing a strategy is simple. Proper planning and execution is the key to integrating social media into every organization.

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