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Marketing Capabilities within SAPCRM
MRM(Marketing Resource Management) ² Strategy and Planning, Budget and Cost Management and Brand Management. Segment and List Management ² Capable to import external data and an easy to use graphical, interactive segmentation and list management tool. Campaign Management ² Execute marketing campaigns through multiple channels, both inbound and outbound channels. Lead Management ² Complete Lead Management solution to manage lead through its full lifecycle process. Marketing Analytics ² Basic reporting to advanced analytics around customer and products.

SAP CRM 7.0 Web UI ± Home Page

 Marketing Plan (start date ² end date)  Multiple Campaigns  One Marketing plan can have multiple campaigns.  Hierarchy View  Easy to view the marketing plan and campaigns associated with it using the Hierarchy view. .

Marketing Plan and Campaign Hierarchy View .

With the help of the context menu we can adjust the time scale as well as create or copy new campaigns. .Calendar View of Marketing Projects      Gives an overview of all marketing projects within a certain time range. which can be defined in customizing. Basic information about marketing projects is displayed right away. It is meant to be the central point of entry for marketing professionals. We can define different colors to be used.

Calendar View of Marketing Projects .

(The discount can be maintained by selecting the specific condition type)  .Product Assignment and Discounts  We can assign products to a particular campaign using the Products Assignment block within the Campaign. Discount can be assigned to a product in a particular campaign using the Discounts assignment block.

Product Assignment and Discounts .

(ephone.  Campaign can also be executed based on a user·s preferred communication method (e-mail.Channel Specific Campaigns  Campaigns can be channel specific.  For Ex. In this case communication medium telephone and transaction type lead. and so on) . a call list and leads ² for all business partners in the target group ² are generated during campaign execution. Communication Medium = Telephone with lead creation.

Campaign with communication medium : E-mail .

for example ´hobbiesµ (data that is not typically covered in master data).Segmentation  Three Data Sources for Segmentation:  Attribute Set: Attributes can be created in CRM. BW Queries: BW queries are used to access transactional data stored in SAP BW. Infosets: Infosets are used to access BP Master data (stored for example in CRM or SAP ERP) which allows us to select all BP·s with a certain zip code. for example ´number of purchases per monthµ or ´sales volume.µ   . Related attributes can be combined into attribute sets that will later form the basis for profile and target group modeling in the Segment Builder. birthday etc.

Marketing Attribute Set assigned to a Business Partner .

A target group must be assigned to a profile or profile set. Profile: A profile is a list of attributes and corresponding attribute values. and subsets. Profile and Target Group)   Graphical Modeler can be used to model profiles by using data and attributes from various sources to segment business partners. Target Group: A target group is a list of Business Partners that matches a corresponding profile or profile set. target groups. which together describe a business partner. The following is the format followed during segmentation.Graphical Modeler (Profile Set.    Profile Set : A profile set is like a folder for profiles. . A profile must be assigned to a profile set.

Graphical Modeler .

Profile Set. Profile and Target Group .

Business Partners of the Target Group .

Lead Management  Lead Management Main Features:  Lead Generation Lead Processing Lead Qualification  Lead Survey Determination  Lead Transfer to Sales   .

activities.Lead Qualification  Lead qualification is the name given to the process by which leads are repeatedly processed with the purpose of establishing and improving the level of interest represented by the lead. with the aim of transforming the lead into an opportunity. service orders. interaction with Business Partner. previous orders. Leads can be qualified using survey tool by maintaining a predefined questionnaire. products purchased etc.  .

.Lead Survey Determination  To carry out lead survey determination. We can determine which questionnaire should be found in a given time period for a particular transaction type and item category. within IMG we can define rules to find the lead questionnaires.

Therefore once a lead has reached a certain qualification level.Lead transfer to sales  Leads can be qualified manually and based on surveys. . it can be transformed into an opportunity and passed on to the sales department for further processing. Once the lead is qualified it is transferred to the sales team in the form of an opportunity. for example HOT.

lost. or won.     .Lead Structure  Each lead has:  A status. status. An origin. origin. A priority. A type. for example. which describes a group. which describes the potential level of level. interest demonstrated by the business partner. represented by the lead group. which describes the urgency with which the lead priority. certain classification used for evaluation purposes. should be processed. which describes the source of the lead. A qualification level. in process.

Efficiency Reporting: Helps analyze the efficiency of the lead qualification process.     . Lost Leads Analysis: Helps analyze lost leads. improve performance with future leads by working on new strategies.Lead Analysis  Channel Analysis: This application allows to analyze the best communication channel to run a marketing campaign. Qualification Level Analysis: We can analyze the degree of difficulty in transforming a lead into an opportunity. Historical Evaluation Analysis: Allows us to analyze leads over different time periods.

Lead Assessment Questionnaire .

Lead Qualified as Warm based on Questionnaire .

for example. Target Group Optimization: Helps optimize a target group. so that the target group contains only business partners with a relatively high probability of responding to the campaign. We can use SAP ECC or R/3. Marketing Plan Analysis Lead Analysis      . to carry out a detailed profitability analysis and SAP BW can be used carry out a campaign related plan/actual analysis. Campaign Monitoring and Success Analysis: A Method of analyzing how successful a campaign was. Campaign Planning: Analyze the data and predict what the outcome would be under certain circumstances when executing a campaign. so that we can build on past experience.Marketing Analytics in SAP CRM  Marketing Budget Planning: Plan distribution of budget for the marketing plan.

Analytics ² Home Page .