Italian Futurism

Faster, meaner & more explosive

Futurism is Modernist, but what s Modernism? 
Modernism is the name given to a cultural movement

beginning around 1890 in Western Europe and the US (and Spanish America). 
MODERNISM is related to but not the same as Modern and

Modernity . 

Modern can mean contemporary in regular speech, but modernist literature does not refer to literature from right now. 

To confuse things further modernity refers to all sorts of different time

periods, from the end of the Middle Ages to the early 20th c. to the late 18th c. Don t worry about Modernity or the Modern right now.

Some features of early Modernism: (Rite of Spring, Stravinsky 1913)

The traditional is not a source of pride; progress is. People use objects of production in everyday life Make it New!
was the rallying cry

Very Soon modernist artists and writers became more and more suspicious of a glorified notion of progress.

Paris Universal Exposition
1900 World Exposition in Paris celebrated the achievements of past century but also looked forward to the technology and improvements of the TWENTIETH CENTURY. The future seemed

footage from 1900 Expo Paris

desire for a real Spanish American identity. musicality and formal perfection as new poetry Symbolism: hostile to "plain meanings. childhood The subjectivity of the Romantics shifted to the objectivity of the realists.the natural . Buenos Aires question values of ruling class and church.Art/Literary Context In Europe. feelings. The idea that what was "real" dominated over what was subjective. "clothe the Ideal in a perceptible form mysticism. Mexico City. love. Stable governing forms emerged by mid 19th Century after lots of revolutions and government changes. . false sentimentality and matter-of-fact description. Realism: Nothing fancy real depictions of real people Naturalism: Heredity and environment control people Modernismo: South America Havana. Romanticism: Nature. declamations. lots of new imperialism in 1880 s. sublime. hide in beauty/art/thinking because world sucks . sad/cruel sex. pastoral.

http://tkli ne.htm #_Toc160 699751 . 1914.Symbolist Poet :Stephane Mallarme A Throw of the dice will never abolish chance first pubished 1897 this ed.n et/PITBR/ French/M allarmeU nCoupde Des.pgcc.

FT Marinetti .

screw the past. but energetically and artistically and mentally! . Neitzche s superman .Liberate SELF from conventions early self help? Not spiritually. in experiencing! tradition makes us go to church and eat pasta with aunties! Women uphold traditional morals yuck!  More toys! More fun.  Loved pessimism.  The New Revolution .CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION CHANGE YOUR THINKING CHANGE YOUR BEING!!!  1907 .Marinetti publishes the Initial Manifesto of Futurism in Paris magazine. and machinery progress progress revolution in being.

Modern Chaos and new inventions and discoveries are the only fitting subject matter for art. Gino Severini Canon in Action 1915 .

mp3 .ca/sound /artist_tellus/Tellus-21Artists_03_marinetti.Futurist Poetry as visual Onomatopoea .artmob.Cover of Marinetti s book Zang Tumb Tumb (1912) A search for a Transrational language a direct experience of reality (becomes basis of concrete poetry or abstract art) http://ubu.

Pallone Franato Turco .

Words in Liberty .

Inside page of Zang Tumb Tumb .

February 1912. Carra. Russolo. Marinetti.) . F. Boccioni. (Luigi Russolo. Paris.) Severini. Carlo Carra. Umberto Boccioni. T. Gino Severini.Serenata by Antonio Russolo The Futurists in Paris.

praised patriotism and war. 2. Let the tiresome memory of Roman greatness be cancelled by an Italian greatness a hundred times greater. 3. Let it be proclaimed that the word Italy should prevail over the word Freedom. while the foul tribe of pacifists huddles dying in the deep cellars of the ridiculous palace at The Hague We have recently had the pleasure of fighting in the streets with the most fervent adversaries of the war.War. . scorned by the Lame and Paralyzed. are happy to finally experience this great Futurist hour of Italy. the hygiene of the world. All liberties should be given to the individual and the collectivity. and shouting in their faces our firm beliefs 1. the World s Only Hygiene 1915 We Futurists. who for over two years. have glorified the love of danger and violence. save that of being cowardly.

Carlo Carre Interventionist Demonstration. 1914 .

crumplers. They looked like early record players and had names like howlers. & hissers . exploders.The Art of Noise Russolo Corale 1921  Luigi Russolo s 1913 manifesto showed people that noise could be music he built his own noise machines and played them.

this was a Utopian project. .Zaum Poets  The search for a Transrational language a direct experience of reality free from any representational function began with Futurist influenced Zaum poets: word fragments become more chaotic and soundsoundbased . so that everyone could be on the same page without intervening social codes like language.

He emphasized visual rhythm and stimulated viewers to hear as well as to see his paintings. in creating pictorial equaivalent to zaum poetry. Malevich created alogical sound-paintings by incongruously combining letters and recognizable objects.Malevich . Untitled 1916 .Sound Paintings Malevich was a member of the Russian avant-garde known for founding Suprematism (19131920s). During the years leading up to his Suprematist works.

DADA MEANS NOTHING (1918 Dada Manifesto by Tristan Tzara) Dada makes art by chance      . They find words. Dadaists language undergoes radical deconstruction. They believe assaulting language assails Western values. and art to be a bunch of wornwornout and debased cliches. narratives.Dada! Targeted Chance and Absuridity: Tahdahhh!  Dadaists don t find a lot of hope in unintelligible chaos. which are crap.

.Duchamp s Fountain Title and context of work (gallery) provide irony and make the overall story of the piece -. Mutt 1917. This piece was signed R.

.Photomontage is the most well known technical innovation of Dada .Photomontage plays on the alreadyalready-existing trust of photography s apparent truth factor.

a sound poem. with picture of artist in cubist costume .Hugo Ball s 1917 poem Karawane.

Duchamp s assault on high art values . . LHOOQ read aloud sounds French for she s got a hot ass.title.

efficient presentation  Technology is a happy fact of life again. but appreciates a clean.From USSR Efficiency to The Smartest Kid on Earth to Target  A new Rationalist Sprit emerges in period after WW1  A new age required a new language .Constructivism .one of logic and construction  Constructivism hates the tortures of the informal.Russian Formalists interested how people were constructed by the Literature they were given to read . not merely destructive  Advertising soon borrows design techniques of avant-garde. avant- so advertising looks chic hot  Writing is also influenced by Constructivism .

Here is a typeface created by students of the Bauhaus. .The Bauhaus was a major contributor to the style that would be called ³Modernist´.

Chris Ware¶s Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth (2002) .

There was meaning more interesting than straight meaning. They needed to be studied for the magical or strange effect they had alone or when next to each other (parataxis). words needed to be freed . dream interpretation. Word association.words were worn down by their job of signifying things.  Spiritualism. (Breton)  Techniques borrow from psychoanalysis to get at unconscious more true than true language. mental illness. primitivism .normal usage was not trustworthy .Surrealism: Mad Sex Word Dreams  As with Futurists and Dada.all extraextra- rational or irrational experience is useful. ink blot. . sexuality.

Magritte .paintings act like poems.Titles and writing on painting thwart easy interpretations -. Translation: the gun .

More Title/Image cross-fertilization crossMagritte s The Lovers II .

Breton 1924 Writing is a recording of author¶s body .First Surrealist Manifesto. like a bent paper clip) Latent news (Game: Latent news is a game in which an article from a newspaper is cut into individual words (or perhaps phrases) and then rapidly reassembled.a record of the writer¶s emotional intensity.her or his desire . Some Surrealist Techniques: Automatism Calligramme Coulage Cubomania (pictures cut up in cubes and rearranged CutCut-up technique Exquisite corpse (and other multi-person art games) multiFrottage (rubbing over textured surface) Fumage(impressions made by candle smoke) Indecipherable writing Involuntary sculpture(made by accidentally making something. Photomontage .

Totalitarian Takes on Art .

Normalcy leads to efficient mass murder. in that art should assault logical and conventional  Even more Interest in illegibility . writing that  Graffiti is what people do in dirty places to say dirty things in messy script . shows a code.Post WWII .language could become PURELY visible . forms.Nondiscursive =Universal  In wake of nuclear bomb and death camps.the enemy of language is words . writing seems barbaric .therefore it makes its way into more verbal expression can do the horrors justice.scribbles.  Lettrism . but is unknown  Like Dada.

do?poetId =91# to hear Ashbury reading gestural poem .but poems unfold like performance. nonbut still discursive poems .Action painting  Poets like John Ashbury and Frank O Hara learn from Abstract Expressionism .Painting of the body .poetryarchive. rather than just being a documentation of something that already happened. make non-narrative.Expressionism (let s get physical)  Abstract Expressionism .the gestural traces of action .the residue of a performance .chatty expressionism .org/poetryarchive/singlePoet.gestures of the body .

Calligraphic . .Cy Twombly was one of the first American artists to interest himself in graffiti.

again) .  A poem is music. A scribble is a kind of writing. A painting is do boundaries between traditional genres. (Synaesthesia.Intermedia (Neo-dada): Concrete & mixed (Neoup all over  As other media s traditional forms break down .

Factors of proximity and similitude. Decio Pignatari. visual form. and in 1956 an international exhibition of concrete poetry was shown in São Paulo. gestalt psychology. Its material word (sound. Rhythm: relational force.Concrete Poetry . semantical charge).rooted in performance (See poems in reader) From constructivism: style of purity and order The term was coined in the 1950s. not an interpreter of exterior objects and/ or more or less subjective feelings. Haroldo de Campos: Brazil Ideogram: appeal to nonverbal communication. Concrete poem communicates its own structure: structure-content. Concrete structurepoem is an object in and by itself. Its problem: a problem of functions-relations of functionsthis material. . Brazil From: Pilot Plan for Concrete Poetry (1958) Augusto de Campos.

words. word sequences and the interdependence of words and kinds) primarily as representations of a linguistic world which is independent of and not representative of an object extrinsic to language Max Bense . syllables.Concrete poetry is a visualvisuallinguistic phenomenon  Concrete Poetry is a style of material poetry if it is understood as a kind of literature which considers its linguistic means (such as sounds.

Concrete poetry is a visualvisuallinguistic phenomenon .

Collage poetry ± Not interested in concise minimalism. .

he is also well known for his non-standard use of musical instruments and his pioneering exploration of electronic music. He described his music as "purposeless play´ John Cage Poem on UBU . and visual artist. performance. writer. design and music (1975) Cage was a composer.all is poem.John Cage . John Cage put Zen Buddhist beliefs into practice through music. He was an early composer of what he called "chance music"² music where some elements are left to be decided by chance.Indeterminacy and Inclusivity .

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