The circuit has an inbuilt serial port (RS -232) circuit and the system will take over the modem control.INTRODUCTION  This Project is used to control household electrical devices from any where through the cell phone. The microcontroller controls all the system.   . In this project we control total four devices. The Microcontroller is read and send the SMS from GSM Modem and it switch on/off the corresponding devices according to the user need. The circuit consists of a powerful 8 bit Microcontroller AT89S52.

BLOCK DIAGRAM GSM MODEM Micro controller RS 232 RELAY DRIVER RELAYS LCD DISPLAY 230V Full wave Rectifier with Voltage Regulator +5V +12V .

such as Chinese. It is a method of communication that sends text between cell phones to a cell phone.   . numbers or symbols in the Latin alphabet).SMS  SMS stands for short message service. The "short" part refers to the maximum size of the text messages: 160 characters (letters. For other alphabets. the maximum SMS size is 70 characters.


then sends it down channel. . It is a globally communication. such as the Short message service (SMS. to a    The key advantage of GSM: Higher digital voice quality and low cost alternatives to making calls.GSM   GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communication. also called "text messaging"). GSM digitizes and compresses data. accepted standard for digital cellular  It makes international roaming very common between mobile phone operators. enabling subscribers to use their phones in many parts of the world Most GSM networks operate in the 900 MHz or 1800 MHz bands.



CELL PHONE  Cell In cellular service there are two main competing network technologies: 1) Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and 2) Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). .  Difference between GSM and CDMA will allow choosing a carrier that uses the preferable network technology for the needs.

CDMA has been traditionally faster than GSM.Data Transfer Speed:  With the advent of cellular phones doing double and triple duty as streaming video devices.  . speed is important to those who use the phone for more than making calls. though both technologies continue to rapidly running along this path. or 3rd generation technologies. pod cast receivers and email devices. Both boast "3G" standards.

A microprocessor is the heart of the computer.Microprocessors Vs Microcontrollers  For a microprocessor to be used. or components for receiving and sending data must be added to it. No external components are needed as all the necessary peripherals are built into it. A microcontroller is designed to be all of that in one.    . other components such as memory.

RS  232 COMMUNICATION Used to Transfer data between DCE DTE and vice versa. It is an serial Communication Architecture. 8 bit DATA and 1 stop bit. DCE which work on Different Baud rates.Which having file structure.In our project transfer the data between Micro Controller and PC. Protocol    .require communication to Transfer DATA . 1 start bit.

Encoding of the bit stream represented by the PDU mode. In some cases. any encoding can be implemented. the application is bound to (or limited by) the set of preset encoding options.FORMATS OF SMS  There are two ways of sending and receiving SMS messages: 1) Text mode and 2) PDU (protocol description unit) mode. An application capable of reading incoming SMS messages. can thus use text mode or PDU mode. that's just not good enough. If PDU mode is used.    . the phone will choose a proper encoding. If text mode is used. If you read the message on your phone.

AT COMMANDS          AT+CMGL=? (List messages) AT+CMGR=? (Read message) AT+CNMA=? (New message acknowledgement to ME/TA) AT+CMGS=? (Send message) AT+CMSS=? (Send message from storage) AT+CMMS=? (More messages to send) AT+CMGW=? (Write message to memory) AT+CMGD=? (Delete message) AT+CMGC=? (Send command) .


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