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.y ABO blood group system was discovered by Karl Landsteiner in 1900. However one mistake can cause many problems ranging from minor to major like fever to cardiac arrest. y As blood transfusion is very common now a days. 46 year later (1946) the Blood Transfusion Service was formed.

 Suddenly.  Ordered for blood transfusion as Hb was low. 25 year old young male admitted in ICU with road traffic accident.  By mistake another patient s blood transfused to him. blood transfusion reaction started. .  On ventilator and hemodynamic ally stable.  Patient end up into cardiac arrest which lead to death .

 The blunder was that. his fiancée and family dreams shattered.  Ultimately patient died. The purposes for presenting this case :  Young male who was about to get marry in couple of months .  Along with his death. lost his life only because of nurse negligancy. nurse did not check patient s blood at bedside along with patient s I.  Neither she save his life nor she fulfill his dreams. .D band and she transfused another patient s blood to him.


2007 . WHO .Blood transfusion is the transfer of blood or blood components from one individual (donor) to another (recipient).


.If blood components are mistakenly administered to the wrong patient it produce hypersensitivity (Reaction).



au/policy_rch/?doc_id=10024&print=yes (3 of 6)29/09/2006  .  Number of units and type of blood product required.  Any special requirements such as irradiation or leukocyte depletion (if appropriate) http://www. date of birth and unit record It .rch. All blood and blood products must be checked by two nurses prior to administration  All patients having blood transfusions must have an identification wrist band in place which includes patient's first name.  Name and contact details of the requesting doctor . the responsibility of all nurses to understand the significance of the correct procedures in relation to checking and administering blood products.


 Ensure that physician/registered nurse take consent for blood transfusion.  Perform the following checks with the physician or another nurse/LHV/MW/technician. verify following data:  Patient s name  Patient s MR# . 2008.Modified policy of AKUH in June.  Ensure that blood has been typed and cross matched.  Registered nurses may administer blood only upon issuance of physician s order.

All these checked at patient s bedside.B.      Type of blood product Expiry date Patient s and donor s blood group. . (A. Ask the patient to state full name or verify name with a relative.AB or O).

y After evaluating this sentimental event . y Nurses being responsible for the final bedside check before transfusion. . we analyze that due to staff negligancy the crime was commit ed. have the final opportunity to prevent a mistransfusion.

takes life. at the same time.Transfusion of blood saves life. An error in blood transfusion. .

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