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Why appraisal? Organization needs to know how an employee has performed just as an employee needs to know how his performance has been viewed by the organization. .Performance Appraisal Systematic assessment and descriptions of an employee¶s accomplishments in the assigned tasks and assessment of job related strengths and weaknesses.

Multiple Objectives It provides inputs to a. Counseling. . d. Employees on his strengths & weaknesses Training. c. Career Planning and Succession Planning Systems Organization restructuring issues b. Administration ± for pay & promotion decision.

Appraisal Methods APPRIASAL METHODS Absolute Method Objectives Relative Standards .

Absolute Methods       Essay type Critical Incident Appraisal Checklist Graphic Rating Scale Forced Choice Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) .

Relative Standards  Group Order Ranking Top one fifth Second one fifth   Individual Ranking Paired Comparison by taking total of [n(n-1)]/2 .

final appraisal & feedback Self Appraisal Appraisal discussion and final appraisals  .Objectives MBO Expression of expectations before beginning of appraisal year Periodic reviews and feedback Year end data collection.

peers. . subordinates and customers outside organizations.Objectives  360 Appraisal Inputs from appraisers.

Objectives   Assessment Centers Psychological Appraisal .

d. c. a. b. Relating to SystemHow to evolve measure to assess managerial tasks.Problems in Performance Appraisal 1. . Reliable technique for measuring comparative merit and performance. Generate data on performance Understanding of system at the top management level.

Relating to Appraisera. Playing God creates anxiety. b.Problems in Performance Appraisal 2. Bias and halo effect Recency of incidents Central Tendency Too harsh too easy . Evaluation of personality traits. e. f. d. c.

.Problems in Performance Appraisal 3. Relating to AppraiseeHis perspective on system depends on how he earns recognition vis-à-vis others. His criteria are rarely explicit.

a. b. Linkage with Development plans Reward Decisions What gets evaluated: Performance or Person Ethical issues in evaluation ± Power Carries obligation Subjectivity ± Objectivity 4. 3.Some Persistent issues 1. . 2.