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y Introduction y History y Why Innovative HR Practices are needed? y Challenges faced by HR managers. y Innovative practices in HR areas. y Benefits of Innovative HR Practices y Conclusion

Introduction y People management practices that aim to enhance organizational performance by improving the performance of individuals within the organization OR That part of an organization s activities concerned with recruitment. empower your workforce and develop trust. y All managers have heard and read countless times how to build teams. development and management of its employees. .

hunting. industrial relations . employee relation. y Knowledge was recorded and passed on to the next generation about safety. health. way back in 1115 B.C to 2000 B.C.C saw the development of more advanced HR functions y The Chinese are known to be the first to use employee screening techniques. y Donald Trump . and gathering. human resources.History y HRM has seen a lot of nick naming in its age like personnel relations . 1000 B.

from micro level issues where an individual employee needs hand holding to the macro issues pertaining to a global workforce and virtual teams.Why IHRM? y Indian companies gained confidence to acquire foreign giant companies. . y The challenges HR Manager facing today are diverse.

Talent y Develop and Grow .Challenges faced by HR managers y Attract & access .Loyalty Interview y Transition .Movement of talent within the organization and outside of the organization .Recognize the aspirations of employees y Engage and Align .

Innovative practices in HR areas y Recruitment and selection y Learning and development y Rewards and recognition y Career planning y Compensation and benefits y Performance management y Leadership and development y Organization structure y Motivating the employees .

Recruitment and selection y Diversity among employees y Non standard pool of talent y Short stories : 52 short stories. one for each week y Bar Raisers : veto power y Employee referrals by employees y The company connects with support group .

SUBEX SYSTEMS y As soon as organization decides to recruit a person. y The mentor will not be the senior Subexian (his group head) but will be someone senior from the same division who understand the nature of the work of the new person. . it also decides on its mentor.

learning modules among the workforce.LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT y SME s (Subject Matter Experts): HR team identifies the internal SME s to give training to the employees. . y E-welcome: The E-welcome gateway lists certain universal systems of the company and helps them get familiar with such things. For eg: Godrej Organization for Learning and Development provides web-based learning tied up with UK based NetG to distribute e. sending employees for higher studies.

a manager can look at the database of his/her own people. At the click of a button. promotions. Manager could recommend changes and training needs and they could draw upon the resources available . track history of development. stock options etc y Rating and ranking tools.CISCO y HR tools. increments.

The reward process is well defined and transparent.REWARDS AND RECOGNITION y Mutual Admiration(MAD Tree): It is an event where every employee is given green cardboard leaves on which they scribble messages of appreciation and pin them onto the MAD tree in the cafeteria y Smart Work and Smart Reward: It rewards those who complete tasks in fewer working hours than stipulated. It has helped in ensuring better work life balance. y Promotion within the organization .

.Hughes Software Systems y Snap Awards for individual and team achievements to their teams when they excel or do something outstanding y Annual Achievement Award under four categories: Most Initiatives Best Customer Orientation Best Team Worker Most Innovative.

y The portal helps employees plan and develop their careers according to business needs. For eg: Philips Software Center Once an employee completes 3 years with Philips Software. Philips Software will consider him/her for an international assignment within Philips.CAREER PLANNING Career Success Centre: y An online portal and a one stop shop for all career related resources. Bangalore. .

. log in their own leave. stay in similar hotels. work out of standard cubicles.COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS y Paternity leave y Extra three months maternity leave at half the salary leave y No attendance monitoring y Unlimited sick leave y Equal privileges for employees across levels: Employees at all levels travel in the same class.

. It goes back to HR every six months to deliver feedback. and what seems to be working.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT y 360 degree feedback system y Performance Task Force: A cross functional team constitutes 20 members and this force keeps track of what needs to be plugged.

who are asked to pull up their socks and improve.Wipro Technologies y Identify the best talents the top ten people & then bottom ten people. failing which they will have to leave .

.LEADERSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT y Food for thought y Succession planning y Employee empowerment y Reach out: An initiative to keep a direct link of communication to its employees. the president of the company meets the employees.

design screen savers and even create mascots themed on the values. leaving the project members free to concentrate on their work. across its different functions.ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE y Flexi and Part time. y Skits: The companies are asking the employees to devise skits to dramatize its values. y The companies allow the employees to shift jobs if they wish to. . y People Champions : The people champion takes care of any administrative need a project might have.

Motivating the employees It is three step process : y Clarify the goal y Identify the Obstacle y Handle Each Obstacle For eg: Mind Tree Consulting CEO snapshots Once in two weeks(Mind tree minds) .

how they are to be achieved and by when.Benefits of Innovative HR Practices y It takes a good look at the business of the organization first. y It clinically notes down what the goals of the business are. y It does a microscopic examination of the current HR staffing. y It ascertains the talent pool needed to achieve the business goals of the organization. . the current talent pool and current competencies of the staff.

y It plans for succession. y It re-engineers the current staff pool either via deployment or VSS. making sure before the old guards leave they have mentored those they want to pass the mantle to. It assists re-deployment by retraining and re-forming departments and business units. . y Lastly. it also seeks to hire new staff if the current staff pool does not have the required competencies to achieve the business goals.

then only the organization can run successful. . Human Resource leader should follow creative practices that practices should help to develop the employer as well as employee.CONCLUSION y Finally I conclude that in the competitive world the organization should have the innovative ideas then only it can lead the organization very successful.