Why Etiquettes?
‡ Corporate etiquette will take you a long way in improving your confidence level and increase the chances to succeed in your career as well as social life. The mere appearance and your behavior in a society or community- the way you look, talk, walk, sit, stand, eat- sum up and present the real being in you. Your way of presenting yourself will always give the hints about who you are and what impression you have on others. So, when you are socializing in the corporate world, you need to follow its etiquette. ‡ This means that in order to be more competitive on the job market, a professional needs to be very conversant with Business and social etiquette.

Introducing self and others
‡ Just say the name or sometimes name with designation ‡ A junior is introduced to a Senior ‡ A young person is introduced to a older person ‡ A gentleman is introduced to a lady

Handshake with palms interlocked .Greetings & handshake ‡ Different ways of greetings ‡ Generally people handshake with palms interlocked. do as the Romans do ‡ Explore the local custom with regard to greetings procedure ‡ Bit confused play safe. because smile never fails in any culture ‡ Handshake accompanied with grasp.wear a convincing smile.Indicating confidence level ‡ When in Rome.if close friend or to show the comfortness ‡ To be safe.

Exchange of Visiting Cards What is a visiting card? Visiting card a brand image Offering visiting card Present always a fresh card. Given and taken with right hand in India ‡ Exchanging visiting card ‡ Reading the Card ‡ Storing the card in card holder ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .

do no roam around as though it is your own office. When you are a stranger to a place maintain and behave like a visitor or as a guest not like a host. Do not disturb the receptionist with too many queries. When you are asked to work in your cubicle stick to that only and do not encroach into others cubicles. .Office Etiquette ‡ When you visit to somebody s office.

The body language must be positive and assertive it should neither be aggressive nor submissive. There is no need to call Sir or Madam frequently. you can use Ms as that can convey politely for both married and unmarried woman. While addressing a woman if it is not clear whether she is married or unmarried.Office Etiquette ‡ You can call person by name at the corporate world but politely. .

.Office Etiquette ‡ Personal space from person to person needs to be maintained properly. You should not behave with unknown people by being too close by maintaining intimate distance as it creates discomfort for others. It is known as proxemics.

Grapevine .

Playing Politics .

Getting Personal .

BBTTSS is the acronym for Boot and Belt which must be of the same color. A few companies have separate and specific dress code to its employees on specific days. . There is a traditional formula for male attire.Dress Code ‡ For men the shirt should be in light color with a tie. It is essential to wear tie for formal meetings. Tie and Trouser should preferably match with each other and Shirt and Socks should match with each other. Avoid wearing white socks. neat and clean and presentable. The body can be applied with light perfume. The socks need to be changed regularly. Ultimately the dress code should be pleasing. There is no hard and fast rule to accept this formula but it all depends on the situation and occasion.

Dress Code ‡ Dress code for women is a very complicated one. It differs from region to region and from country to country based on their cultural background as well as their tastes and temperaments. They should not dress like a Christmas tree. . Don t decorate with excessive jewellery or ornaments. The dress should match as per the corporate culture and values of the organization. There should not be any hanky panky costumes. The clothes must be positive and presentable and not of tight fittings. no obscene clothes or revealing clothes etc.

then start conversation ‡ Greet appropriately and ask whether it is convenient time to talk to ‡ Make the conversation polite ‡ Always have a note pad and a pen next to telephone . ‡ Disclose your name if the telephone is on your desk. else the company name or/and designation ‡ If called person says only Hello or the company name. caller to identify oneself first and confirm whether the receiver is the person whom the caller is looking for.Telephone Etiquette ‡ Attend the call with in two to three rings.

‡ Use a ringtone with a milder song or one that sounds like a regular telephone ringtone. the mobile should be kept in a silent mode.Mobile Etiquette ‡ All points of telephone etiquttes are applicable ‡ Whenever there is an engagement or any hectic or important activities are going on. ‡ The best thing is to cut short unsolicited calls by saying. . I will get back to you or Can I call you back? ‡ Let the caller tune be something that most callers will enjoy listening to.

It should not be like compound sentences. In the To address column put the main addressee and if the same is to be informed to other addresses you can add those emails in the CC column. specific. short and identify yourself. It is usually considered unethical to use the BCC column.E Mail Etiquette ‡ The subject matter should be simple. If the mail is not to be known to the other addressees and in extreme cases you can use BCC . The receiver should be in a position to identify its source and the objective behind it. .

followed by the name of the person with designation as it impresses the reader for the significance you have accorded to the designation and also for having made it personal. Dear Sir/Madam. .E Mail Etiquette ‡ Personalize the mail to create bonding with the reader.

straight and short manner. Read and reread the email before hitting the send button as it becomes an evidence for future records. syntax. Put across all the points.E Mail Etiquette ‡ Follow proper alignment and the margin on the left side. or With regards . you may conclude with Regards . . Before sending check for grammar. The contents must be concise. or Best regards . Write the contents in simple. sentence format. At the end. crisp and clear. or Best wishes followed by your signature. punctuation.

Try to use soft.E Mail Etiquette ‡ While replying to official mails do not check Reply all button as the confidential information. if any. polite and neutral words and avoid using unparliamentary language. will be known to all. Never type the contents in capital letters as that indicates that you are shouting at others. And ultimately you will be in deep hot water. ‡ Do not visit pornographic sites as every company has an internal scanning system to check the same. As far as possible the business letter should not last more than a page as it is an official document. .

. if the message doesn t apply to the people. ‡ Pay attention when you address an email to multiple recipients. First of all. don t send it to them.E Mail Etiquette ‡ You don t have to flaunt your vocabulary in your email. So. Nobody wants their inbox to be cluttered with junk mail. be very sure that the message is useful for every recipient in the list.

they may lack one thing. a gift or a bouquet of flowers! Think creatively? ‡ First of all. keep in mind the person s hobbies. You will really come up with some creative ways to offer congratulations to them.the very thought about the person receiving the gifts or cards.How do you congratulate? ‡ By giving away a card. your family member or colleague. ‡ Whether the person is your friend. tastes and all the favorite things. So. But. . show your affection for that individual. keep in mind the person whom you are congratulating. There may be many cards beautifully written and gifts that are very pleasant.

a teenager graduating high school and your dad won t appreciate the same gifts. . ‡ Remember.How do you congratulate? ‡ The next important thing to take into consideration is the achievement of the person for which you are congratulating. Think about ways to offer your wishes that are appropriate to the age of the person receiving your gift.

it is very important to know etiquette when you dine with your clients as to build up cordial relationships with your clients.Dining Etiquette ‡ Business is no more restricted to your workplace or cell phone. So. . Much of the business is now conducted over food.

Cocktail Conversations .

Cocktail Conversations .

The location of the restaurant should be suitable for your client. Make sure that the restaurant has parking facilities. Avoid a crowdie restaurant because it is impossible to conduct business at a noisy place.Dining Etiquette ‡ The choice of restaurant: Since you are the host of the dinner. you are responsible for choosing the time of the meal and the location of the restaurant. .

Consider the menu according to the tastes of your guest. . Offer the seat preferred by your guest that will probably the one facing towards the room or facing the window.Dining Etiquette ‡ Your guest s preferences: Ask your guest his/her preferences of food and place the menu accordingly.

Dining Etiquette ‡ The arrival of your guest: Order drinks if they have not arrived yet. ‡ Make the guests comfortable: Ask your guests to order first and follow suite. . Keep the table untouched until your guest arrives. Let them feel free to choose anything they like from the menu.

make sure that every one orders in a group. Avoid anything that is difficult to eat with a knife and fork. Make sure that you never talk with mouth stuffed with food which is a strict turn-off for your guest. It will be really awkward if some people eat while other watch them eating. where you can end up spilling sauce on dress. So. make sure that you don t order anything which can put out of action. or foods like spaghetti. . ‡ Proper coordination: Coordination is very important at a business lunch. eats the same courses and finishes at the same time.Dining Etiquette ‡ Order the right food: When placing the order.

start talking business after you order. Had it been a dinner.Dining Etiquette ‡ Discuss business: Remember. you may talk business in a leisurely manner. . ‡ Last but not the least Your business meal should give you positive result. you should always remember that you arranged the lunch to develop cordial relationships with your client. probably after finishing off your main course. But since it is lunch. the objective of the lunch is to discuss business. So. not with the food.

Table Manners ‡ Guest to sit first ‡ While drawing the chair do not make noise. so lift the chair and move ‡ Draw the chair for ladies ‡ Offer the food to Guest first ‡ Do not munch and make noisy eating ‡ Use napkin properly ‡ Learn to use the cutleries properly ‡ Learn to keep the plate open and closed ‡ Do not continue eating after the guest closes the plate .

clients other career acquaintance. you should ensure that you maintain your rapport by avoiding the business etiquette blunder. ‡ Your professional life will be filled with mini introductions to your colleagues. . every hand shake should be done correctly. Your character is reflected by the way you present yourself. Business people often become prejudiced by the mere conduct of a person in a business meeting. stand up to shake your hands if you have been sitting and make eye contact. So. Whenever you are meeting someone. So.Blunders ‡ Your attitude counts a lot in the business world.

to avoid it. it is better to minimize the number of drinks you have and the best. will lead you saying things that you shouldn t say during the party. This is considered as one of the biggest blunders. Do not drink too much.Blunders ‡ People often have the habit of drinking too much at business functions like dinners and holiday parties. So. limit your pegs to one or two. This will because you will come off as unprofessional. .

. You should never forget to keep napkin on your lap. Wait until everyone at the table has their food before you begin eating. Know how to use the silverware.Blunders ‡ It is suggested time and again that you should follow the basic table manners. The ladies at your table should be served first.

sentimental. In addition. cute. personal or chain emails. . Learn how to convey the message in your e mail. Keep the e mail professional at the same time polite.Blunders ‡ Another important aspect is following the e mail etiquette. avoid using your office email to send others in the office funny. Most of the people commit the mistake of writing e mails that are too casual or inappropriate.

Give your colleagues and your superiors the due respect. the relationship between the boss and their employee should be purely professional. This is fair but basically. Getting too much personal with your superior is of no use.Blunders ‡ Last but not the least. Mutual respect matters a lot in professional relationship. There are many instances of bosses coming too close to their employees. it may affect your professional status. In fact. . They take the freedom given by their superiors for granted. people often become too casual with their superiors.

. Therefore. It has paramount significance and importance at the corporate world either to make or break the business deals. it is mandatory to stick to the basics of all etiquettes to become a successful professional.CONCLUSION Etiquette is essential to survive and succeed both at the personal and professional level.