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E-Business Strategy Overview
y E-Business Overview y Marketing Strategies y Globalization y Company Profiles y E-Business Architecture y E-Commerce Software y Vendor Solutions y Payment Systems & Security y Auction Technology y Project Development

Part 1

Part 2

E-Business Overview
y E-Commerce vs. E-Business y Winners think outside the box y E-Commerce Models y Types y Benefits y E-Business and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Marketing Strategies: Overview
y Developing an internet presence y Strategies to attract customers y Strategies to keep customers y Other strategic considerations

Developing an Internet Presence
y Marketing your web site y Traditional channels y Major Portals y Sites for Internet Marketing Tips y µ¶ y µ¶ y µ¶

Strategies to Attract Customers
y Search engines & directories y Banners y Online classified ads y Message boards, newsgroups, discussion lists. y Press Releases y Traditional Media

Strategies to Keep Customers
y Customer-friendly sites y Push technology y Personalization y Customer Service y Each visit ± a new experience

Other Strategic Considerations
y Tracking purchase trends y Site analysis tools y Marketing & Advertising Agencies y To help create a web presence y Examples (next slide)

Marketing/Advertising Agencies
THINK New Ideas Beyond Interaction Ad Up K2 Design

Internet Address
µ¶ µ¶ µ¶ µ

Full service mktg & communication. Media planning, buying campaign mgmt ite & banner design and marketing consulting Full-service online marketing consulting

y Leveling the playing field y Language considerations y Translators / Translation Software y Demographics y Targeting Audience / Comfort with Internet y Distribution y Fulfillment Companies y 24 Hour Access / Web Access Trends

Company Profiles
y Business Model Focus y Servicing Customers y Managing the Supply Chain y Performance improvements y Selling B2B y Performance improvements y Selling B2C y Performance improvements

E-Business Architecture: Overview
y Architectural Components y Tuning and Load Balancing y Network Architecture y Architecture Security y Simple E-Business Architecture

Architectural Components
y Client Workstations y Web Server y Transaction Server y Database Server y Network Communications y Back-End Systems

Web Page Request Process

Web Page Request

Web Page Request

Web Page With Data Web Page With Data

Web Server

Your Computer

Transaction Server Process
Web Server
Order Confirmed

Transaction Server

Your Order/Purchase Computer
Order Confirmed

Pymt. Info Pymt. Confirmed

Pymt. Info Pymt. Confirmed

Payment and Order Info.

Purchases via Web

Purchases via Phone Or Mail Order Database Server

Database Server Process
Web Server
Customer Info Request

Transaction Server

Customer Info Request

Your Computer

Customer Record Customer Info Request Customer Record

Customer Record

Request By Customer Via the Web Database Server

Request By Customer Via the Phone

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Router LAN Server LAN Server



Connecting Devices using a Hub
File Server

Print Server

Web Server

Architectural Security
y Firewalls y Screens IP Addresses and Domain Names y Employs Secure Login Procedures y Proxy Servers y Thwart Outside Intrusion y Virus Detection

PC Workstation
(Router Security Soft are) Router

Transaction Server Web Server ire all

Database Server

Simple E-Business Architecture
Firm A
PC Workstation Router Router


Firm B
PC Workstation

Trans. Server Web Server Firewall Firewall Web Server

Trans. Server

Database Server

Database Server

E-Commerce Software
y Storefronts y Storefront Features y Homepage y Product listing & pictures, auction technologies, product comparisons, order tracking, and search tools. y Storefront Software Integration y Credit verification, shipping, tax & accounting

E-Commerce Software
y E-Commerce Server Management Tools: y Content Management Tools y Replication and Clustering Tools y Site Usage Tools y Security Tools (who can change storefront changes, servers at remote sites).

E-Commerce Software
y Key #1: Integration with IT Infrastructure y Network operating systems y Relational database systems y Transaction server systems y ERP systems y EDI systems y Third-party software y Proprietary software

E-Commerce Software
y Key #2: Customization y Customization Wizards / Programmatically y Cohesion: Function Relationship of Modules y Coupling: Dependency of Modules y High cohesion + Low coupling = Easier customization

E-Commerce Software
y Key #3: Build or Buy y Build:
y y y y y y

Requires technical skills in all systems / software Can customize to specifications Can be less expensive (if technical skills exist) Long development time Keeping-up with technological advances Result -- Sub-optimal software (compared to off-theshelf solutions)

E-Commerce Software
y Key #3: Build or Buy y Buy:
y y y y

Best practices Quicker development Higher cost May lack in-house knowledge to fully leverage system.

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