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platforms . Simulators across different platforms Toolset for Functional and Automation of mobile apps testing Paradigm shift in the mobile journey – the world of Teraplay Questions and Answers – Inputs . 2 . apps Entering the world of complex apps paradigm – knowing the within Endless possibilities and knowledge landscape in Mobile apps testing Different and Challenging than Traditional apps testing Emulators .Mobile Apps Testing – Seminar Agenda (30 mins) Intro to the endless possibilities of multifunctional gagets . Suggestions . Takeaways Copyright © 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved.

Mobile phones/PDAs the then and the now !!! Copyright © 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. 3 .

4 .From the world to complex gadgets to complex apps And these categories of apps need to be tested/shared/uploaded across: Copyright © 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved.

5 billion app downloads.J2ME Application Testing •Mobile Web testing 6. So if you think that mobile apps are for kids or that it won’t affect your industry/company/team.Windows Mobile Application •Configuration testing •Content Testing Testing •Memory leak testing 8.BREW Application Testing •Compatibility Testing 4. including 4.WAP Testing for Mobiles 12.Endless possibilities and knowledge landscape in Mobile apps testing Different Platforms to Different Types to app stores will record an estimated $6.2billion in overall sales. we wouldn’t bet against them. As they say in the investing world.Blackberry Application •Performance Testing Testing •Scalability Testing •Security Testing 3.Iphone Application Testing •Cross Browser testing 5.some analysts expect mobile app revenues to exceed $21billion.With charts like this. thinkagain!!! Copyright © 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved.Android Application Testing Test Test 2. 5 . the trend is your friend.Symbian Application •Protocol testing Testing •Usability testing 7. Ø ØIn 2010. Ø ØBy 2013. Multilingual Testing The Mobile Boom – a foreseen fact ØTo say that the use of mobile applications is booming would be an obvious understatement.

and testing of applications often takes place in an environment much different from “the real world” where users run and interact with those applications. Scripting Copyright © 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. development. Network. Ø ØThis challenge is compounded by the fact that development platforms have a very convenient method of testing a mobile app on the desktop via a simulator tool.Screen Size and Viewing: Objects on monitor are closer than they appear 3. 6 . Data Entry: What the simulators cannot simulate 4. And more complexity likes in the tradeoffs of these challenges Spanning across following 3 entities: Devices. Mobile Apps testing – Its Different and Challenging than Traditional apps testing ØThe key challenge being that the design. Some functions not available on the simulator 5.‘Hands On’ Device Interaction 2. Optimizing functionality across a plethora of devices and operating systems. Different elements of challenges in practical terms by mobile apps testing user experience as below: 1.

Operating System Emulators .g. Whilst useful for determining the functionality available in a particular mobile browser.Emulators that can only be used to test applications – J2ME Emulators *** More details about emulators and download instructions can be obtained from link: http://mobiforge.g.Installable emulators – Rim Emulators.These are generally provided by device manufacturers and simulate the actual device. and Google provides an emulator for Android.Nokia Emulators.Apple iPhone Emulatyors.These simulate mobile browser environments. Where Can I Find These Emulators? Emulators can generally be found in one of three places: On a manufacturer’s development portal Bundled as part of an SDK As part of a Web site You can always try searching for a specific emulator in your favourite search engine too. a Web browser.Samsung Emulators.Symbian-based emulators –Symbian S60 emulators.Techniques across different platforms Types of Mobile Emulator Mobile emulators fall into three main categories: Device emulators . Browser emulators . The emulators outlined in this article are grouped as follows: 1. “iphone emulator”.Openwave 3.Simulators. they are useless for device-specific testing.Palm Emulators. Device emulators are excellent for testing your site or application on a particular device or set of devices.Microsoft provides emulators for Windows Mobile. 4. e.Opera Mini 2. .Web-based emulators .Microsoft Andriod Emulators. e. These run within a simulated mobile device environment and provide access to applications running within the operating 7 Copyright © 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. Emulators.

delving into all the testing requirements demanded by the complexities of scale. Keane has experience in testing mobile applications that are distributed globally. Java and JavaME. • Testing by VeriTest® Lionbridge VeriTest Improves Testing Productivity and Product Quality We support the full range of established and emerging technologies: Android. we work on the mobile infrastructure side as well. •Perfecto Mobile Automation . and mobile operating system developers.Toolset for Functional and Automation of mobile apps testing TestComplete by Smartbear Software. Keane has experience in performing mobile application testing on as many as five devices. languages. Windows Mobile. Automated Mobile Apps testing is the upcoming application domain with market leader in software test automation HP QuickTest Professional partner with cutting-edge.Our average tester has more than three years of experience in software QA.enables running automated scripts in order to test or monitor applications and services on real mobile devices.uTest customers pay for completed test cycles. platforms. iPhone. extending its functional testing capabilities to mobile application on all commonly used operating systems and platforms. provides a lot of features designed specifically for testing mobile applications. By using these features you can save time and money spent on project development. transaction middleware. Control Your Testing Costs .the Handset Cloud enables remote web-based access to real mobile handsets in real time. Global Testing Coverage . an automated testing tool. Get To Market Faster . Blackberry.Validate your app across operating systems.Avoid costly delays by testing throughout your app development process. including implementation work with wireless network operators. and more. Symbian. With TestComplete you can organize an effective QA testing process for your mobile applications. Perfecto Mobile Products •The Handset Cloud . 8 . innovative companies Jamo Solutions. Keane has dedicated T1 lines to connect offshore development centers to our customers’ environment. keeping QA costs in check. uTest Benefits: Higher Quality Apps . Copyright © 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. Importantly.

9 . Paradigm shift in the mobile journey – the world of Teraplay Copyright © 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved.

Questions and Answers – Inputs . Takeaways Thank you !!! Copyright © 2010 Accenture All Rights Reserved. 10 . Suggestions .