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What do we learn from

Augmented-Reality Gaming?

Learning with Geoinformation 2010
July 8, 2010, Salzburg

Dipl.-Geogr. Florian Fischer
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Geographic Information Science

Florian Fischer,

Florian AR-Gaming a new paradigm of gaming > Dipl.-Geogr. Florian Fischer. Fischer .-Geogr.

at/GIScience Dipl. Fischer .oeaw. Florian Florian Dipl.-Geogr. „What would you think about a game that converts your daily environment into a fantasy world?“ AR-Games are naturally occuring learning environment •The game directs the player rather than his personal quotidian habits do •Imaginative take-over of other points of perception •Playful experience of difference in everyday spaces  Reflect and learn about the constructedness of space > www. Dipl. Florian Dipl. Component of education-focused activities for digital natives? Assumptions: •Enable for perspective-taking and other-awareness •Adaptable to modes of learning of young digital natives •technology as a friend and play as work •conectedness and pay-off (reward) •active control and interactivitiy •link of media.-Geogr. Fischer .oeaw. Florian Fischer.-Geogr.and leisure-time > www.

Spot ACT! •aim: best time or reach more spots > www. Florian Dipl.-Geogr. Florian Fischer. Fischer . Spot RUSH. Tourality playful reasoning about space •virtual community creates and reviews game-templates •modes of play: Spot Spot CHASE.

Florian Fischer. urban voids and constraints experience contextual flips and codifications of places by „conflicting“ game-practice 5 levels of digital game-based learning by Mark Prensky (2000) > Fischer . connectivity. Tourality as educational strategy use of mobile geospatial technology rules are mainly woven into real world space create and test strategies of space appropriation to succeed the game reflect on centrality.-Geogr.oeaw. Florian Dipl.

Florian Fischer.oeaw. Do media-research on commercial AR-Games! •five levels of DGBL are strongly interwoven •experience of (virtual) difference? •perspective-taking? •lens for learning on mundane everyday spatial practice? •reflection on social constructedness of space? •strenghen learner‘s spatial competency? > Dipl. Florian Dipl.-Geogr. Fischer