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By Rita Nebothu Chikanda

m   ÷he ability to bounce back from set backs and find a way to have things turn out well. ÷he ability to change a disaster into a fortune .

` m       ássential in today¶s world in order to cope with non.stop change ÷o be able to deal with unexpected challenges ÷o overcome adversities .

!  Change of any kind drains adapting energy. How do you cope effectively with your challenges and inspire others to cope well with theirs? ÷he ability to handle a situation that would have stressed out most people is typical of life¶s best survivor. increase probability of injury. illness and accidents ÷he challenge is not stress. is strain Stress refers to an agent which acts upon a resistant body attempting to deform it. Strain indicates the changes that are induced in the affected body. .



 m   ptimize your health and well being Focus outward: good problem solving Focus inward: develop strong inner ³selfs´ Develop excellent resiliency skills ÷he talent for serendipity .

survivors When hit. don¶t complain about life being unfair .˜       Change proficient ÷hrive in non stop. because they know how to gain strength from adversity.change ptimistic Flexible Creative Learn from experience Handle difficulties better than most people.

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Para sympathetic enables us to respond with relaxed.     We have contradictory emotions because of sympathetic and Para sympathetic nervous system working in controlled opposition Sympathetic enables us to have a fight or flight reaction to situations.peaceful contentment ÷herefore we can run towards something in joy and or away in fear. they are both one way and the other . We have choice over responding in both one way and the other Survivors are not one way or the other.

          ÷   Sensitive ÷ough Strong Gentle Cowardly Courageous Mature Playful Humorous Serious Distant Friendly Self confident Self critical ÷rusting Cautious Dependent Independent Impulsive Well.organized Happy Discontent Cooperative Rebellious Consistent Unpredictable .

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the more likely that you have survivor qualities ÷o respond in the same way to all situations reduce your ability to adapt to changing events and circumstances .       ÷he more pair of traits you recognize in your self.



    Friendly Unpleasant Cheerful Frowns. sulks pen minded Close minded Accepts others Blames others Makes best in bad situations Finds worst in good situations ptimistic Pessimistic Sees glass half full Sees glass half empty Helpful Makes excuses Good listener Uncommunicative Supportive Critical ÷olerant Hostile Constructive Finds faults Looks at both sides Inflexible. rigid Persistent Gives up easily ánjoys work Complains Respect others Defensive .


  Most people with positive attitudes have a negative attitude about people with negative attitudes People with negative attitudes are not easily changed ÷hey are too many benefits to give up the negativity .


   Draw attention áxpress feelings honestly It takes less energy Avoid failure Prepared for the worst ánjoy being right Want to be left alone Not burdened by other people¶s problems Feel independent Avoid difficulties Draw positive talk from others Avoid responsibility for bad out comes .

Ä             .

    Withhold attention Say to them you may be right and change the subject Ask them to be considerate ÷ell them to shut up tactfully ÷ell them your mind is your territory and ask them stop broadcasting complaints into you territory Be playful. beat them in their own territory Give them honest feedback .

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       Say you are wrong. then be quiet Beat them to it Make the complaint more extreme Ask them not to complain in your presence Ask them to put their complaints in writing See the benefit of their negative thinking Ask them also to see something positive Give them rewards when they are quiet or positive Ask the person to tell you what could go wrong .

Ä    ãesters Brainstormer Soother Informal leader Historian Complainer Scapegoat .

   How resilient are you? What traits of flexibility do you have? Are you a survivor? Do you have a negative or positive attitude? .