Starting with the name of Allah who is most Gracious and Merciful .

Presented to: Sir Naseer Marri Presented by: Arsalan Dar Mohammad Shoaib .

y Mobilink started operations in 1994 as the first GSM cellular Mobile service in Pakistan by MOTOROLA Inc. y It has become the market leader both in terms of growth as well as having the largest customer subscriber base in Pakistan .y Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (PMCL) better known as Mobilink GSM is a telecommunication service provider in Pakistan.. later it was sold to Orascom. an Egypt-based multinational company.

2006) www.Facts & Figures Company Structure Genre Parent Owner Founded Founder Industry Headquarters Area served Revenue Website Private Limited Subsidiary Orascom Telecom Egypt Naguib Sawiris 1994 Motorola USA Telecommunication 42 Kulsum Plaza. 5000 . and villages across Pakistan 250. towns.mobilinkgsm. Islamabad.2 million USD (3rd quarter. Blue Area.

jazz one and jazz jazba.BRAND PORTFOLIO Mobilink had already launched a total of 7 brands within its Jazz portfolio alone. . Jazz which was already a sub brand within the Mobilink portfolio had consumer segment brands like Octane and jazz easy. jazz budget.

. y Typically consumer brand association for Mobilink might be low call rates attractive SMS offers and announce convenient student packages.y Exploratory Research y Mobilink has used it R&D techniques to become the most powerful telecom company.

y Increase in imported equipment costs. y High tax rates. .y Competition.

Strengths. y High call rates. y First Mover's advantages y Strong Brand name y good coverage and speed Weaknesses. y Large organizational structure .

Price  3. called the four Ps of marketing:  1.y Marketing mix : It is the set of marketing tools a firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives. McCarthy has classified these tools into four broad groups. Promotion . Product  2. Place  4.

·  Mobilink Indigo  · Mobilink Jazz  · Mobilink World  · Mobilink PCO .y Mobilink Product : Mainly there are four product of Mobilink with each having separate target markets and positioning.

Mobilink provides them with this facility with fairly reasonable charges. Mobilink recently started GPRS services with RS.y Mobilink has the largest subscriber base in Pakistan with 24 million customers. 500/ month of unlimited usage which is a treat for GRPS users who want to take their office with them. .

000 km of optical cable. Mobilink has set up one of the largest cellular networks in the country.y During the last 13 years. This has involved an investment in the company of more than US$ 1 Billion. .900 cell sites and the number keeps growing at a rapid pace. Currently. Mobilink have 50 Switches and more than 4. Mobilink is covering more than 5000+ cities and towns. Mobilink also have deployed around 3.

. and a new billing system is in the process of commissioning.y Mobilink customers remain their priority and in an effort to enrich their lives Mobilink have put in place state-ofthe-art call centers in Karachi. Islamabad and in other cities of Pakistan where well trained staff is geared to answer complaints and queries. Lahore.

y Nationwide coverage Mobilink provide true nationwide coverage in more than 5000+ cities. towns. and villages across Pakistan. In nationwide Mobilink provide services in following areas. Mobilink provide its services in urban areas as well as towns and villages.  · Punjab  · Sindh  · Balochistan  · NWFP  · Capital  · AJK  · FATA .

. y Reminder Advertising: To stimulate the repeat purchase of its Jazz and Indigo brands. y Mobilink is currently using: y Information Advertising: To create brand awareness and knowledge of its Mobilink World brand.y The chief advertising goal of Mobilink is to increase its customer base and to stimulate more usage.

But I thing that the charges of Mobilink are little higher than other competitors. There for Mobilink need to satisfy there customers and Mobilink is doing this very well by giving different tariffs. as it is the age of competition therefore Mobilink should have to reduce its charges and improve its standard of qualities more. .y Mobilink is the largest telecommunication network in Pakistan and it has the higher market share than any other telecommunication network in Pakistan.

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