Worker stress , reason and its control mechanism

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What is work stress?
y Work stress is recognised world wide as a major challenge to workers

health and healthiness of the organization. y NIOSH defines job stress as the harmful physical and emotional responses. y Job stress is faced by employees at every level of the hierarchy.

y Unfriendly conditions at work place. y Unflexible working hours.What causes work stress? y Poor working organization y Excessive demands and pressures. y poor environment. .

y Badly designed shift systems.. . y Lack of participation in decision making. y Unpleasant tasks. y poor communication.cont .

Symptoms and warnings signs of work stress y Boredom y Anxiety y Frustration y Fatigue y Depression y Alienation y Anger/irritability y Physical problems (headaches. stomach problems) y Absenteeism .

increasing blood pressure and disorders of the digestive system. y Difficulty in sleeping. y Unable to relax and concentrate. y Serious physical problems such as Heart disease. .Effects of work stress y Increasing distressed and irritable. y Feeling tired and anxious.

Contd . increasing blood pressure and disorders of the digestive system.. y Indulge in unhealthy activities such as drinking. . smoking and abusing drug. y Serious physical problems such as heart disease.

y Impairing performance. y affecting staff recruitment. y Increasing complaints from clients and customers.Effects of work stress on organisation y Increasing abseentism. .

Losses to organizations due to work stress y According to a study it would cost organisation $2 to $2.000 and $13. . y 60 to 80% of accidents on the job are stress related and the organizations are spending millions on their hospital expenses.5 million to change a top level executive. y Replacing an average employee today costs between $3.000. y 40% of labour turnover is due to stress.

y Better working conditions can reduce work stress. y Balance between family and work can decrease work stress. .NIOSH approach to work stress y Working conditions plays an important role in work stress. y Support of friends and colleagues further minimizes effect of work stress.

Some interesting facts about work stress y A study found that 40% of the employees feel that their job is extremely stressful. y 45% workers reported that they needed help in overcoming work stress. y One fourth of the employee feel that their job is the number one stress in their lives. . y women are 60 percent more likely to suffer from job stress than men.

y Learn to reward yourself with little achievements. y Share your stress and problems with your close friends and family. y Nobody is perfect remember this saying.How to overcome work stress y If a job is too stressful then look for a new job. y Maintain positive attitude. .

cont .. y Have realistic expectations. y Cultivate allies at work . . y Modify your job position if you are not ok with it.

I didn t prepare properly. I failed. though. leaving Poppy with a young child and a house with a large mortgage. They felt that because I was good at my work. I also didn t pay enough attention to the questions at the interview. A chance for promotion then came up. How could I cope with the stress of childcare and all the household expenses by myself? I had a relatively secure job. but because of the stress I was under. but I began to feel stressed at both home and in the workplace." . Her husband then suddenly divorced her and moved to Australia. My friends at work. The financial pressure was getting me down. and so on.Cas st First Reaction y Poppy Castle had a secure job and what she thought was a happy home life. I should stay put and apply for whatever help I could in the way of benefits. so I applied for it. So. but the wage wasn t that great. told me to hang in there. I took my friends advice. my first thought was to give up work. Everyone said I should get it. of course. When John (my husband) left me with a child and the house to pay for. and some good prospects.

This upset me. because despite the promotion knockback. and job losses were all that people could talk about. but the company was going through a rough patch. emailed me. and I explained this to Peter. I had to get on with things. The redundancy talk turned out to be just that . he asked if he could sit next to me. I was coming to terms with my . I knew all this stress was beginning to affect the quality of my work. he phoned me. Frankly. Threat of Redundancy Failure of this sort doesn t do your self-esteem any good. Still. Then another problem arose in the form of redundancy. I wrote a letter of resignation and gave it to my manager. But over the next few weeks. and came to see me at my desk. in a moment of panic and stress. Another relationship was the last thing on my mind.but I could have done without the rumours. The redundancy was a rumour. In fact. a guy called Peter from Accounts began hassling me. trying to get me to go out with him.c t. " Workplace Stalker And then to add to my troubles. She told me that there d be other chances for promotion and I d get there in the end. and so was my manager. the pressure of this on top of my financial worries. made me think seriously about leaving work. " . My friends were a great help. One day out of the blue in the canteen. He then said he wanted to go out with me.

Now what will you suggest poppy castle to overcome the problem of stress ? .

She didn t want me to leave. I m much happier. and she knew that there was going to be another opportunity for promotion within the next few weeks. Between them. and once my manager had put Peter in his place. so to speak. My manager listened to what I told her. they banned him from seeing or communicating with me at work. What in fact she did do was see Peter s boss the next day. but with the support of workplace friends and my manager. I said that was fine. My manager advised me to take a day off and think carefully about what I was doing. but I was stressed about Peter. After this chat. The promotion opportunity did come again. . Turning Point This was something of a turning point. and then said she d see what she could do about him. and I did succeed the second time round. things started to look up. Things are still tough financially.cont.

How you can overcome work stress from our perspective y Play your favourite sport. . y Go for a long drive with your girlfriend/boyfriend. y Go to a amusement park with your family. y Visit a friend who has a great sense of humour. y Listen to your favourite music. y Indulge yourself in gossiping and grapevine.

Games to overcome work stress One of the fun filled stress relief games for groups is 'Who likes What'. write down ten favorite movies. games. each one has to write a list consisting of their favorites in this category. It can be anything like movies. Like if the category is movie. You have to guess who's list this can be. pick one list and read aloud the list items. first you have to decide a category. songs. In this game. actors. Now. collect all the lists and mix them in a bowl. Now one of you can be the leader. Once everyone is done. etc. .

Often Q1. 1 2 3 4 . 1 2 3 4 Q2. 1 2 3 4 Q3. I feel that my job is negatively affecting my physical or emotional well being. I have too much work to do and/or too many unreasonable deadlines.QUESTIONAIRE 1 Never 2 Rarely 3 Sometime 4 . Conditions at work are unpleasant or sometimes even unsafe.

QUESTIONAIRE 1 Never 2 Rarely 3 Sometime 4 . I have adequate control or input over my work duties. 1 2 3 4 Q5. I feel that job pressures interfere with my family or personal life. I find it difficult to express my opinions or feelings about my job conditions to my superiors. 1 2 3 4 .Often Q4. 1 2 3 4 Q6.

1 2 3 4 Q8.Often Q7.QUESTIONAIRE 1 Never 2 Rarely 3 Sometime 4 . I receive appropriate recognition or rewards for good performance. 1 2 3 4 . I am able to utilize my skills and talents to the fullest extent at work.

.Good bye to stress ..

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