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Perfect Relations is South Asia's leading image management specialist

Their emphasis is not merely on giving the client a voice but positioning the company and the brand.

They employ over 200 media and industry specialists and they have company-owned offices in 14 major cities

provide a balanced opinion.Crisis Management y They help deal with Intense media and public scrutiny Handle Governmental and Corporate crisis Help gain time. and tide over the crisis Help develop a comprehensive crisis planning & communications program . plug falsehoods.

newsletters & speech writing.Corporate Social Responsibility Digital PR ‡ These are services they advise clients to adapt to enhance online PR campaigns ‡ These are outsourced to third party suppliers Editorial Services ‡ Reinvent the way press release or information notes are written ‡ Offers editorial support to create communication material for our clients across media platforms ‡ Development of brochures. annual reports. .

Financial PR y Offer a comprehensive range of communication services for public companies Strategic advice Buy-side and sell-side analyst communications Media relations IPOs and private placement advice Financial calendar support Crisis Management Merger and acquisitions Investor relations Site visits/event management Employee communications .

Media Intelligence and Planning y Understand how reporters and producers think and what they want. y They go beyond a traditional Media Relations department to an embedded practice. y Virtually everyone engages in media relations for clients every day .

Public Affairs Seminars and Conferences ‡ Event tracker ‡ Speaker Placement ‡ Managing seminars and conferences ‡ Delegation visits Success Stories ‡ Maharashtra Maritime Board ‡ Haryana Power Reforms ‡ Malana Hydel Power Project ‡ Technopark ‡ Udyog Bandhu ‡ Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) .

Strategy and Planning Strategy and Planning Enhances corporate credibility Creates favorable stakeholder Market Entry Strategies Premium Positioning Sustain Corporate Communication Promotion Category / concept promotion Product launch .

People Involved Dilip Cherian Bobby Kewalramani - Valerie Pinto Founder partner of Perfect Relations Co-founder and C.E.O. of Perfect Relations Chief Ex ecutive Officer Devdarshan Chakraborty - Strategy advisor and consultant .

Mr. Karan Poplee  You managed the Shopper¶s Stop-Break ke Baad PR event. It has to be ensured that Shopper¶s Stop is mentioned everywhere. Suitability of the stars is important´ .´ ³We get them to talk about the Break ke Baad collection.Interview with PR agent. What is the objective of such a typical event? ³It¶s all about coverage. Imran would be posing against the backdrop of the brand name. So Deepika.

A typical event appears in newspapers 2-3 days and in magazines for 2-3 months.40-50 K / month against 1015l / month .Interview with PR agent. After that it gets stale. Why? ³D PR doesn¶t pay much. Karan Poplee  How are PR decisions made? ³Every publication has an ad rate based on readership and circulation. etc´  Perfect Relations doesn¶t have a developed digital PR.´ ³A monthly review is conducted for each client on activities done and budgets. Mr.

Perfect Relations is here to stay´ . Karan Poplee  Hoe does it feel being part of a lobbying industry? ³It very important.Interview with PR agent. Mr. but a takeover will not happen. Its not regarded very highly. Its still at a nascent stage. help quicken/delay decisions affecting economy. unlike in the US´  What about suspicions of takeover of Perfect Relations by a Foreign PR agency? ³There have been such talks. The founders are heavyweights .

Calonge .PR Activities y Press releases : How is it different from a news article?  Aim  Format  Tone of matter  Grammar Eg.

PR Activites y Brand Ambassador  Popularity and appeal  Product-celebrity match y Special events  Announce news  Method of sales promotion y Public Affairs events  Exploiting contemporary issues  Image management .

PR conducted for Shopper¶s Stop Special Event Brand Ambassador .

the agency gets in touch with the media outfit and presents to them the other side of the story. y Monitor news related to tourism in Goa worldwide: If any adverse news does appear. The Federation of Hoteliers and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI). which is not reported . which represents 2052 hotels and 1016 restaurants across India hired Perfect Relations to shore up the sagging image of Goa as a safe tourism destination.PR for GOA y .

International Film Festival of India .

What does this mean for us? y Thankfully Dilip Cherian.´ . ³ The public voice did not use to have a mechanism for expression. That is where more deals are done. I think it is good to have public relations because you bring the voice to the realm of public policy. analysis and scrutiny rather than discuss it inside a closed-door committee room. Founder of Perfect Relations answers some pertinent questions:  On corporate lobbying pitting public interest against public relations.

³I think effective lobbying is what is happening out in the open. which have bigger voices than they deserve. What happens behind dark curtains takes place because our political process is thwarted by microinterests.What does this mean for us?  On his take on PR ³Lobbying´.´ ³Grey areas ought to be managed by the practioners themselves and this is not a call for a self-regulatory body´ . Micro-interest groups manipulate political processes through give and take.

Thank you Dilip cherian .