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Exercise (5): Find three print advertisement
that you believe are targeted at a particular
psychographic segment. How effective do you
think each add is in term of achieving its
objective? Why?
Also called Behavioral Segmentation
Psychological characteristics refer to the inner
& intrinsic qualities an individual.

This type of segmentation divides the market

into groups according to their psychology which
is reflected in their behavior.
Desired benefits
Consumer behavior
Brand loyalty
Dividing the market according to the benefits
that various buyers seek or expect from the
Thus some may buy a car for comfort , others
may buy a high end car primarily as a status
People differ in their attitudes.
For example:
In India we observe that food is available in
ready to cook form and not in ready to eat
form (like in west), since people have an
attitude of enjoying the pleasure of
Different people have different lifestyle
patterns and our behavior may change as we
pass through different stages of life. 

 For example, a family with young children is

likely to have a different lifestyle to a much
older couple whose children have left home,
and there are, therefore, likely to be significant
differences in consumption patterns between
the two groups.
Virgin Mobiles advts. are targeted on fun loving
youngsters having a lifestyle which includes long
hours of telephonic conversations.
-Scorpio came with a new idea car
plus in which they were providing
luxury car plus sporty look to
attract people who like sports
-"With its kind of price offering
and positioning, Scorpio did
attract a lot of cross-over
customers. Unlike for its
competitors in the UV category,
people who wished to purchase a
C class car would also consider a
Scorpio," says Hormazd Sorabjee,
Editor, Autocar India.
-With the launch of Scorpio, the
growth rate from July 2002 to
March 2003 rose to about 51 per
cent. Between April 2003 and
March 2004, the segment grew
by 33 per cent.
The third phase of communication was
released in July 2004 when the
automotive giant focused on the `car
plus' statement. What followed was a
series of advertisements focusing on
people and lifestyle rather than the

Individuals who have achieved

their physiological needs,
they would be highly
motivated to buy products
like Life insurance,
investments in mutual funds
IPOs etc in order to secure
their present and future.
 Launched in 1998, Parent Co TITIAN
 Pioneers in the youth watches segment

 Initially targeted age group of 22-32 (Early Job

 Started with commercials :
“cool watches from TITAN”
“too sexy for your wrist”
 Initial years, marketing strategies showed
positive growth in sales.
 However by 2002-2003 the growth was
stagnant, since its marketing strategies were
unable to appeal its target audience.
 Fastrack thus re-launched itself in a new “Avtaar” in 2005

 Launched more stylish, low priced watches

 Diversified into eye gears, belts and other accessories.

 Target segment lowered down to 16- 25 years, mainly

college going youngsters.

 Commercials like:
“How many you have”
& their latest campaign
“Move On”
Agency: Madison
Running time: 35 seconds
Story line: The advt. shows a modern
break up. A young guy and the girl return
back their gifts to each other and “Move
On” to their new life.
 Brand conscious, fashion conscious, college going
 Break ups and heart breaks are prominent in the
age group of 16- 25 years.
 Low disposable income, 80% of which spent on
fashion accessories
Proper communication with target
Changed the utility of watch from a
time device to fashion accessory
Characters of commercial possessed
coherent properties as of the product
and the target audience.
Humor with pinch of sarcasm

Strongly connected with college kids.

Provided a positive spin abouth

Perfect Product Positioning
The brand talks the language of Gen – X.
Strengthened brand awareness

Fastrack has seen 10-fold growth since 2005

— from selling 1.5 lakh watches to over a
million in 2008.
The ad talks about is Psychographic
Segmentation based on type of activity. It
talks about outdoor activities like driving,
eating out and also things like working on
the computer or making calls
The main model used in almost all of the
Dettol ad campaign is mahnoor baloch.
Formal shirt, point to a target audience of
office going men or women who are
outside for some work or the other.
Product which is anytime / anywhere for
keeping hands germ free is needed.
The problem of germs is not gender
specific so, the ad targets both men and
Product quality is one of the competitive edge to
Focuses specifically on being the anytime/anywhere
answer to fighting germ
Dettol ad show the most trusted and hygienic
Product In India
Advertisements through Radio channels during
morning and evening
Ad Enter just before summers
According to the Economic Times Survey of India’s
Most Trusted Brands,Dettol was rated fifth in the
year 2006 and first in 2007.
The ad has been positioned as an antiseptic.
The ad show people using other soaps also start
using Dettol soap when they suffer from skin
The ad of DETTOL soap is for those who are
health conscious and seek antiseptic. Due to
effective Word of Mouth Advertising the brand
has achieved the peak. If we think about
protection of skin we definitely go for Dettol.
Speaking about the 99.99% germs killing
Speaking about the anytime/anywhere attribute
Proper communication with target audience
Seasonal ad