OL Play in the Fly Offense

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‡ Balanced 3 Point Stance ‡ 2 Foot Splits ‡ We will align deep off the ball to give us better blocking angles
± Guards will align so that their down hand is even with the Center s toe ± Tackles will align their feet even with the Guards feet

‡ Our QB cadence will be SetGO
± No Pause in between Set and Go ± This Allows the OL to anticipate the snap count and get off faster ± If the snap was on 2, then QB Cadence would go
‡ SetGO ..SetGO

or a speed block ‡ No Strength Blocks . we don t have to drive people ‡ Every block is an angle block.What we do ‡ Get depth off of LOS from better angles on Sweep ‡ IT ALL STARTS WITH SWEEP ‡ Small kids just stay in front of the defender.

What each kid has to know ‡ Reach Block Zone ± Reach Block Technique ‡ Down Block Zone ± Down Block Technique ‡ Pull and Kick out ‡ Pull and Wrap ‡ Scoop Block .

Reach Block ‡ Reach zone goes from your outside(playside) shoulder to head up on the next man playside ‡ RT zone in Red ‡ RG zone in Green ‡ C zone in Blue ‡ LG zone in Orange ‡ LT zone in Purple .

working to LB if no one shows ± Work tracks ‡ On all reach blocks we work to seal our opponent inside of us .Reach Block Technique ‡ STEP-RIP-RUN ‡ Step with playside foot at outside armpit of defender ‡ Second step crosses over. trying to rip inside arm outside of defender ‡ Run your feet up the field to seal the block ‡ If no 1st level defender then step rip and run air.

away from direction of the ball ‡ Guards and Tackles block to their inside . never backside ‡ Center blocks back.Down Blocks ‡ Always on playside.

all the way to head up on the next Linemen ‡ On a run play to the right ± C has the Red Gap ± G has the Green Gap ± T has the Blue Gap .Understanding the Down Block ‡ Your Down Block Zone goes from your inside shoulder.

‡ Inside shoulder all the way to head up on the next man .Down Block Zone Cont. ‡ The diagram shows 4 different alignments by the DT. In all 4 alignments he is still in the RT s down block zone.

First level defender in your down block zone ‡ If No first level defender in your down block zone then look to 2nd level defender in your zone ‡ If there is no defender on either level in your zone then we are facing a Stack team. We need to treat this defense slightly differently .Down Block Priority ‡ #1 Priority.

Understanding the Stack defense ‡ 3-5/3-3 is common ‡ DL often slants with LB blitzing ‡ We must down block our gaps instead of a man .

you down block them ‡ If no one shoots gap then go to LB ‡ You HAVE to be ready for contact because you don t know which defender you will be blocking until the snap .Down Blocking Stacked Defenses ‡ Simply step down to your inside gap with eyes up ‡ If LB or DL shoot your inside gap.

Stack Defense ‡ D will move all over the place but they always attack gaps ‡ We need to step down and drive whoever is attacking our down block zone .

Down Block Technique ‡ Step with playside foot at a 45 degree angle ‡ Aim for the players belt buckle with the eyes. get hands on and drive the defender inside ‡ Can not give up penetration ‡ Keep pressure with playside hand to prevent spin out .

Pull and Kick out ‡ Used by Guards ‡ Pull into the LOS attacking first defender you see. ‡ Use shoulder block ‡ Head on the inside ‡ If DE crashes inside hard then use LOG technique .

3 steps then turn up ‡ Tackles.longer pull. Cut up when guard makes his kickout block. If Guard Logs then bounce around him .Pull and Wrap ‡ Used by Guards and Tackles ‡ Guards step flat.

Scoop Block ‡ Similar to a Reach block ‡ Used by OL on backside to prevent penetration from backside ‡ OL has the option to Cut the defender .

Scoop ‡ LT uses Scoop Block to fill the B Gap for pulling Guard ‡ He has the option of cutting and crabbing the DT ‡ If no DL shows when he takes his steps he should work to 2nd level. just like on a reach .

5 Base Run Plays .

Offensive Plays ‡ Formations and Motion do not matter to the OL ‡ The play name means the same thing to the OL every time ‡ The OL rules NEVER CHANGE .

defender will slant/blitz to the gap .Green Sweep and Toss Left Right ‡ Playside OL executes a reach block ‡ Backside OL reaches and gets to 2nd Level ‡ Playside Tackle and/or TE need to seal the edge ‡ Against Stack DefenseReach playside gap.

Greensweep G ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Playside Guard pulls around Tackle Seals LB pursuit or crashing safety Skip back. work around tackle Help tackle if necessary .

Trap Left Right ‡ C and PSG = Down Block Rule ‡ PST = Directly to nearest LB ‡ BSG = Pull and Trap first defender head up or outside the PSG ‡ BST = Scoop Block ‡ TE = Nearest LB .

PSG.Playside= Down Block ‡ TE. PST = Block Down Rule ‡ BSG = Pull and Trap EMLOS ‡ BST = Scoop Block ‡ TE.Backside = 2nd level .Belly Left Right ‡ Long version of Trap ‡ C.

Power Left Right ‡ Same as Belly. cut up inside of Guards Kick out block. PST = Down Block Rule ‡ BSG = Pull and Kick out EMLOS ‡ BST = Pull.Backside = Scoop .Playside= Down Block ‡ TE. looking inside to pick up LB ‡ TE. PSG. just adding Tackle Pull ‡ C.

Playside= Down Block ‡ TE. leading up on LB ‡ BST = Scoop Block ‡ TE. PST = Down Block Rule ‡ BSG = Pull and cut up at the PST. PSG.Backside = Scoop .Devil Left Right ‡ C.

Daily Drills ‡ SLED EVERY DAY ‡ Down Block Progression ± Steps on Air (Spring Ball) ± Boards and bag (Spring Ball) ± Live ‡ Reach Block Progression ± Steps on Air (Spring Ball) ± Bag (Spring Ball) ± Live .

Base Pass Protections ‡ Max ‡ Reno/Vegas ‡ Ram/Lion .

Max ‡ Used with 2 backs in protection ‡ Each OL gets depth and is responsible for their inside Gap ‡ RBs pick up first threat coming outside of the tackle .

Reno/Vegas ‡ Used with 1 back in protection ‡ Reno= Each OL has gap to their Right ‡ Vegas= Each OL has gap to their Left ‡ RB always blocks opposite of the OL .

Ram/Lion ‡ 1 or 2 back protection ‡ Used on Sprint Outs ‡ RAM= Sprint right ‡ LION= Sprint left ‡ OL runs down the line to call side. Backside tackle looks for chasers ‡ Play side RB lead blocks for QB .

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