17 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2011

By Priit Kallas, www.dreamgrow.com

Audience will be in control.

Social media monitoring gets even more important.

Engaging customers will be a challenge.

Community management is important to engage people.

Social media and personal communications will be mobile.

One social network to rule them all.

Integrating websites with social technology.

Social commerce

Location! Location! Location!

Measuring results! (ROI)

Social media integrated with other marketing activities.

Brand is customer experience.

Marketing will hit mobiles big time.

Personal messaging will move to social networks.

Campaigns spanning from offline to social.

The home page will be a social network.

800 million users

Images used:
1. Sfondo Astratto colorato 2 by marchecco 2. LOUD speaker by woodley wonderworks 3. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? by nolifebeforecoffee 4. Not challenging, not engaging by Quinn Dombrowski 5. Schooling by Benson Kua 6. Swimming In The iPool by JD Hancock 7. Damascus steel ring (#126) by Jon Fife 8. Hanging by a thread by Jenny Downing 9. Miniature shopping cart by Creative Tools 10. Too Many People, Times Square by Christopher Schoenbohm 11. Measuring time by aussiegall 12. Chain by Ella's Dad / Andy 13. 7-way sunset at the beach by divemasterking2000 14. Facebook Friends? by Steve Jurvetson (flickr) 15. QR codes in adverts by Gilgongo 16. Plastic houses by Gerard79 17. Facebook logo by Cuban Council 18. Bun-Bun by Matt Reinbold

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