Engr. Tasiu Wudil, Engr. Mohammed Imam, Sunday Obi & Khadijat Akanbi Engineering, Standards and Safety Division Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission

Outline of Presentation 

Introduction General Conditions Grid Metering Code (GMC) Distribution Metering Code (DMC) Conclusion

1. Introduction
Legal Mandate of the Code Section 32, subsection 2b and Section 81, subsections 1c and 2 of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act (EPSR) 2005;

- mandates NERC to develop and approve the operating codes for the safe, secure and reliable measure and recording of energy production and utilization.

Reasons for the Code   

Facilitate the need for modern, effective metering system to account for power and energy entering and exiting the transmission and distribution networks and consumed by the customers. Ensure the financial viability of the electricity industry after the unbundling of the generation, transmission and distribution sectors. Ensure safe operations and usage of the metering system in the electricity industry.

Composition of the Metering Code  General Conditions Grid Metering Code (GMC) Distribution Metering Code (DMC)   .

metering equipment. shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant disputes procedure. technical specification for meters. . or the data collection system e.c shall be referred to the Metering Committee. Disputes such as siting of the Commercial Metering Systems.General Conditions  Disputes- Any dispute relating to meters or metering equipment which will affect settlement and or any payment to be made or received.t.

The Chairman of the Committee shall be elected by the Metering Committee from among its members and the Market Operator shall be the Secretary of the Committee. representatives of meter manufacturers. . instrument laboratories and NERC as observer.Contd  Metering Committee The membership of the committee cuts across the industry.General Conditions.

Grid Metering Code (GMC) Specifies the requirement for the metering of the participant s connection point on the Transmission and Distribution Networks. It covers interchange of energy and power: Entering and exiting from the transmission network  Entering and exiting from the distribution network at any participant s connecting point.2.  .

Connection points are classified according to type. below.Metering Requirement  Commercial Metering System are installed to measure active and reactive energy at each connection point on the Transmission and Distribution network.  . as shown in Table 1.

with a connection capacity equal to or greater than 10MW .Classification of GMC Types of Connection Points Type 1 Type 2 Between a Generator unit/group with a connection capacity equal to or greater than 10MW and the Transmissi on Network Between transmission network and a Distribution network. Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Between two Distribution Networks of different licensees Type 6 All other connection points Between International Transmission Connections Network and an Eligible Customer.

Ownership and Associated Obligations  Owner s Obligation The relevant owner shall be responsible for installing and maintaining his metering equipment at the Connection Point. . unless the User agrees with the MO otherwise.

reliable power supplies .adequate space for installing communications devices . .User s Obligation  The User who owns the substation shall provide the MO with: .24 hour unrestricted access to the facilities where the Metering System is located.

The MO shall maintain a register of all Commercial Meters for settlement purposes at all Connection Points. . commissioning and sealing of any Commercial Metering System.Market Operator s Obligation   The MO shall be responsible for approving the initial design. testing.

Certification. .Individual user shall ensure the certification. .Calibration and Testing of Metering System  User s Obligation . calibration of meters and metering equipment by an approved Metering Test Station in Nigeria. calculate.Users shall prepare. assess and validate and keep appropriate records of meter readings.

to inspect any adjustments made or to attend any tests or inspection required.Market Operator s Obligation   The MO shall be granted access to the Metering Equipment upon reasonable notice. . The MO shall periodically check meters to ensure that the meters are operated within accuracy limits.

NERC s Obligation  NERC shall approve the adequacy (accreditation) of any certification done by the meter manufacturer. which may require additional test or verification by an authorized Meter Test Station before usage. .

.Commercial Meters shall be sealed after tests or inspections have been carried out.Security and Data Access  Market Operator s Obligation .

User s Obligation  Each User shall arrange for the Metering Equipment to be secured and sealed by the MO.  . Ensure only personnel with the right permission have access to the Meters and Metering Equipments.

authorized representative or with the written agreement of the MO or the associated user( This is in respect to commercial metering).Owner s Obligation  Only the owner can change data and the settings of the Metering Equipment but in the presence of the MO. . associated user.

.Distribution Metering Code (DMC)    Specifies the technical and operational criteria. The distribution metering code covers interchange of energy and power:Entering and exiting the distribution network at any customer s connection point. including the procedures to be complied with by the distribution company in carrying out its metering responsibility for the customers of the distribution system. Provided the customer is not a participant.

customers connected to the LV.g.Application of DMC  Apply to all Distributors and Users of the Distribution Networks e. MV distribution network and directly connected generators (provided they are not participants in the market). .

maintain. unless that replacement is provided as part of urgent metering services. replace all Metering systems at metering points on the Distribution System. verify. .The Disco own. inspect. install. operate. .Installation and Replacement of Metering Equipment  Distributor s Obligation .The Disco shall notify the user in advance of any replacement.

each of which is certified and complies with the standards stated in the DMC. but in any case not longer than 20 years. . The maximum service life of Meters and Metering Equipment shall be as specified by the manufacturer of such equipments.Standard Metering Systems   These shall contain a Meter or more than one Meter. Meters and Metering Equipment shall have a minimum service life of 10 years without maintenance from date of manufacture.

the Distributor may arrange to install a check meter.Alternatives to Standard Metering Systems   Upon the request of a User. . or additional features or equipment in the check meter provided that: The User agrees to pay the full costs of the additional features or equipment.

Alternatives to Standard Metering Systems . .contd  The additional features or equipment are compatible with the rest of the Metering System and do not lead to any degradation of the capability of the Metering System that would cause the Metering System to fail to meet any standards contained in the DMC.

.The Disco shall ensure that the accuracy of each Meter in each Metering System is certified by an authorised Meter Test Station and meets the applicable accuracy limits and conforms to the relevant IEC standards or any equivalent Nigerian Standards.Technical Requirements and Accuracy of Meters  Discos Obligation .

.Every meter model to be used in a Metering Installation shall be certified by National Meter Test & Calibration Laboratory (NMTCL) or any other body as may be approved by NERC to perform these Type Tests.Certification and Tests (Certification of New Installations)  NERC s Obligation .

.Certification of Existing Installations  Disco s Obligation To obtain NERC s certifications. within the first twelve (12) months of the Effective Date of this DMC. the Disco shall submit to NERC. all supporting documentation to show certification of its metering equipment.

. before issuing or rejecting the required certification. . by an authorised Meter Test Station.contd  NERC s Obligation .NERC will evaluate the submitted documentation. require clarifications and conduct independent analysis which should include testing. of specific samples of the Meters or Metering Equipment.Certification of Existing Installations .

Certification  Before the certification of a Metering Installation.Re. by an authorized Meter Test Station accredited to perform Calibration Tests certifications. the Metering Installation should require recertification. or of any of its components. . expires.

including PPM .Duration of Metering Systems Inspection   Disco s Obligation The Disco shall ensure that each Metering System is inspected according to the following Table: Frequency Once every year Once every 3 years Type of Metering System Medium Voltage Low Voltage.

Duration of Metering Systems Calibration and Tests   Disco s Obligation The Disco shall ensure that each Metering System is tested and calibrated by an authorised Meter Test Station according to the following Table: .

Duration of Metering Systems Calibration and Tests contd S/N 1. including prepayment 8 years . Type of Metering System Medium Voltage Connection Capacity above 10 MW 4 years Frequency Connection Capacity between 1 8 years and 10 MW Connection Capacity below 1 MW 8 years 2. Low Voltage.

.Duration of Metering Systems Calibration and Tests contd  User s Obligation .The User may request the Disco to carry out inspection and or testing. -The User shall grant access to NERC inspectors to carry out inspections and or tests. provided that the User pays the cost of the test.

Duration of Metering Systems Calibration and Tests contd  NERC s Obligation .NERC may carry out unannounced inspection and or test. . utilizing an authorised Metering Test Station if considered suitable.

the Disco shall provide Urgent Metering Services to repair or replace the Metering System as soon as is reasonably practicable and in any event within two working days of the Distributor discovering that the fault exists. .Faulty Metering Equipment  Disco s Obligation .If a Metering System fault occurs.

Access to Metering Systems  User s Obligation -The User shall grant access to the Distributor to enable the Disco to fulfill its obligations under the DMC. .

Security of Metering Systems  Disco s Obligation .The Disco shall maintain the security of the metering data stored in or obtained from each Metering System.Appropriate seals shall be applied to each Metering System which is subject to NERC approval. . .

. .Meter Reading and Data Management  Disco s Obligation .The Disco shall maintain a metering data registry that contains usage data for each User and data required for settlement purposes in respect of each Metering System.The Distributor shall schedule at least once in four (4) months reading for all manually read meters.

Ensure financial viability of the electricity industry after the unbundling of the Nigeria Power Sector. Modern accurate metering systems shall be deployed across the industry to measure and record energy production and utilization. .Conclusion    The Metering Code is a live document which changes with new requirements and advancements in the use of modern meters.


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