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The Early Life of MYDIN Saga ±in Penang The Old shop back in 1918 in Pulau Pinang The 1st shop was burnt down during Japanese Occupation ~ that was a turning point for MYDIN family .

The Early Life of MYDIN Saga ±in Kota Bharu Life was tough in Kota Bharu when Tuan Mydin decided to start all over in new place & new environment after World War 2 Old Kota Bharu town in 1940s .

Kelantan .The MYDIN¶s Way MYDIN¶s Strategy 1st MYDIN Hypermarket in Subang Jaya Tuan Mydin officiate a shop in Kota Bharu.

MYDIN¶s Vision MYDIN¶s Vision ³MYDIN is the World Leading Distributor of Competitive Halal Goods & Services´ .

MYDIN¶s Mission The Mission ³We Aim to be the Leading Local Wholesale & Retail company by providing the Best Value for Money for the Best Assortment of Goods. We also aim to inspire more Malaysians to open outlets with our own Proven Success Formula´ . by providing Service to Our Customers & by Striving for Excellence.

Buy at Wholesale Price´ .MYDIN¶s Tagline The Tagline ³Why Pay More.

 Fill the current gap of supplies in the Bumiputera business networks.  Consumers lifestyle especially for medium and poor customers who are looking for convenience. comfort and value for money. .  The rationale for the STRATEGIC FOCUS is as follows: These formats are the future of distributive trade ± customers are keen to shop under one roof. high volume.  Assisting Bumiputera Entrepreneurs to market their products.Mydin Retailing and Wholesaling Development & Strategies  MYDIN had developed its own strategies in the retailing and wholesaling business. The unique strategy developed known as STRATEGIC FOCUS. highly visible and modern enterprise. focuses on large scale.

18 per month. Gross Profit increased in 2008 to RM 203.06 billion as compared to RM669. . ‡ The stockholding ratio of the company ranged from 1.Analysis of Mydin Financial Ratios ‡ Based on the financial performance from 2004 to 2008 MYDIN had been able to show a tremendous positive trend of revenue and profit.5 million in the same year. This showed that the inventory turnover of the company ranged from 5. Mydin¶s sales had increased by 59% to RM1. ‡ The Return on Investment (Earning Before Income Tax/shareholders funds) as at 31 Mac 2009 for MYDIN HOLDING was 22.5 million in 2004.5.63% . ‡ In 2008.5 to 8 times a year.3 million compared to an operating costs of RM173. It is also supported by a low percentage of slow moving stock as compared to fast moving stock. to 2.

When MYDIN opens the 1st Hypermarket This was what MYDIN did««««. Selangor Giant Hypermarket Subang Jaya.. their next door is«« MYDIN Hypermarket Subang Jaya. Selangor .

When MYDIN opens the 1st Hypermarket MYDIN advertised their Opening Flyer for their New Hypermarket in Subang Jaya .

When MYDIN opens the 1st Hypermarket Opening Offers. Activities & Events were one of the Main Attraction to pull Customers over from the Next Door Neighbour .

When MYDIN opens the 1st Hypermarket With a little bit of Humour at the back of Flyer .

When MYDIN opens the 1st Hypermarket .

but also gain a detailed understanding of exactly what products were involved in these transactions. The challenge for MYDIN was to gain access into its huge volume of transactions effectively. Accurate Application Access MYDIN manages over 100. another challenge is providing secured access to corporate applications from more remote locations anywhere in the world. For MYDIN¶s managers and senior executives who travel frequently. . Although MYDIN had implemented an off-the-shelf ERP package from Technology One Australia to capture the transactional data.The Challenge: Efficient. who are spread throughout its 15 branches across Malaysia from gaining access to critical information.000 unique items in its product range and the company processes more than RM90 million worth of purchase orders on a monthly basis. Kuala Lumpur. its database and applications resided only at its IT centre in Subang. This system prevented MYDIN¶s employees. to be able to not only track the volume of goods flowing in and out of the company.

Future Plans The company is in the process of actively opening new hypermarkets and superstores (bazaar) throughout Malaysia. This would be achieved by forging a close win-win-win relationship with their suppliers (trade and non-trade) and working closely with the respective local authorities / state governments in respect of the affirmed Distributive Trade practices. .

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