RSLinx Classic Vs.

RSLinx Enterprise

For Internal Use Only RSLinx Classic and RSLinx Enterprise ‡ Presentation will discuss differences between the two products ‡ At the end of presentation hopefully ² You·ll understand strengths of each respective product and when to use what solution ² don·t forget using hybrid solutions (classic and enterprise) 2 .

all drivers ² GUI and service tied too tightly together ² 16 bit areas of code & blocking calls ² doesn·t handle CLX online tag modifications 3 .For Internal Use Only RSLinx Classic (2.x) ‡ Name changed for documentation purposes ‡ Built in the SLC and PLC5 era. it is the one you use with RSLogix programming packages including RSLogix 5000 ‡ Strengths ² sheer number of drivers ² full feature-set ² ~ ½ a million registrations ² thousands of hours of test time ² open connectivity via OPC and C-SDK ‡ Weaknesses ² supports darn near all routes. all bridges.

For Internal Use Only RSLinx Enterprise ‡ ‡ ‡ New flagship data server Built with Logix processors in mind. easier to test ² handles CLX online tag modifications ² stronger development process Weaknesses ² not as many drivers as Classic ² debugging & productivity tools still rough ² connectivity to non-Rockwell products ‡ 4 . you CAN·T use it with RSLogix packages. Strengths ² see second bullet above ² handles offline controllers better ² new architecture with lessons learned ² less routes. it is embedded in RSView SE and ME.

For Internal Use Only When to Use Which? ‡ Decision Tree located in a few slides ‡ Using ControlLogix take a good look at what RSLinx Enterprise can do for you ² watch out for ‡ CLX Ethernet Redundancy & Alias topics ‡ OPC / DDE / C-SDK ‡ Unsolicited Messaging ‡ RSLinx Classic is still a great choice for ² issues caused from above ² SLC & PLC5 applications 5 .

x side-by-side operationµ http://rockwellautomation.For Internal Use Only Hybrid Solution ² Using Both ‡ Both products co-exist on the same computer easily ² handy if ME/SE development box is also what you use to for Logix 5000 ² be careful not to bury box trying to use 2 data servers on the same computer ‡ For serial or PKTX please review ² Online help found in RSView Studio·s release notes for RSLinx Enterprise ² also in technote: ´ID 25029 .com/cgibin/rockwellautomation.php?p_faqid=25 029 6 .custhelp.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.RSLinx Enterprise and RSLinx 2.

For Internal Use Only Feature Matrix Product/Feature Micro/Control/Soft/Compact Logix & PLC5/SLCs data access Remote Configuration Capability Alias Topics CLX Redundancy Support Offline CLX tag access Offline PLC5/SLCs tag access New Engine for Logix Processors DDE C-SDK Logix Packages use for Editing Supports RSBatch Servers (requires OPC) PIC driver/Polling Master/PCMK Can be a target of an unsolicited messages FactoryTalk Redundancy Supports Complex Routes (Ethernet->CLX Chassis->DH+) RSLinx Classic Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes RSLinx Enterprise Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No (DDE never) No No No No No Yes No 7 .

Emulator SLC.For Internal Use Only Specific Driver Differences Driver Ethernet to PLC.Emulator Logix Emulator -ENET / NetENI RSLinx RSLinx Classic Enterprise X X X X X X X X X X X ? X n/a X X n/a X X X X X X X X X X n/a X X X X X X X X 8 ./ SLC./ 1 -ENB / 1 Ethernet/IP Serial DF1 (Point to point) Serial DF1 to KF bridge (DH+) Serial DF1 to KF bridge (DH ) Serial DF1 to KFD bridge (Devicenet) Serial DF1 to KFC bridge (ControlNet) Serial DF1 to 1 -UIC (USB to DH ) 1 -PIC / AIC+ 1 -UIC (USB to DH ) 1 -KTX(D) to DH+ / DH 1 -PKTX(D) to DH+ / DH 1 -PCMK to DH+ / DH 1 -PCC to Controlnet 1 -PCD to Devicenet 1 -PCID(S) to Devicenet 1 -PCIC(S) to Controlnet 1 -KTCX to Controlnet DF1 Polling Master SoftLogix Driver Virtual Backplane (SoftLogix 000) PLC.

timeout) OPC Diagnostic Pre-defined items Offline PLC-5 / SLC-5 symbol reference Offline ControlLogix tag reference Configuration of remote data server RSLinx Classic X RSLinx Enterprise X X X X X X X X No X X X X X X X X X X X X X No n/a X n/a n/a X X X X 9 .For Internal Use Only Feature Differences Feature Backup / Restore Configuration Utility Support for DDE Clients (CFText. OPC Automation.NET) Support for FT Live Data clients Support for custom C/C++ client applications Communications engine for RSLogix 5/500/500 & RSNetworx Copy DDE/OPC Link to Clipboard DDE HotLink into Excel DDE / OPC Communication Event log FT Diagnostics for all errors Configurable CIP options CIP packet / connection diagnostic PLC / SLC Station Diagnositcs PLC / SLC / ControlLogix Data Monitor OPC / DDE Diagnostics Alias Topics Programmatic interface to switch Alias Topics Support for ControlLogix Ethernet Redundancy Unsolicited Messaging support for PLC-5 / SLC-5 (PCCC) Unsolicited Messaging support for ControlLogix (CIP) Configurable DDE/OPC Topic paramters (e. FastDDE) Support for OPC Clients (OPC custom. AdvancedDDE. . XLTable.g.

For Internal Use Only Data Comms Differences Data Communications Optimized PLC / SLC Data Table Reads Optimized PLC / SLC Data Table Writes Optimized ControlLogix Tag Array Reads Optimized ControlLogix Tag Array Writes ControlLogix Scattered Read ControlLogix Scattered Write ControlLogix UDT Read optimization* Detect and recover after program download Handle online tag creation (CLX) Handle online tag deletion (CLX) Handle offline tag creation and download (CLX) Handle offline tag deletion or modification and download (CLX) RSLinx Classic X X X X X X X X X X X No RSLinx Enteprise X X X X X X X X X X X *UDT Optimization is not in RSLinx Enterprise. 10 . RSLinx Enterprise is not affected the same way. however in RSLinx Classic the upload of the UDT definition is a ³blocking call´ and therefore can slow down RSLinx Classic processing.

For Internal Use Only RSLinx Enterprise CIP Routing ‡ Can do multi-hops on CIP based routes ² ² ² ² All Ethernet Hops All ControlNet Hops Mixes of ControlNet to Ethernet or Ethernet to ControlNet Eh l l Eh 11 .

For Internal Use Only RSLinx Enterprise DH Routing ‡ Cannot switch network protocols ² Cannot go Ethernet or CNet to DHRIO ² Preferred route is DH+/RIO from PC to end device (no hops) Eh l + I + I 12 .

For Internal Use Only RSLinx Decision Tree Need O Server to nonFactory alk App? Yes Serve to Remote PC? Yes RSLi G w y No Yes No Need Complex Routes? RSLinx Pro No Need Alias Topic Switching? Yes No Need Unsolicited Messaging from the PLC? Yes RSLinx Enterprise No 13 .

or RSSql. PlantMetrics ² DDE / OPC not available ‡ Windows XP or Windows 2000 computer is used ‡ Using a simple route to the processor ² something like all Ethernet. all ControlNet.For Internal Use Only When to Use Enterprise? ‡ When communicating to Logix processors ‡ ControlLogix Redundancy in ControlNet ‡ Serving data to RSView Supervisory Edition. Historian. Machine Edition. direct hop to device on DH+ 14 .

For Internal Use Only Packaging ‡ Stand Alone product ² 9355-RSLETENE ² if you want to add additional RSLinx Enterprise Servers ‡ New Bundles with RSView SE (see price sheets) ² Has the RSLinx (2.x) for RSView AND RSLinx Enterprise ² ² ² ² 9701-VWSS025LENE RSView SE Server 25 display with RSLinx Enterprise 9701-VWSS100LENE RSView SE Server 100 display with RSLinx Enterprise 9701-VWSS250LENE RSView SE Server 250 display with RSLinx Enterprise 9701-VWSS000LENE RSView SE Server Unlimited display with RSLinx Enterprise ‡ Bundle comes with RSLinx Enterprise activation so you can put it on a different computer from the HMI server ‡ Commercial program for existing RSView SE customers to upgrade to these catalog numbers (next slide) 15 .