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V-Belt Basics V-Belts have been around since the early 20th century .

V-Belts The function of a belt is to transfer rotation from the powered pulley to one or more driven pulleys The belt must be designed and manufactured to transfer this power efficiently and reliably .

Types of Belts Classical V-Belts Fractional Horse-Power V-Belts Narrow (Wedge) V-Belts Double Angle (Hexagonal) V-Belts Joined (Banded) Belts V-Ribbed Belts Variable Speed Belts Synchronous (Timing) Belts .

Two Major Belt Categories V-Belt .works on the principle of the wedge and relies on tension to create friction on the sidewall of the sheave to transmit power Synchronous or timing belt relies on accurate and smooth meshing of the teeth on the belt with the grooves of the sprocket .

Two Major Types of V-Belts Wrapped Molded which has a fabric cover and is molded into a V-shape Raw Edge which is cured and then cut into a V-shape .

or extreme variations in temperature Acts as a fuse for the system components .V-Belt Characteristics Less expensive than other forms of power transmission Start. stop and run smoothly Operate noiselessly and without lubrication Absorb objectionable and harmful vibrations Clean and requires minimum maintenance Rugged and long lasting Provide a wide selection of speed ranges Cover an extremely wide horsepower range Easy to install and to replace Relatively unaffected by moisture. abrasive dusts.

V-Belts V-Belts work using the principle of the wedge .

V-Belt Construction Tension Section Tensile Members Compression Section .

V-Belt Components Rubber Abrasion resistance Heat resistance Oil resistance Flex resistance Static conductivity Cord Strength Shock load Belt stretch Fabric Clutching requirements Static conductivity Crack resistance Flexibility .

synthetic rubber compounded to stretch as belt bends 3.synthetic fiber cords carry the power and minimize stretch 4. Cover .Wrapped V-Belt Construction 1. Cords . Compression Section .synthetic rubber compound to support cords evenly and compress as belt bends . Tension Section .protective fabric cover impregnated with rubber 2.

Tension Section . Cords .provide uniform anti-slip surface.Stiflex rubber compound and precision molded cogs increase flexibility and supports cords 4.synthetic cord carries load with minimal stretch 3.Raw Edge V-Belt Construction 1. Raw Edge Side Walls .specially woven stress-relieved fabric 2. Compression Section . greater flexibility and allow more cord .

P.Advantages Raw Edge vs. rating Provides longer life . Wrapped Performs more efficiently Generates less heat Increases H.

The Right Belt for the Application .

The Right Belt for the Application Carlisle Premium Raw-Edge Belts FHP Durapower II Classical Super II Gold Ribbon Cog Narrow Power-Wedge .

noise and vibration Special neoprene compounds support cords evenly and resist flex fatigue Durapower II® V-Belt .A real heavyweight in the light duty arena Premium materials provide longer life Stress-relieved cover fabric provides maximum flexibility Cord is specially treated to maintain belt loads without stretching Raw-Edge side walls grip pulleys minimizing belt slip.

p.. outside length (inches) Light duty/fractional h. raw edge construction Durapower II FHP (light duty) V-Belt Example: A 5L750 is an FHP belt with an outside length of 75 . A top width of 5/8 and a depth of 11/32 . .Durapower® II FHP V-Belt Product Name: Product Brand: Part No format: Sizes/classifications: Profile (3L. 4L. 5L).

oil and ozone . noise and vibration 100% neoprene resists heat.Super II® V-Belt The Problem Solver Greater strength from centrally placed. specially treated polyester cord Longer life on severe drives Resists rollover Better grip with controlled slippage Greater flexibility Smaller pulleys Backside idlers Raw-Edge sidewalls minimize slip.

B. raw-edge construction. C followed by inside length Classical profile. and an outside length of 96. 21 to 200 Super II V-Belt Example: B94 has an inside length or standard length designation of 94 .8 .Super II® V-Belt Product Name: Product Brand: Part No format: Sizes/classifications: A. . It has a 21/32 top width and a 7/16 depth.

save energy Raw-Edge sidewalls minimize slip. noise and vibration .Gold Ribbon® Cog-Belt® The Energy Saver Higher horsepower Longer life More energy efficient Reduce downtime.

BX. CX. DX followed by inside length Classical profile.Gold Ribbon® Cog-Belt® Product Name: Product Brand: Gold Ribbon Cog-Belt Part No format: Sizes/classifications: AX.2 inches. It has a 7/8 top width and 9/16 depth. 23 to 362 Example: CX225 has an inside length or standard length designation of 225 inches. raw edge construction. and an outside length of 227. .

space and weight Transmit more torque with less slip Higher horsepower rating Greater design flexibility Longer life Smoother running Higher efficiency for energy savings Improved belt flex .reduced bending stress .Power-Wedge® Cog-Belt® Reduce cost.

. 8VX) followed by outside length (X10) Narrow wedge profile. The length in the part number is the outside as opposed to classical belts that show inside length. raw edge construction Power-Wedge Cog-Belt Example: 5VX630 has an outside length of 63 inches not 630 . It has a 5/8 top width and a 17/32 depth. 5VX.Power-Wedge® Cog-Belt® Product Name: Product Brand: Part No format: Sizes/classifications: Profile (3VX.

Belts that Better the Bottom Line Carlisle energy efficient raw edge belts improve system performance Payback is significant and begins immediately The larger the number of drives and higher the horsepower. the more you save .

Belts that Better the Bottom Line Install Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts for immediate energy savings without modifying your drives Conventional V-Belts deteriorate to a nominal efficiency of 93 percent Carlisle Gold Ribbon Cog Belts maintain 95% efficiency Gold Ribbon s higher horsepower capacity and longer life reduces maintenance intervals and down time .

com .CarlisleBelts.PowerMiser Use PowerMiser to determine the cost effectiveness of replacing existing V-belts with Carlisle raw edge belts Download at www.

PowerMiser Sample Calculation .

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