What is the book about?

Sanjeev Bhikchandani PGP¶89 The book of JOB


About him The birth of a new venture Hurdles on the way to success Milestone ´DIFFERENT PEOPLE MEASURE SUCCESS DIFFERENTLY}    


Be early & do not exaggerate. Get great people. Don·t start business to make money. Spot opportunities. Get smart people. Your choices affect family.


Family Background Education 1st Company ± Delhi Stock Exchange Launch of a new Company Start of EDUCOMP Struggle Educomp¶s Revenue 

Risk-reward equation. Business better than job for IIM-A. Do what interests you.  

Nirmal Jain PGP¶89 It¶s all about THE HONEY 


Mr. Nirmal Jain Chairman & MD 1989-1994 Hindustan Lever Ltd 1994- ³Inquire´ 1995- ³Probity Research & Services Pvt. Ltd. 1995-1999 Tough time 1999- All or Nothing Made profit of rupees 10 lakhs 

Mr. Venkataraman- Co Promoter 2000- Raised $ 5 million Stock Market & NASDAQ crashed 2001-2003 Dotcom Bubble Burst ³Paani Chala Gaya´ 2003- 7.5 Crores 2007- 160 Crores 2009- 152 Crores        

Build a core team. Be prepared to fall. Don·t attach emotions with business. Do job before starting business. Only one leader.    

Deep Kalra PGP¶92 Tripping along 


Introduction of Mr. Deep Kalra His thought for his MBA degree What make him Learn New Things Idea Generation for Make my Trip.Com Decision making Number of Employees Competitors of the initial stage Identification of Markets Changes are part of every Business Current features of Make my Token of advice to the Entrepreneurs 

Choose your field very carefully. Plan your funding very carefully. It¶s all about people. Make friends at work. Don¶t focus too much on exits.    

S.B.Dangayach PGP¶72 A Sense of OWNERSHIP 

Introduction. Joined Asian Paints in 1972 at 20 years of age. In 1974, joined Bharat Vijay Mills Pvt. Ltd. New Plastic Venture.    

Convergence between what conscience tells & what you do. Do what your conscience tells you. 

Vijay Mahajan PGP¶81 Basic Instinct 



Introduction Sense of addressing to issues of inequality & social justice. Worked with Philips after graduation & joined IIMA in 1981. Worked with N.G.O. like FAIR & ASSEFA. Birth of PRADAN in 1983. Left PRADAN on 31st December,1990. Back to India & shifted to Hyderabad. 


Birth of Basix in 1996. Successful working by 1998-99. Shocking results of assessment study in 2002. Business successful in 2007. Overall Personality. 

Get up & walk every time you fall down. Persist in operational difficulties. Learn from experience, from critics, from competitors, from failures, from summer trainees, from mother-in-law & from regulations. Interacting with our eco-system.   

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