Prevailing trends in Media 

Showing gory images, blood and killings repeatedly. Only interested in projecting negative events. Instability of society; (Target killings between ethnical groups, Road Protests, Strikes). Portraying as if Pakistan is under extremism and terrorism only.  



Steady improvement, as of an individual or a society Classified in 4 different concepts:
Human Development Social Development Economic Development Industrial Development 

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Human Development
It refers to the improvement in the individual s capabilities and their standard of living.

Media s role as a barrier: 


Personality Damages
Effects on the perceptions & attitudes
"Mean-World Syndromeµ

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Cruelty Superstitious 

Women exploitation

Women projection and Stereotyping

Economic Development
It refers to the increase in the standard of living in a nation s population. For Ex: Increase in Income Media s role as a barrier:  Creating unnecessary alarm amongst overseas Pakistani and other potential investors Which affects:  The decrease in employment rate  The decrease in Standard of living  The decrease in GDP (Gross Domestic Product)  Degradation of the social development`

Social Development 

It refers to the positive progress in education, health, culture and infrastructure that can indicate better position of the society than before.

Media s role as a barrier: 

When there is no economic development there are no chances of Social development. Culture on Stake

Media alters, threatens and weakens conventional beliefs and behaviors. 

Brutalization of society the collection of brutal individuals make a brutal society

Industrial Development
It refers to the advancement in machinery and technology which can increase the production process and make it efficient. 

When there is no investments then there would be lesser MNC S which results in technological backwardness


Such freedom should come with a certain level of responsibility and policy To raise the morale of the people, the media must also highlight the 'positive events . Underplay what can lower the nation's morale and encourage what can raise it Short duration training courses on social development should be offered to all the producers and decision makers so that they can think efficiently in handling development programs.
Foreign social comedy serial or shows that are irrelevant should not be shown as they are the main source of culture transformation.   


The media need to consider what is in the nation's interest; same as Doordarshan Channel of India. 

International media portrays Pakistan and Islam as a cause of terrorism and violence. Media should correct this misconception and should create favorable image of a country so that the our country and the religion would win the good will of the whole world.


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