AIM for Business Flows Overview
Ejaz Hussain Oracle Consultant

AIM For Business Flows 1 . ` There is a strong emphasis on integrated view and focus is on cross module process flows. It is based on iterative approach based where multiple runs of CRPs are done. AIM for Business Flow ` It is Show and Tell solution driven approach. ` It is requirements driven and solution is derived based on the requirements during the project. ` Solution Flows are defined before the start of project.Traditional AIM ` It is known as Ask and Do. ` The approach is taken on a modular basis. ` It aims at avoiding customizations and prioritizes all changes.

Traditional AIM Requirements driven AIM For Business Flows (ABF) Solution Driven Solution defined during project based Flow solution defined before start of on requirements project Traditional Waterfall approach Iterative approach based on CRPs Defines customisations where std functionality does not meet reqs Focus on individual modules Seeks to avoid customisation and prioritises all changes Focus on cross module process flows AIM For Business Flows 2 .

Use of predefined flows as starting point Approach is solution driven not requirements driven Use of iterative Conference Room Pilots (CRP) with a live system Use of pre-existing delivery assets. if available Customer´s willingness to adopt basic elements of EBusiness Suite best practices as described in flows AIM For Business Flows 3 .

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Accelerated implementation timeframes Improved communications Improved quality of resulting business system Reduced number of custom extensions. reduced risk Improved ROI AIM For Business Flows 4 .

Definition Elaboration BF Process TA Process MD Process CV Process DO Process TE Process PT Process AP Process PM Process Build Transition Production A process is a grouping of tasks within a method based on common functions or disciplines which lead to one or more key deliverables AIM For Business Flows 5 .

AIM For Business Flows 6 .

0 should result in a frozen solution scope. Refinement of solution is still an option at this point.0 AIM For Business Flows . TCA structure and other ´personalizedµ setups identified during CRP 1. Refine mapping of Business Flows to the customer·s business and identify any remaining changes necessary.CRP Definitions (for EBS) Phase CRP Objectives 7 Definition CRP 1. Validate customer Chart of Accounts. Business System Test of tailored solution including custom extensions and sample converted legacy data.0 Build CRP 3. Significant changes a t this point may indicate the need for an additional CRP 3 iteration. The conclusion of CRP 2. Elaboration CRP 2.0 Familiarize the customer with the Business Flows being implemented and map Business Flows to the customer·s business and identify potential changes. but the scope of changes should be small by this time. Multi -Org Structure.

TCA) Refine mapping and gaps Validate flow setup Validate business process (flows) Identify & build extensions.` CRP 1 Familiarization Initial mapping & identify gaps Identify setup required for CRP2 instance (e. Multi-Org. interfaces Freeze scope Business System Test (test extensions. COA. performance) ` CRP 2 - ` CRP 3 - AIM For Business Flows 8 . interfaces.g.

General Document Name CRP1 CRP2 CRP3 High Level Solution Document Financial & Operation Structure Future Business Model Business Requirements Mapping Gaps Test Scripts (test results) Set up Documents Apps Extension Functional Design v1 v1 v1 v1 v0 v0 v0 = Sign off AIM For Business Flows v2 v2 v2 v1 v1 v1 v2 v2 9 .

MultiOrg)   Deliverables Business Flows mapped to Customer s business High Level Solution Document AIM For Business Flows 10 . TCA.Definition Elaboration Build Transition Production   Tasks & Activities Business Architecture Workshops CRP 1 Objectives: ‡ Plan the project ‡ Familiarize customer with Flows ‡ Map Flows to the Business ‡ Identify potential changes Key Activities: ‡ Build/update Delivery Assets ‡ Prepare CRP 1 Environments ‡ Conduct Business Architecture Workshops ‡ Customer Education on CRP Process ‡ Conduct CRP 1 Outputs: ‡ CRP 1 Results ‡ Preliminary Conceptual Architecture ‡ Key Configurations (COA.

100 conduct phase end review AIM For Business Flows 11 .040 System Test Script V1 CV.016 Setup Document V1 TE.010 Define Data conversion Requirements and Strategy BF.Task CRP1 workshop Future Process Modeling Map Business Requirements Setup Document for CRP2 Test Scripts Data Conversion Phase End Review Deliverables BF.003 baseline (previously known as BR030) BF.040 Change Catalog BF.015 V1 BF.

AIM For Business Flows 12 .

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