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Narrative Therapy

the decisions we make and the actions we take .Definition of Narrative Therapy A way of interpreting life and its meaning through the examination of the stories about the life of the individual A description of the life experiences that continually shape our lives.

Tools of Narrative Therapy Externalisation Mapping the problem Deconstruction Reauthoring .

Why Externalise? Separates person from problem Disempowers the problem Decreases guilt and blame Opens pathways for action Promotes cooperative effort Objectifies or personifies the problem .

How to Externalise? Give the problem a persona Translate verbs to nouns Use the client/patient¶s own words List the problems externalised Describe how the persona dictates the client/patient¶s actions and feelings .

Mapping the Problem Understand the power of the dominant story (DS) Understand the meaning of the DS Understand the impact of the DS Expose what supports the DS Explore the experience of the DS .

Go slowly ! . work. relationships etc.How to Map the DS Continue to externalise Use the investigative journalist approach Search for ways in which the problem has affected the person: home.

Deconstruction Occurs throughout the externalising process Explores recruitment into the DS and problem Explores the assumptions (cf CBT) Asks if the DS is the preferred way of living Evaluates and justifies the DS .

Reauthoring Finds the contradictions to the DS Finds the exceptions to the DS and the problem (cf BFT) .

The Exception Landscape of action .Encourage others to join in the process of supporting the alternative story .What do those experiences tell you about yourself? Use supportive others to discover the true person .Reauthoring .What did you do that was different that time? Landscape of consciousness .

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