The Program and its Applications Part II

by Ari Cohen


Tutorial 1 Continued: The Modeling the Settlement of a Circular Footing on Sand .

General Calculations Default Calculation Interface .12.

Phases can be named for clarification * *see section 4.12.1&2 of the PLAXIS reference manual for info on calculation types and phase insertion . General Calculations cont.4.

3-8 of the PLAXIS reference manual for load stepping applications For ³Loading input´ accept default and select ³Define«´ . Calculation Parameters Accept default values for control parameters and iterative procedure *see section 4.13.4.

Calculation Multipliers Apply a displacement factor of 0.14.1 to the prescribed displacement *see section 4.6 of the PLAXIS reference manual for info on Multipliers & .

Select points for curves Now one is ready to calculate phases.15. but first select points for curve generation later This window appears (Output interface) asking one to select points at node locations .

Verifying Ultimate State Note the Note the prescribed ultimate prescribed ultimate state has been state has been reached fully and reached fully and proceed to the proceed to the output output A successful calculation is noted by a green check mark.16. while a red ³x´ implies an error was encountered .

17. Checking Reached Values Moving back to the Multipliers tab. For total force multiply by 2p . select ³Reached Values´ to view corresponding Fy Fy corresponds to 1 radian of the axisymmetric footing.

a prescribed displacement .What's to come? 1. Output & Curve Interface Modeling a loaded flexible plate vs.

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