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Jim Harbaugh
He was born on December 23, 1963 Palo Alto, California was his hometown He graduated from Palo Alto High School He went on to on to play quarterback at the University of Michigan He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1987. He has four children, Jay who is attending Oregon State, James, Grace, and Addison. • He has a brother, John Harbaugh who is head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. • • • • • •



San Diego State

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League Champions

League Champions

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Jim Harbaugh as a Coach


Sun Bowl


BCS Bowl Game

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Picture of Harbaugh against Oregon this year

• In 2006 Stanford was 1-11, Harbaugh, inherited that record, an turned them into a 5-7 team, including one of the biggest upsets ever, over #1 USC, who was favored by 43 points: • In 2009 Stanford beat USC 55-21, the worst defeat in USC history,

• In four years Harbaugh took an 1-11 team an turned them in to a 11-1 team, including a BCS berth, at the 2011 FedEx Orange Bowl. • He has had two players that have been Heisman Trophy contenders in the past two years; Andrew Luck (QB) and Toby Gerhart (RB) • Harbaugh, has turned this team around so much, that it is reported he will leave Stanford to coach in the NFL.

Harbaugh is a leader because…
Jim Harbaugh was named the 1995 AP NFL Comeback Player of the Year. He has started his own foundation for sick children, he funds the Harbaugh Hill Foundation, the Riley Hospital, the Jim Harbaugh Foundation, and the Uhlich’s Children’s Home. He has a tremendously great work-ethic. He refuses to talk about other jobs; like going to coach the 49ers, while he is at Stanford. He focuses on the task that is currently at hand. He won’t let a player play as a freshman, unless he see’s them play in person first.

Visual Symbols of his Leadership
I am like Jim Harbaugh because I want to coach a College Football team too. But I am unlike him in the way that we have a different attitude towards the game. I want to go Stanford, while Harbaugh went to Michigan

Why I chose Harbaugh
• I chose Jim Harbaugh because, he has brought this Stanford team so far, beyond expectations, he has made people proud to be a Stanford fan, and no longer be embarrassed to be one. I also chose Jim Harbaugh because, he never gives up, he makes some bad decisions on the field, but in the end those decisions worked. For example; on October 6, 2007 Stanford was playing #1 ranked USC, at USC; USC had won 37 straight games and had not lost at home since 2001. USC was favored by 43 points. With 49 seconds left in the game Stanford had the ball on the USC 30 yard-line. It was fourth and twenty. The odds were against them, but Harbaugh convinced his team before the game that they could go in to USC and win. They did. Jim Harbaugh once said, “We Bow to NO Program.” He saying no matter how good our opponents are we will never just let them win, we will fight to the finish. The other reason why I chose Harbaugh is because, I attend almost every Stanford game, and have seen his leadership in person, and it has affected the way I think about sports.

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