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Health & Financial Opportunity

MonaVie Introduction
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Fruit & the American health crisis Super Foods to the rescue
Acai Berry & more  “Functional Beverages”  Baby Boomers


the product – ingredients, science, health benefits
and for those who are interested, an introduction to a wealth creation opportunity

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your health & that of your friends, family, colleagues – anyone you care about? you tasted MonaVie yet?

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fruit servings today?

Fruit & Disease prevention
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Reduces all chronic diseases by 1/3 Only 17% of American’s eat 2+ fruit servings Nutrient decline in typical American fruit

1 peach in 1951 = 26.5 peaches today in Vit A

75% American’s take supplements
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No proof helps with disease Problematic supplements

Phytonutrients, Polyphenols & Antioxidants more important than synthetic macronutrients Emerging “Super Food” alternatives….

Nutrient-dense Super Foods
#1 Acai Berry “ah-sigh-ee”
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Amazon berry from Acai Palm Tree 1026 Orac Score – 4x greater than the next highest fruit Amino Acids (protein make up of an egg) Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6, 9) 1 serving = FDA daily fiber recommendation UFL - triggered self-destruct response in 86% of Leukemia cells Dr. Perricone – the “anti-aging doctor” says “#1 Super Food” Oprah, People Mag, Wall St Journal, NBC, Men’s Health, etc

Nutraceuticals Market
“Functional Foods”
“Since functional foods provide treatment for many of “agerelated disease, such as high cholesterol and osteoporosis, healthy foods are certain to see growing sales.”

73.5 billion global market in 2005 *marketresearchcom  Expected to reach $167 billion by 2010


Driven by Baby Boomers

Born 1946 thru 1964 boomers are turning 43 to 61 in 2007  50% have high blood pressure – heart disease the #1 killer by far  Alzheimers & Diabetes have doubled since 1980  “Preventable illness” makes up 80% of burden of illness & 90% of all healthcare costs

million Baby Boomers aging

25% of the population & 50% of consumer spending “Top 10 Baby Boomer Trends”

“The fountain of youth is at hand with custom-tailored vitamin elixirs and beverages designed to add what’s missing and counteract what’s extraneous, tuned to one’s personal body chemistry.”

“Ripe” Opportunity
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 Poor

American diet = rise in chronic diseases  Decrease in fruit consumption & nutritional value
 Growing


 Explosive

growth of Functional Foods  Aging of the Baby Boomers
Health & Wealth needs and concerns

 Acai

U.S. introduction

 recent

“Let food by thy medicine & medicine thy food.” Hippocrates

Monarch Health Sciences
A scientific approach: starting with Acai

Carson - 140 studied fruits Acai’s challenges Dr. Schauss & OptiAcai

spectrum of color pigments Variety, Balance, Moderation

MonaVie Launched January 2005

Premium Blend
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Certified Organic
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Acai Wolfberry (Goji) Camu Camu Acerola cherry Pomegranate Bilberry Passion Fruit Cranberry + 11 other fruits

Wild or Organic Whole fruits OptiAcai

Flash Pasteurized on-site in the Amazon

Pharmaceutical grade processing facility Plus “Active” blend
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Blueberry, Kiwi, Apricot, Prune, Aronia, Lychee, White & Purple Grapes, Pear, Banana & Nashi

Glucosamine Esterified Fatty Acids (Celadrin )


Anecdotal Testimonials
High & consistent energy Improved sleep Arthritis Reduced pain/inflammation Lower cholesterol Reduced reliance on insulin Reduced cravings Mood elevation Weight loss Work out stamina & strength Work out recovery Diabetes Surgery recovery Tennis elbow Shoulder bursitis Frozen shoulder Joint pain Plantar fasciitis Gout Obesity Boosted immune system Increased mental alertness nutrients most of us lack!

This is not a “cure”. Just

This is NOT an Acai-only “Energy” drink

It’s Just Fruit!!!
And it’s….

 Antioxidant

rich  Nutrient dense  Easy/convenient to consume

Many using it as a supplement - much easier to “comply” with

 Full

Spectrum of Colors & Phytonutrients benefits short & long term health

 Possible

The new Orange juice - “Purple Juice”

And there’s more…
MonaVie’s Mission

Giving Back

Helping the Rainforest  M.O.R.E Project

To Order MonaVie

Buy retail direct from the person who invited you here

Per bottle: $39 original or $45 “Active”  Per case: $37.25 & $39.75 bottle cost (4 bottles to a case)


Buy a $39 “wholesale” membership (order online & drop ship)
$30 & 32.50 per bottle by the case (plus shipping)  Buy in Bulk – as little as $20 per bottle  Visit www.MonaVie.com – click “Enroll”

The MonaVie Opportunity
Well Positioned
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Pre-paid supply Largest consumer of Acai

Competitive Advantage
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Speed to Market (network marketing - fastest) Reward the Distributors (thoroughly researched pay plan) $400 million in annualized sales, growing 12.2% per month ($1 billion by end of 2007)* 2 years old (early for you, but well ahead of competition)

* Estimate based on 275,000 distributors on Feb 24th vs. 245,000 on January 25th. And 60% purchasing 1.5 cases every 28 days

A New Era for “MLM’s”

Fortune Magazine called direct selling (of which network marketing is the largest segment) "the best kept secret in the business world." It has experienced 91-percent growth in the last 10 years with annual sales in excess of $30 billion in the United States, and $100 billion worldwide. Financial experts say it's a "recession proof" industry. Billionaire Warren Buffet, after purchasing a network marketing company, called it the best investment he'd ever made. (Pampered Chef)

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Network Marketing
Not your Dad’s MLM


50+ years of trial and error  There are still bad MLM’s, but now many good & great ones too  Drop shipping  Internet:

order processing online compensation tracking online training (video, blogs, PDF’s) self-enrollment

Premium product’s not duplicated in mass market  Superior pay plans (some still better than others)

Excite & Refer everything else is automatic

3. 4.

Become a distributor = $39 enrollment
*Pays for a “spot” on the tree *Your own Virtual Office site *Marketing material

Become “Active” by ordering product
100 points or more - ie. 1 case (4 bottles) every 28 days (auto-ship recommended)


Become “Qualified” by personally enrolling 2 other “Active” distributors Do these 3 things and you are “Active” and “Qualified” to earn Commissions




Each Distributor has a Left & Right Leg
Left Leg PS Their Left leg Their Left leg Their Right Their Right Their Their Left leg Right Right Leg PS Their Left leg Their Right Their Their Left leg Right

Their Their Left leg Right

A team effort: support from “upline”, “downline”, partner(s), corporate, online, brochures, etc. A fun, healthy & lucrative business

Leverage & Compounding Efforts

If your enrollees duplicate your actions
 

Enroll 2 who each enroll their own 2, and so on It duplicates – 2 becomes 4 becomes 8

You are 10 cycles to $10,000 per week
1 case which is 100 points = $10 per week 1. $20 or 200 points 2. $40 per week 3. $80 per week 4. $160 (Kirsti & I averaged $187.50 last 4 pay weeks) 5. $320 6. $640 (Our sponsor around $800+ = $40,000 annualized) 7. $1,280 8. $2,560 (Her sponsor almost here = $120,000 annualized) 9. $5,120 10. $10,000 (our goal = $520,000 annually)

Onyx, Brig Hart, the Merritts and others – over $100,000 per

8 Ways to earn
Get your MonaVie paid for… 1.

Sell retail bottles or cases First Order Bonus
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Buy for as little as $20, sell for as high as $45


$10 to $20 per 1 case order (4 bottles to a case) $20 to $40 per 2 case or higher order
10% bonuses when on 100 point “PV” 20% bonuses when on 200 point “PV”

 

Bulk Order Bonus

3, 6 & 12 case orders are “Bulk” Earn $25, $50 or $75 (when on 200 point “PV”)
$10, $20 or $30 (when on 100 point “PV”)


Star Maker Bonus

Earn $40 each time your personal enrollee becomes “Qualified”
200 “PV” required

These 1st four help you start fast

5th way to earn
Create Wealth…. with “Team Commissions”

 All

“volume” flows up to you

Including from those your upline & downline place below you

 

case = 100 “points”

Paid 10% of lesser leg’s volume (1 case of “Active” costs $143 with or 5% of “shared” volume (2 ways to say the same thing)

The first of 4 “Wealth Creation”

How 8

Commissions work

 How

to get your juice paid for quickly  How to build correctly from the start  How to create wealth machine

ways to get paid


to: invite, taste, share in-depth Q&A


Next Steps
If you need more information

Do nothing…

or… buy a few bottles….  or… enroll for wholesale prices (drink only)

There are NO requirements to build a business – none – stop anytime

Self Educate

DiamondRunners.com MonavieVO.com



meetings – return to gain knowledge and/or invite prospects

For Business Builders
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Active & Qualified - $39 to enroll, order 2 to 12 cases to tomorrow’s Business Builder meeting thinking about who else would be interested in either a “health” product or a “wealth” opportunity

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the beginning

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meetings for you & your prospects


Thanks for Coming!!!
I hope you’ll join our network of friends & business builders It’s fun, healthy & lucrative MonaVie Drink it, Feel it, Share it

MonaVie Opportunity
Low Risk: compared to stocks, Real Estate, other start up businesses

Time to learn - mistakes are far less costly - won’t ruin your credit or wipe out your savings

Low Start Up Cost: from $39 to $1,000 (max of $4,000 for super

Unlimited Upside: pay for your juice to $100,000+ per month Work from home: phone & internet the only tools you need Be your own CEO: but have people & tools resources at the ready
Work hard for 6 to 12 months – retire in 1 to 2 years
Not guaranteed – but has already happened to others

You only ever enroll on 1 of 2 legs

Left Leg

Right Leg

Left Leg Left Leg

Right Leg Right Leg

Always stay to the far Right or far Left with new personal enrollees