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Four years after the war, The

central power began to realize
that they would be defeated.
This is because:
@ They suffered a shortage of
food, weapon & other supplies.
@ Their troops were exhausted.
@ Morale was low
What treaty was signed by Germany & the Allies in
Treaty of Versailles
Where was it signed?
Palace of Versailles in Paris
Who suggested the fourteen points which formed
the basis of the peace treaty?
Woodrow wilson.
By the treaty of Versailles, Germany had to give up
some territories.
Name two places returned to France?
Alsace & Lorraine
Name one place given to Poland by The Treaty of
 How were the German Army &
navy made weaker?
2.The German Army was limited to
one thousand men.
2. The German Navy was only
permitted to have six battle ships.
 The three terms of the Treaty of
Versailles are...
5.Territorial losses.
6. War reparation.
7. Military limitations
When it was signed?
On 28 June 1919
Those who were dominated in the conference were:

The British Prime minister-
David Lloyd George

The French Prime Minister-
Georges Clemenceau
The US President- Woodrow Wilson

The Italian Prime Minister- Vittorio Orlando
Russia was not invited because it had left the war early.
The central power were also present at the conference
but they were not allowed to negotiate in the peace
proceeding. They were only there to sign treaties.
Among the fourteen points were:
1. The Formation of the League of Nations.
2. The creation of the new boundaries.
The Germans objected to most of the terms of the
Treaty. They were angry because they had no say but
there was nothing much they could do. They have to
accept the terms of the treaty of Versailles. The
Germans called this treaty a Diktat treaty – a dictated
The treaties made a lot of changes to Europe.
@ The war caused a lot of destruction; Farmlands,
factories & industrial areas in Europe were damage.
@ About eight million of soldiers died & millions of
people were wounded, many were killed due to disease
& starvation.
@ After 1919, the boundaries of several European
states were revised, the Austro-Hungarian empire
was also abolished & became two separate states of
Austria & Hungary.
@ Austria was reduce in size.
@ The size of German empire was also reduced.
@ Turkey was torn apart.
@ The league of nations was formed in 1920.
Its main aims were:
2.To promote international cooperation’s.
3.To achieve peace & security.
4.To look into conditions of a labor & related
matters affecting workers.
First met in January 1920, 42 members.
Germany was not allowed to be members. The united
states never joined the league, Russia only
became member in 1934.
The League failed in its major objectives because
most of its members were unwilling to join forces
to preserve peace.
The Germans felt humiliated at the unjust treatment by
the allies & the harsh terms of the peace treaties.
This hatred & dissatisfactions led to another conflict in