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Apakah itu pompa reciprocating ?
Merupakan pompa bolak-balik yang bolakdirancang untuk menghasilkan kapasitas yang cukup besar Umumnya menggunakan head yang rendah Digunakan pada perbedaaan ketinggian yang tidak terlalu besar antara suction dan discharge

The higher the pressure of the primary air supply.Prinsip Kerja  Fast moving air formed by releasing high pressure air through a slit is discharged adjacent a surface.  Pump is self priming as it can draw liquid from a level below the suction flange even if the suction pipe is not evacuated . and drags ambient air along with it. the worse the efficiency  The liquid enters a pumping chamber via an inlet valve and is pushed out via a outlet valve by the action of the piston or diaphragm.

KOMPONEN POMPA RECIPROCATING  Inlet  Stroke Position Connecting Rod  Eccentric  Outlet .

The pumping rate can also be changed with a different rotational speed. the diaphragm is safer for microbial processing. The flywheel that moves the plunger can attach the arm to the plunger at various points to change the amplitude of the stroke and thus the pumping rate. This applet is crude but shows how a reciprocating piston (plunger) pump works. but variable speed motors or mechanical means of changing rpm are expensive . Because of the risk that contamination could travel between the plunger and the cylinder.The diaphragm pump is an offshoot of a plunger pump.

JenisJenis-jenis pompa reciprocating  Piston pump  Diaphragm pump .

PISTON PUMP  A piston pump can be based on a single piston or. The stroke is generally adjustable. In practice these pumps are more likely to be used for metering low flow rate fluids at more modest pressures in laboratories and chemical process plants. . This type of pump can deliver heads of up to 1000 bar. The pistons are reciprocated using cams or crankshafts. more likely. multiple parallel pistons. Piston pumps are not generally suitable for transferring toxic or explosive media. The largest sizes of piston pumps can deliver flows of 40m3 /hr.


Diaphragm Pumps There are two types of diaphragm pumps :  The hydraulically operated diaphragm metering pumps  The air actuated type. .

Hydraulically operated diphragm pump .

The air actuated type .



KELEBIHAN & KEKURANGAN  Very efficient and are suitable for very high heads at low flows  The reciprocating pump is not tolerant to solid particles  Delivers a highly pulsed flow  This feature is not required for safety for the air operated .

antara lain : Industri proses Perkapalan.Aplikasi Pompa Reciprocating Pompa reciprocating banyak digunakan dalam berbagai bisang. dan lepas pantai Oil and gas Aplikasi umum lainnya     . dock.

Tersedia dalam bentuk skid frame maupun trailer untuk mobilitas. PERFORMA : . KEISTIMEWAAN . sehingga akrab dengan lingkungan. . parts dan banyak lagi. mengkombinasikan mobolitas yang tinggi dengan keandalan dalam performa. Terdiri dari : URACA high pressure reciprocating pump. . heat exchanger. nozzle.Pompa pembersih bertekanan tinggi.Kapasitas s/d 40 lt/menit.spray gun dan lain-lain. Aplikasi untuk proses pembersihan tanki/vessel.Menggunakan air bersih sebagai media.Tekanan s/d 1500 bar. Penggerak mesin diesel ataumotode elektrik. pemipaan. . Aksesoris seperti hose reel.

Canister type pump. KEISTIMEWAAN Standar API 610.Kapasitas s/d 20. . .Volute casing centrifugal pump. PERFORMA : . Produk-produk : . .Pompa sentrifugal dan reciprocating untuk berbagai jenis aplikasi.600 m .Multistage centrifugal pump. Tekanan s/d 1. .aplikasi umum lainnya.oil & gas . .industri proses. seperti: . .000 m³/jam.Reciprocating pump. dock & lepas pantai.Barrel type pump.perkapalan.