´Procedure for getting entrepreneurial loan, opening of current account, Procedure of collection department.

Submitted To: Prof. Rupal Desai

External Project Guidance By:
y Mr. Prashant Modi( Manager, BCCB) y Mr. Jay Thacker(Recovery Officer, BCCB) y Mr. Suresh Joshi (Cashier, SBI)

Content of The Project
y Bank Profile y Products of the Bank y Opening of Current Account y Comparison of Current Account y Entrepreneur Loan y Collection Process of Loan y Comparison of Loan

About BCCB
y The Bhuj Commercial Co-operative Bank founded in 1973 by Mr. Ramji Narshih. y BCCB had opened its first branch at Bhid Bazaar (Bhuj) in 1997 and another at Nakhatrana city in 1999. y BCCB was the first bank in Kachchh District which has fully computerized System and Safe Deposit Lockers .

BCCB played a major role in the development of Cooperative bank sector in Bhuj city. Bank s services are increased in day to day and customer s satisfaction also increases. Under ICBA (international Co-operative bank Association) bank was changed its product and services.

y The bank has a branch network of over 14. y Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the major share holder of the bank with 59.000branches (including subsidiaries).About SBI y State Bank of India is the largest and one of the oldest commercial bank in India.7% stake. Apart from Indian network it also has a network of 73overseas offices in 30 countries in all time zones. correspondent relationship with 520International banks in 123 countries. .

y SBI group accounts for around 25% of the total business of the banking industry while it accounts for 35% of the total foreign exchange in India. y The bank has 14 directors on the Board and is responsible for the management of the Bank s business. .

Products Of BCCB Saving A/c. Fixed deposit Current A/c. BCCB Locker Franking Loan .

SBI Loan Cross Selling Locker .Products of SBI Saving A/C. ATM Current A/C.

Current Account .

.Current Account Current Account is the account mainly used by Business People . There is no limit of transaction from Current Account. Banks are not giving any interest on this type of Account.

Proof Of Identity (Any One) Passport Voter ID Card PAN Card Govt. Two Passport size Photographs 2./ Defense ID Card ID Card Of a Reputed Employer Driving License Photo ID Card Issued by Post Office .The person who wants to open an Account He/ She has to Fill the Account Opening Form The Person Should have to give the following documents: 1.

Proof Of Address (Any One) Credit Card Statement Pay slip(With Address) Income Tax/Wealth Tax assessment order Electricity Bill Telephone Bill Bank Account Statement Letter From A reputed employer Letter From Any recognized Public authority Ration Card .3.

1000. Stop payment charges are 56Rs. the penalty for each quarter will be Rs. Only local cheque books are given.10000. SBI High opening charges Rs.fix for each cheque. Stop payment charges are 50Rs.56.fix for each cheque.1000. If there is minimum balance. Local and At Par cheque books are available.Comparison of Current Account BCCB Low opening charges Rs. the penalty for each month will be Rs. If there is minimum balance. .

Entrepreneur Loan .

STL .Scooter Loan 7. Loan Against FDR 5.Loan Against Shop 4.Personal Loan 3.Hypothication Loan 2.Different Types Of Loans Provided By BCCB 1. Vehicle Loan(for Four wheeler) 6.

Housing Loan 10.8.Demand Loan 9.Construction Loan 11.Staff Loan 12.Transport Loan .

5% Process Fee: 0.50% of the amount of Loan Or 5000(whichever is less) .Hypothecation Loan Loan Limit: Ordinary Balance Sheet.5000000 (50% of Property Valuation) Interest Rate : 13.100000 Rs. Ordinary Balance Sheet +Mortgage Rs.300000 RS.500000 (50% of Property Valuation) Audited Balance Sheet + Mortgage Rs. Audited Balance Sheet .

6. 4. 5. 3. 2. NAGARPALIKA Shop License Balance sheet/ Stock Register (last 12 months) Completion certificate Proof Of ownership Of shop . No. of Shares and Shareholder s NO. Current Account NO.Required Documents : 1.

Two Photographs 9. 11. Photo of Guarantor and shareholder No.Sign of director In application form.7.Two Guarantor.Partnership deed(If it is a partnership firm) 10. Copy of PAN Card or Copy Of Return 8. .

y Bank will send the Demand Notice to the customer within 15 days.Collection Process: ‡ Hypothecation Loan Customer has to renew every year. y After the Judgment From the court Bank will take the mortgage property in the ownership of bank. than Bank will call to the customer and request him to pay the interest. . y If the Customer is not Paying interest on HYP A/C. y If the customer is not paying the interest till 3months than his A/C. will go to the NPA Account.

250 Required documents: 1. Proof Of ownership Of shop 3. Saving account And 40 Cheques as a installment . of Shares and Shareholder s NO.5% Process Fee: Rs.Personal Loan Loan Limit: Rs. 100000 Maximum installment :40 Interest Rate :13. No. 2.

Photo of Guarantor and shareholder No.Sign of director In application form.Two Guarantor.4. . 7.Copy of PAN Card or Copy Of Return 5.One Photographs 6.

Collection Process ‡ Personal Loan has to repay in monthly installment. . ‡ If the customer is not paying the installment than Bank will give him short term notice (one month). ‡ After that the Case will go the court .

3.750000 Maximum Installment :100 Interest Rate: 13.Loan Against Shop Loan Limit: Rs. Current Account NO. No. NAGARPALIKA Shop License .5% Required Document: 1. 2. of Shares and Shareholder s NO.

Completion certificate 6.Balance sheet/ Stock Register (last 12 months) 5.4. .Copy of PAN Card or Copy Of Return of 2 Years 7. Photo of Guarantor and shareholder No. Two Photographs 8. 10. Saving Account And 5 Cheque 9.Sign of director In application form.Two Guarantor.

Collection Process Collection Process of Loan Against Shop is the same as of Hypothecation loan. .

Education Loan 7.Two Wheeler Loan 5.Different Types Of Loans Provided By SBI 1.Home Loan 2.Agriculture Loan .Farmer Finance 6.Loan Against Property 3.Car Loan 4.

5crore Maximum tenure of the loan can be 7 years including moratorium period. partnerships and private limited companies. .25000-Rs. Loan Limit: Rs.Business Loan Business loans are provided to all kinds of enterprises like sole proprietorships.

Current Account NO. 4.yRequired Document: 1. 5. NAGARPALIKA Shop License Balance sheet/ Stock Register Completion certificate Proof Of ownership Of shop . 2. 3.

Copy of PAN Card or Copy Of Return 7.6. Two Photographs 8.Partnership deed(If it is a partnership firm) .

even half yearly installments .as may be suitable to the borrower in a period up to 5 years. .Collection Process: y Loan can be repaid in monthly or quarterly.

5 lakhs If salary account with SBI.Personal Loan y Loan Limit: Metro cities: Up to to Rs. Non-metro cities: Up to Rs. 5 lakhs. then cap increased to Rs. 10 lakhs Maximum loan amount cannot exceed 12 times net monthly income . 2.

y Interest Rate:16% Fixed y Process Fee:2 to 3% Of Loan Amount y Loan Tenure:1 to 4 year y Guarantor Requirement: Guarantor is mandatory y Minimum Income Requirement Rs.000/. Rs.000/.24.in urban centers.in rural centers .10.

Required Documents: Proof of Identity : (Any One) y Passport y Voter's card y Driving license y PAN card y photograph .

y last 6 months bank statements .Proof of Residence(Any one) y Ration card y passport y latest electricity bill y latest telephone bill y latest credit card bill bank statements.

Income proof : y Latest salary slip and Form 16 (Salaried) y Income Tax Returns of last 2 years(Self employed) of applicant and guarantor. .

5 lakhs to Rs.10.50% Above Rs. 25 lakhs. 2 lakhs to Rs.9. 50.8.000 to Rs.based on credit assessment - .000.50% Above Rs. 25 lakhs.11.Loan Limit: Upto Rs. 2 lakhs.25% Above Rs. 5 lakhs. 50.00% Above Rs.

2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs -10. 25 lakhs -11. 5 lakhs to Rs.General Purpose Term Loans Loan Limit: y Upto Rs. 50. 50. 25 lakhs -based on credit assessment . 2 lakhs -10.75% y Above Rs.000 to Rs.000 -9.00% y Above Rs.00% y Above Rs.75% y Above Rs.

25 lakhs based on credit assessment Rate 8.00 10.00 10. 2 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs Above Rs.75 11.000 to Rs.25 11.75 - - .5 9.000 Above Rs. 50. 5 lakhs Above Rs.Small Business Credit Cards Size of Credit limit Upto Rs. 2 lakhs Above Rs.00 Repayable in 3 years and above 9. 50.5 10. 5 lakhs to Rs.

Personal loan Metro cities up to 500000Rs.Comparison Of Loan BCCB SBI Low limit of loan amount for e.g.8.and in non metro cities 250000 Rs. Personal loan up to Rs.250.50%. Mortgage loan -0. Home loan-Rs. Approx. 50. Home loan-Varies by loan amount from Rs.g.25% In some loan processing fees like. .50%of loan amount.000 only High limit of loan for e.1000 to 20000 Rs.13. In some loan processing fees like. Low interest rate than BCCB High interest rate than any other Bank Approx.

SBI provides loan to any person who demand for the loan.BCCB provides loan only to its Shareholders. . Capacity of providing loan is more than BCCB. Capacity of providing loan is less.




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