Reliance Communication

Sumbited By:Rakesh Kumar Upadhyay Aadyashree Tanvi Mishra Vivek Madhusudanan Hiren Shastri Parag Mathur

‡One of India's largest provider of communication services ‡The company sells communications and digital entertainment products and services through its chain of Reliance . ‡Reliance Communications is part of the Reliance - Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) ‡Currently Reliance communications is owned by Anil Ambani

‡ India s telecom industry is one of the fastest growing in the world ‡ it saw an incredible growth of 36.17% in the year 2010 ‡ It is directly contributing more than 1.5% GDP of the country ‡ The sector directly employs more than 1, 50,000 people ‡ Airtel,Idea TATA BSNL MTNL are some of the major players

Market Share
10% 22% 15%

5% 18% 2% 3% 3% 20% 2%

idea hutch BPL Spice Aircel Tata MTNL Reliance BSNL Bharti

Sources: Wikipedia encyclopedia

‡Lack of communication between retailers and distributor ‡Lack of improper distribution channel ‡All retailers are not aware of new scheme of RCOM ‡Lack of sales promotion and advertisement ‡Competitors have eaten away the market share.

RESEARCH PROBLEM ‡ To study the reasons why Reliance Communication is not doing well and what are the factors that are contributing to the same. HYPOTHESIS
‡ Lack of information between retailer and distributor ‡ Availability of Reliance product and awareness of new offer w.r.t customers are few. ‡ 2G scam and share prices have and adverse effect on customers and their loyalty.

‡To understand why business is less, even after second largest company ‡To study why reliance communication is not popular among the customers. ‡To study factors which persuade retailer for sale of RCOM Sims and product ‡To study the affect of irregular sale of RCOM products and services and Reasons that effect perception of customer

Primary data: we did a survey of 40 people which include Retailers, Distributors, and Customers of Bangalore Secondary data: Company and other websites and articles

Research Type Data Source Research Instrument Type of Questionnaire Method Contact Method

Descriptive Research Primary& Secondary Data Questionnaires Non Comparative Scale Cluster Analysis Personal Interview



A survey was conducted to find the reasons why Reliance Communication is not doing well and what are the factors that are contributing to the same.40 respondents were asked to express their degree of agreement in a scale of 0 to 7 based on the following variables:

‡New offers in reliance are few compare to its competitor like Airtel & Vodafone ‡Has the share price effect the reliance business w.r.t Reliance communication ‡Customer care services of Airtel, Vodafone are better than Reliance.

‡Availability of Reliance product compared to competitor s product in market is less ‡Recharge coupon cannot easily available. ‡Shopkeepers are little aware of new plans and Promotion ‡Reliance Network coverage is lesser than the Competitors ‡-How 2Gscam affect the reliance network.

Cluster analysis clustered the entire 8 variables to two clusters. Cluster1 = V1&V3&V7 are Predominant with 16 out of 40 responses i.e Competitors have an edge over Reliance wrt customer satisfaction and services. Competitors are taking away the customers. Cluster2= V4&V5&V6 New product availability and communication between the distribution network and retailer is the main cause.

Cont .
‡ It has a frequency of 24 out 0f 40 responses. ‡ Thus cluster2 is more predominant than Cluster1. ‡ Thus through our project we find that the main reason for the customer decline of RCOM is the poor distribution- retail network. ‡ The 2G scam and share prices have relatively less implication in this project.

‡Majority says product availability is less as compare Airtel & Vodafone. ‡Customer also feel that retailers are not aware of new schemes. ‡Few believe that Reliance has very few offers as compare to competitors. ‡Our first two hypothesis were proved correct and the last one is rejected via the research project.

‡PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES to position it as a fresh and customer friendly yet with a strong presence in retail market.  Advertising  Persuasive Advertising  Technical Expertise  Media

‡OCCASIONAL DISCOUNT  Off season discount  Festive discount  Other attractive offers ‡PRODUCT Quality ‡COUSTMER Service: more innovative and customer oriented.

‡Phillip Kotler ‡Marketing Research by Naresh Malhotra ‡Business Today ‡Economic Times ‡Hindustan Times ‡ ‡Wikipedia encyclopedia. ‡

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