Daily Life of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh



Outline ‡ Timeline ‡ He is the role model for people ‡ His daily life 2 .

Timeline 571 CE 577 579 BIRTH 6: Mother dies 8:Grandfather dies 596 25:Marriage w/Khadijah 40:First revelation 50:Year of sorrow-Boycott 53:Migration to Madinah Conq. of Mecca Farewell address Death 632 CE 3 610 620 622 23 years 630 632 AGE: 63 .

and remembers and mentions God much. Assuredly you have in God·s Messenger an excellent example to follow for whoever looks forward to God and the Last Day.His Example for People ‡ 33. 4 .21.

A Day in the Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ With the Holy Qur·an With supplication With prayer With his family With his companions and social life 5 .

² Supplication ² Recitation ² Reflection ² Meditation ² Ritual prayer ² Remembrance ² Prayers on occasions 6 .Prophet·s (pbuh) Worship Life ‡ About 1/3 of every day spent in individual or congregational prayers.

 Just as he liked to read The Qur·an he also liked to listen to it. they were inseparable  He has many sayings that encourage reading the Qur·an. 7 .Prophet Muhammad·s Daily Qur·an  From the time the Qur·an was revealed to the Messenger of Allah.

Prophet Muhammad·s Daily Supplications ‡ As the Quran also says his life was full of supplications ‡ Examples: ‡ When he wakes up in the morning ‡ When he is dressing ‡ When he is eating ‡ When entering the mosque ‡ After the call to prayer ‡ When entering & leaving the house ‡ When entering the restroom ‡ When traveling ‡ After prayer/remembrance ‡ When it is evening time ‡ Before sleeping ‡ Night & dawn time ‡ ««« 8 .

mine is prayer.  The prayer is the pillar of religion. 9 .His Daily Prayer (pbuh) What was his point of view on prayer?  The prayer is worship that is constantly recited by all beings through their tongues of disposition.  Every human has a passion.  To pray five times every day is to get rid of your sins.  The prayer is the ascension of a believer.

a.) ‡ And from Abdullah Bin Mes·ud 10 .Some Examples of His Prayer ‡ Hadith narrated from Aisha (r.

he got married and had a family and had relatives as well. Because he was a human being. ‡ He would try to feed his family with all his money.His Day with His Family ‡ Prophet Muhammed was a perfect human being. never forgot his family in his daily life. 11 . ‡ The Messenger of God Almighty.

‡ Such as:  Trading. 12 . funerals etc«  Hosting foreign guests.With His Companions and Social Life ‡ He (pbuh) set aside about seven hours each day being with his companions and doing his daily work.  «.  Attending weddings. talking to them and answering their questions.  Listening to the problems of his peoples and being a judge for them.  Giving gifts and charity.

5 0. daily activities.Categorization of Prophet·s (pbuh) activities Activity Ablution & Morning prayer Supplication and remembrance Conversation with companions Late morning prayer Family time (breakfast?) Nap Noon prayer Category Worship Worship Community Affairs Worship Family time Rest Worship Time 1 1 1 0.5 2 0. Community hosting guests Affairs 3 13 . transcription of the revelation. official tasks.75 Visits to companions.

feeding cattle/scheep.5 0. dress. female companions Night prayer [Community/state affairs] Resting Early morning prayer Category Worship Rest Family time Worship Family time Worship Community Affairs Time 0. milking sheep. cleaning Personal TOTAL 1 24 14 .5 1 0.75 2 1 1 3.Activity Afternoon prayer Brief rest Family time Evening prayer Conversation with female family members.5 3 Rest Worship Chores such as mending shoes.

Quiz! ‡ Which one do you think is mostly done in Prophet Muhammad·s daily life? a -War b -Worship c -Socializing d -Traveling 15 .

Answer! ‡ Let us find out the answer later in our presentation. 16 .

50 1.00 Personal Rest Worship 17 .50 4.00 Community Affairs Family time 8.A Typical Day in Prophet·s (pbuh) Life Breakdown of time spent in various Activities in a typical day of Prophet Muhammed (Peace and blessings be upon him) 24 20 16 Hours 12 8 4 0 Daily life 6.00 4.

Dr. Hakim Yuce]  www. Fethullah Gulen] 18 .Thank You Questions and comments are welcome Resources:  Daily life of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) [Prof. A.fgulen.org  The Messenger of God [M.

Timeline 571 CE 577 579 596 610 620 622 630 23 years 632 19 .

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